Practice Positive Thoughts

Always say what you feel, and make what you think. Gabriel Garcia Marquez the great secret, the internists know but still ignores the public at large, is that everything tends to improve itself. In fact almost everything improves overnight following.-Dr. Lewis Thomas, in The Lives of a Cell we are energy, we are constantly stimulating it with thoughts that lead to act according to its essence, potentiality, more when these are positive, incentive shares that of know them manage, guide, lead to favorable results. Hence, the importance of being awake, attentive to the manner of how we manage our thoughts, as we give you step by those who are highly positive and forces to determine its scope, impact, if these are good in what they intend to achieve. We must be aware of the dynamics of the mind that is in constant motion and producing thoughts, select those that are activated by positive stimuli that do not accept any negativity, that rather than deteriorate the energy load of our physical vehicle the recharging and incentive to achieve favorable results. Not surprising therefore, that say, you have to be attentive in the manifestation of thoughts, because to the not know is them management, determine their potentiality can give way to effects negative in our lives, make us pessimistic, we feel affected mental and physically we can limit or can make us able to reach what we propose, why tellthat the personal world of each is a reflection of what is thought and believed. Our thoughts pte can we can make us feel happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic, capable or incapable.

Some thoughts can be kind, loving and optimistic, other stressful, limiters, and pessimistic. And latter is the which prevent us from being happy and live fully. It reminds us of enplenitud.

Practice Walking Safely

Hiking is undoubtedly one of the more enriching sports activities that can be performed, since in addition to being a very complete sport, allows you to be in contact with nature and discover extraordinary places. For a hiking tour does not involve any risk, it is necessary to plan in detail. One of the most important things to take into account is the team that we are going to carry: mountain clothing, food, drink, maps must try to carry little weight, take only what is strictly necessary, because we will have to carry with him throughout the tour. Of course, we have to study well the difficulty and the length of the path we are going to go, as well as the physical capabilities of the group. Is recommended that novice walkers start doing routes short and low difficulty, even if they are in good physical shape.

It is essential to inform time who is going to do before you go, because some weather, such as rain or fog, can put us in danger. The essential element for making a hiking trail are mountain boots. It is necessary to wear appropriate boots, that are adapted to our feet and allow us to hike comfortably without causing chafing or blisters. To choose a good boot, we will have to take into account details such as drywall, cane, template, the sole and the same material. The drywall is the inside of the boot. To find out if it adapts well to our foot, while some boots include pads to make it fit better, there tried it and walk with her.

Shank is the part of the boot that holds the ankle, thus it is very important to choose one that will hold us well and thus avoid possible injury. To know if a helmsman holds us well ankle properly, we need only move it in circles and front to back. The template doesn’t have to be excessively coarse but not very fine. The soles must have good adhesion and resistance. Regarding the material, it should be breathable and waterproof.


How to approach a woman to invite them to leave and then conquer it is a topic on which you’ve played fairly. In the world of relationships and conquests, the various theories struggle to get first place. Below we will see three very simple tips that a woman you closer, and finally you can conquer it: 1. personal hygiene: there is no woman in his normal mind that would relate to a man with bad smell, bad breath and sloppy. Strive to look clean and presentable. It cares for your breath washing you teeth at least 3 times a day, and you can also try special pills to fight bad breath. Your appearance is your cover letter, so look in the best possible way. If you want to seduce a woman, first conquer your hygiene.

2 Calm down: learn something Zen if possible. Women seek a man containing them, reassure them in their emotional crisis and offer simple solutions to problems that may occur. Learn to have control over yourself and envelope the situations. Never leave a situation you exceed and will make you explode. Controls your personality and your outbursts of anger. If you want to seduce a woman, first conquer your character. Takes an attitude of: Don t worry, be happy don’t worry, be happy; as I said a well-known song. Tranquility is sign of confidence and security, always acting as bait to fish for the female looks.

3. Be interesting: diversify your interests. Not you stay doing the same routine forever. Expand your universe of knowledge, and looking for new things to learn. What’s new that you learn, teach it to the girl of your dreams. Attract your attention no doubt, because they are looking for someone who can bring them something new, something different. If you want to seduce a woman, begins to conquer new knowledge and skills.