Andrey Kovalev

From the main line of the hero goes places and back again, creating a layered cake. And the moments he suddenly becomes serious, goes out of play, disrupting lovely images and dialogue, producing director and author's remarks in the hall. Andrei Kovalev gives advice and makes no questions, the task did not play in that. Hero of the interest of his life here and now, and the audience instantly projects going on themselves. "Little" man thinks about life, about yourself, for others, and, despite some cynicism assessments in their own way they loved dearly. Andrey Kovalev brings to the stage what we have no time or do not want to think, or do we think about this evening, just before bedtime, summing up the day. Partly it is a piercing lyrical, to microscopic tears in the corner of his eyes when he talks about first love, about lonely old people ("…

how scary to get old in this country …"). But it's only for a moment, the modern man does not have the time and place for sentiment – the office manager and costume name. Hero Andrew Kovalev did not have enough stars in heaven, he small but not too much, almost as chaplinovsky hero, he is not afraid to be funny, as we are afraid of this. We – this is all that melt together in one. Therefore, every five minutes to go hall fits of laughter. We understand and funny, with a each of us was there, but you can not be funny – for all the sweat alone. I saw the audience, leaving the hall, sent in cash to buy a ticket and watch a play again – is not this author and actor good luck. How not to say, but the audience voted for the successful performance of the ruble, which means – "The day is full of life" is going to look at.

Latin Americans

The death could turn a voice so full of hope and love, a new future Mercedes Sosa, it has left of found physically among music lovers, it won’t be more never view in public, nor may his words enclosing a myth and a legend life but his thought, his singing, his eternal voice of exceptional women never can be forgotten. Mercedes Sosa, singer of Ibero-American and Latin American masses died of natural death, with their ailments, with his inner pain, the feeling of that suffering of thousands of Latin Americans who died under murder and torture committed by thousands of military dictators who, like now in Honduras, stripped the Indian and the poor of all human value. His voice, admired by all who know that there is a greater feeling that the mere fact of singing a song, only to captivate an audience behind a singer., but in the case of Mercedes Sosa, what lacked it in physical beauty (relatively for some, for others do not), still you energy, momentum, well chosen musical notes, and unique, exceptional, to tell us with sublime voice, tones as only she could let us Captivate: when the Earth, I’ll take the seeds, and that song full of hope for a new dawn in Latin America, knew well suggest us: who said that all is lost, I come here to offer my heart., or when together with Pablo Milanes warned us: because time passes, we will putting old men, and they all love, and all hope of a better future write about Mercedes Sosa is has makes it difficult, as talk of a woman extraordinary, simple, humble, full of love for their fellows is not task one day, or a few paragraphs, to read such well-written pressI decided to leave my impressions about someone whom I admire from very small and I can never forget their songs: song with everyone, Gracias a la vida, I come here to surrender my heart, and other topics of argentina, Chile, and other countries. If She had heard me once, good penalty that would have given me, but in the midst of my silence, accompanied her, and played it when he saw her sing in a program star in a concert, because you win that they gave me singing the same that she will be because we are both Latin Americans. Mercedes Sosa accompanied with his guitar, and offer a concert, was a highly anticipated moment for her and her public, in which consumaban the pain of a woman face inequalities and holdings of the contemporary world in Latin America, where paramilitary and military dictatorships supported by United States of America have led these great pains in millions of people, next to a people who want freedom, the true conquest of power, the concert he flourished, and filled anywhere in hopes, chants and victories. The Cuban people joins the Argentine people, our artists, intellectuals, and population in general never forget Mercedes Sosa, which will be remembered, which always honored, since it will never be one Alfonsina and the sea, alone, but the great artist Latin America committed with their time, their thinking, their culture, and singing a new come, a better world possible, and a rebirth of love among peoples, a song of solidarity and a feeling inside follow along to her singing, for shouting thousands of times: a nous la Libertelong live independence, a new future, to live down the Yankee imperialism. Cease the occupation of honduras, hands out Latin America., and achieve the songs make them realities.

Chavezs Wallet Problems

For Chavez, far away has been the time of bonanza in which its oil exceeded the US $100 (in the month of July this year reached its maximum price of USD 129,54). Today, per barrel of Venezuelan oil is paid only US $ 35 (little more than a quarter that was paid to its maximum level). As I commented in an article in the month of October, Venezuela had approved a budget for 2009 with an estimated price of a barrel of oil of US $60, that although at that time it might be reasonable (and even low), it is currently a very superior value to the country which obtained by its black gold. With the price of oil, the wallet of Chavez is not so fat and is why the mandatary must care expenses to not enter in crisis. But that is what at the moment is not willing to do. Last week, the Venezuelan site El Carabobeno, published a note about the nationalizations decided by Chavez in 2008 that are still pending of concretion and that for the health of the finance public of Venezuela, would be suitable to be kept in such a situation.

But Chavez is not willing to evaluate the alternative which would avoid that Venezuela had to perform deliveries by a value of between $4,000 and $5,000 million in case translated. Chavez pointed out: these processes (of nationalization) go ahead each at its own pace. In another website Venezuelan, the impulse, reproduced an interview with former Minister of energy and mines, Humberto Calderon Berti who affirmed that Venezuela have not started to see the depths of the economic crisis generated by the fall in the oil price. The argument that waged is that oil sales is paid to ninety days, and is why current income by the same are in terms of the price of a barrel in the month of September with a far superior to the current level.

Simple Assistance

To the measure that the procedural law was acquiring its autonomy front to the material right, the eminently procedural nature of the part concept was perceived with clarity. Currently, the doctrine searchs to exclusively point out the concept of part in the scope of the process, disentailing it total of the legal relationship material' '. 6 The distinction carried through concerning the part concept shows of basic importance if to analyze, for example, the writing of art. 472 of the CPC that prays the following one: ' ' the sentence makes considered thing to the parts between which it is given, not benefiting, nor harming terceiros' '. In other words, it only has the legal sphere reached by the effect of the considered thing the parts of process, never third. This means that strange to the definitive procedural relation they can suffer its effect if enter the process and only start to configure as part of it.

7 Finally, coming back to the consideraes regarding the assistance, valley to stand out that it is cabvel to any time and in any degree of jurisdiction, saved some exceptions. The Federal Solicitor, Guillermo Beux Nassif Azem explains: ' ' The assistance has cabimento in all the types of process (knowledge, action for a provisional remedy and execution, the last one if established in extrajudicial heading or the incidental processes embargoes and liquidation). It is allowed to any time and in all the jurisdiction degrees. The assistant receives the process in the state where this if finds (CPC, art. 50, only paragraph). In the procedures of voluntary jurisdiction, for not having it deals, it does not fit assistncia' '. 8 1.1 Of the Simple Assistance (or Adhesive). The simple assistance ' ' he occurs when the assistant defends indirect legal interest. It possesss relation with the attended one, and not with the other parte' ' 9.