RP Cabrera

the nurse I spoke it was impossible because it could not more (then knew he was with 2 liters of hemoperitoneum and 3grams. Hb) cerre my eyes and I died, I felt peace and quiet.! Resist Dr. resist Dr. shouted the nurse. In Chiclayo just a miracle? Then I felt it is struggles my funeral, I thought – but it Honestaba in the emergency, my colleagues had Uncle assist me – they had warned them from Guadalupe, I had surgery and I woke up several hours later, I still felt bad fatigue and tiredness, was monitored in the UC1, Fang Li colleagues. Joel Lopez and others tried to help me, to remember my misfortune started to scream my daughter, my daughter. Sedate him, sedate it! -said – and I They sedaron.

I woke up 10 days later, then I knew that I turned to operate because I kept bleeding (found 1200 cc at the 2nd operation), took me the spleen, the pancreas tail, they heal the liver, omentum, 10 cm. of gut took me, they drained the hemosperitoneo, washed cavity; I also knew that I was very bad. I did bronconetimonia aspiration, my lungs were filled with pus, I did septicaemia, acute renal failure, I did 3 strokes, so put me the artificial respirator Ohio PR-2. they resigned, they cried me, decided where bury me, they gave me the holy oils, they bought the Chapel, I believed dead in every one of my stops. But the most dramatic moment that deserves highlight is that occurred between 5 and 8 in the morning of 7 June, because according to clinical history the pressure has dropped to 30.

Pulse filiform is barely perceptible, boqueante breath 1 to 2 per minute (typically 12 times per minute), Loveday and paralyzed eyes, pupillary reflex abolished, hypothermia), cadaverous stiffness, patient dying in death trance so wrote Dr. Porras spent 3 hours; outside the prayers and prayers were my single letter was the end! There was no doubt was a slow and dramatic, agony all waited for my death. At the door of the ICU my nephew Javier was crying, tears and screams contained in throat looked with amazement when the RP Cabrera, gave me the holy oils, Dr. Fangli repeated only a miracle, only a miracle and the miracle occurred! Beginning at 9 a.m., vital signs began to improve, increased the pressure and pulse, pupils are normalized, improved breathing, moves, groans incredible! ran the voice for the entire hospital miracle! It could be heard. RP Cabrera summed up saying Dr. Palacios has returned to life by the grace of a miracle of Divine Providence, and thus knows this story as a miracle only a miracle could save him and you! he saved! A few days later I had surgery for fractures and placed plates of platinum that I keep so far. 45diasdespues gave me high, had lost 17 pounds and covered in scars my pei slab convalescence, where minute-to-minute acid pain suffered by human beings, the most crippling of all the pains I saboree the pain of losing a child! Today is that on top of technological advances, on top of Marxism, of doubts, on top of the atheists, there is a strength and a superior spirit called God, 10 June 1989 is a proof of its existence; and here I am (deserve it! Not) again in life, sent to give testimony that God and his miracles exist.

Improve My Business

Researching among the one hundred companies best gerenciadas of the United States.UU., Inc. magazine published the result underlining that there were eight factors that were common to them. It should be added that to qualify a company as excellent, magazine does not takes into account its size but the level of their customers. 1. Readiness for action. Act first and foremost, because success does not happen by what we say but by what we do. Although these companies may be analytical in his approach to decision making, they are not paralyzed by this fact. Large number of these companies operate according to the rule: do it; fix it; try it.

The testimony of the CEO of General Electric is eloquent: here, when we have a big problem, we choose or ten executives and enclose them until they find the solution. When this happens, they should run it immediately. 2. The approach to the customer. These companies learn from their customers. They offer unsurpassed quality, service and reliability. Things that work and last marking what difference with its competitors. In excellent companies suggestions are obtained from its customers to achieve better service and better ideas to optimize the products and keep pace with the expectations of increasingly demanding customers.

3 Autonomy and entrepreneurship. Innovative businesses give autonomy to its most competent employees and are flexible against errors. It has said 3 m are so bent on innovation, that the overall atmosphere does not seem of a large corporation but rather that of a wide network of laboratories populated of ardent inventors and intrepid entrepreneurs who give free course to his imagination. Those who lead do not seek to have everyone so braking that I don’t make mistakes. They respect the ninth commandment of Byrom: be sure to commit a reasonable number of errors before brand new success. 4. Productivity per staff.

Internet Dating Sites

Large selection of different services, chat rooms, forums on the subject of dating on the Internet suggests that the Internet really helps most people arrange their personal lives. It really was not so. Getting on the Internet is, in most cases, specialized dating sites. They are arranged quite comfortably, with a simple registration with a wide range of opportunities to search among profiles of other users. If you decide to try this type of dating, you should be prepared for a certain nuance. First on Web sites spread the phenomenon of prostitution. But as a rule form of these girls and boys' speak for themselves.

" On most sites, these users are in a category. Also a very large percentage of women's profiles are 'Kept'. It's cute, nice and tidy girl from Saratov, Rostov, and other areas of our beautiful homeland. They are looking to network certain contingent male. Sometimes caught in the net positive 'perverts' and exhibitionists.

But usually on good sites these forms quickly blocked. Little who wants to look at a picture of what is 'great dignity' to the screen. But if you think these things are all 100% and in real life. Internet is another decent way to find the half. With its 'for' and 'against'. Search for simple human happiness like trying to find in big box your ball among the thousands of strangers. Yes, even when you interfere with this and pushing those who are engaged in this box the same. It is very possible that among the thousands of persons millions of phrases, where you found it. Maybe it is nice smiles at you every day on his way to work. Be sure that your happiness is also looking for you. Believe in yourself and good luck is sure to be on your side!

Social Service Condition

I learned that fragilizado in the question of the street inhabitant it is not only one weakened adjective of, weak, in this in case that and for poverty condition it represents more than what this, is the loss of auto-esteem, the housing, the job, of the professional qualification, among others. To try to search and to present an agreement of this population of street also means to search one better understanding for the advance in the combat of the social inaquality. I intend to extend the focus of vision on these citizens to make possible a look beyond the appearances with theoretician-historical and metodolgica appropriation, apprehending in the study the diverse forms of expression of the evolution of the diversified representations of these citizens. This research has for objective understands the norteadoras questions that cause the immobility, hindering the street inhabitant to leave this condition and to change its reality of life. This immobility must be inlaid in the factors that had determined the citizens of the research that they had thickened the world of the population of street with a mobility takes that it of a place to another one, but present only changes in its condition of life in the streets. The choice of the subject was stimulated by my performance in the condition of trainee of Social Service inside of the Municipal Shelter Jose Calherani, only equipment of the public net of the city that street population takes care of. Strengthening my interest in the subject I worked this comment in the attempt to search a possible agreement of this immobility for approach of the replies ace questions that as much had echoed in mine mind since infancy. In the listening of the population of street taken care of in the shelter I had contact with histories of surprising lives, that exactly counted of disordered forms brought a great wealth of contents, showing that the question is not simply restricted to the forms of absolute poverty hinder that them to abandon the habit of the streets.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is infused into crushers Crusher is one of the commonly used in crushing production line and sand production line equipment. The same as ball mill, it is also indispensable in mining machinery. Compound crusher is mainly used for the crushing of cement raw materials and clinker of medium-sized cement plant, which provides an ideal fine stone crusher plant for the technological innovation or new cement production line of cement plant. Compound crusher has the advantages of big crushing ratio, energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure and easy operation and maintenance. Stable structure and easy to maintain two major advantages of the gangue crusher is. We should pay attention to these followings in order to consolidate and maintain two major advantages. Easing burden means reducing the amount of feeding ore of the machine and the amount of ore through the mill.

At the same time, the regulation of the amount of using water at any time is also very important. We should adjust and control the amount of water according to the current operating conditions.In recent years, due to the urgency of the water conservancy construction, China has played more and more attentions on this project. As we all know, the water conservancy construction needs a large number of aggregate. Cone crusher sand maker and are the most widely used artificial aggregates production machines. Insiders said, the water conservancy construction will usher in a golden development time with the enhancing of national water conservancy policies. These shows, the cone crushers with a wide range of applications in the water conservancy construction field will also usher in a golden period of development.

Compared with simple pendulum jaw crusher, complex pendulum jaw crusher has the features of light weight, little construction member, compact structure, good admission in chamber, even crush crush of materials. In addition, the productivity is higher20% – 30% than simple pendulum jaw crusher under the same standard. Materials moves up and down in the lower end of movable jaw, materials usually discharged in cubic shape, which reduces the slice shape in simple pendulum jaw crusher. And the quality of products is better.Movable jaw moves in horizontal direction as well as in vertical direction, it is to complex motion, thus this kind of machine called ACE complex pendulum jaw crusher. Energy saving, efficiency, and environmental protection of broken screening equipment Contribute to the economic development of the country.

Yates French

The successive perfectionings, the acceptance of some air-tight parameters and the negation of great part of these (not acceptance of the talismans, for example), had been essential stop estruturao of modern science. The capacity to work with the hands, agreed with the curiosity, had made of the man an active inventor, who does not limit itself already to take the world he found as it, but more looks each time to mold it its imagined necessities, Reals or. From there its constant experimentation of possible materials for food, clothes, habitation, the insistent hollowings in the land to extract metals whose existence hardly could suspect to the departure; the allure for the fire and the water, and its respective effect in the panificao, the drying and the fermentation, the constant to go deep of the causal knowledge in the technological adaptation of the ways to the ends, such the case of the invention of a series of old instruments and simple machines. (grifo ours) One of the biggest contributions of the air-tight operations to the practical accomplishments of modern applied science was the use and the reverence to ' ' nmero' ' , considering the root of all the truth. According to Yates French, the renascentista magic pontuava the number as a possible key of operations, being that subsequente history of the accomplishments of the man, in applied science, demonstrated that the number is really one ' ' key-mestra' '. As the project of the magic and the cabala formulated for Henrich Agripa, had a special place for genuine mathematical sciences and its applications with objective to produce ' ' operaes' ' in the world. For Agripa, that one that was turned in mathematics could execute wonderful accomplishments by means of ways purely mechanics. Thus, one mago that it knows ' ' the natural philosophy and the mathematical, also understanding of mechanics, can make extraordinary things and mago must know sciences that produce such wonders, as necessary part of its treinamento' '.

CLT Company

To this respect, the Brazilian jurisprudence if has revealed of determinative form, where the magistrates have demonstrated to preparation and sensitivity in the guardianship to the basic rights of workers, restraining, of this form, practical perverse and abusive, as mentioned. ‘ ‘ The Regional court of the Work of the Rio Grande of the North, condemned the Drink Company of Americas (AMBEV), in public civil action promoted by the Ministry of the Work, in reason of practical of abusive, caracterizadoras motivacionais measures of the moral siege. The company was condemned in 28 of August of 2006 to the payment of R$ 1 million for pain and suffering its workers. … in files of legal documents was proven that the company river-grandense divided its salesmen in teams, stipulated goals and promoted, in the monthly meetings, the distribution of prizes in money to the winning team and of ‘ ‘ you arrest to integrant of the losing team … case AMBEV is paradigmtico.

The company, of national transport, registers abusive behaviors directed its salesmen, in some states of the federacy, although to count on a Code of Ethics and called a proper sector for claims ‘ ‘ sector people and gesto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ (ARAJO, 2006, p.1 apud STADLER, 2009, p.86). It perceives, therefore, that the jurisprudence has each time more opened preceding that endorses the existing positive law allowing, also, pecuniary repairing. One notices that in the current legal conception, the forcene worker morally is reached in the right of the personality, in its auto-esteem, in its image, corroding principles and values that guide the subjective dimension of the human being. Therefore it is of utmost importance to not only fight, but primordially to prevent the moral siege in the work. On the basis of this perspective of prevention becomes basic to establish strategies, in which the RH manager possesss a preponderant paper.

Racial Discrimination

As moral claims, the human rights are born when they must and they can be born, that is, for Piovesan ' ' the human rights are not born all of a time nor of a time for todas' ' still, ' ' the human rights are not data, but one constructed, an invention human being in constant process of construction and reconstruction fruit of our history, of our past, of our gift, based on a symbolic space of fight and action social' '. This that to say that the human rights compose our resistance, in the measure where they translate ' ' processes that open and consolidate spaces of fights for the dignity human being enhance, over all, the hope of a moral horizon, pautado for the grammar of the inclusion, reflecting the emancipatria platform of ours tempo' ' (PIOVESAN, 2005, p, 46-47). In the same direction, Boaventura de Souza Saints (2003, P. 56) affirms that the requirement of the recognition of the differences and the redistribution allows the accomplishment of the equality in differences. Still it adds: we have the right to be equal when our difference in inferioriza and have the right to be different when our equality deprives of characteristics in them. From there the necessity of an equality that recognizes the differences and of a difference that does not produce, feeds or reproduces the inaqualities.

It is in this scene that United Nations they approve, in 1965, the Convention on the Elimination of All the Forms of Racial Discrimination, ratified today for 167 States, amongst them Brazil (since 1968). Since its preamble, this Convention designates that any ' ' doctrine of superiority based on racial differences is scientifically false, condemnable, unjust and morally socially dangerous, inexisting justification for the racial discrimination, in practical theory or, place algum' '. It adds the urgency to adopt all the measures necessary to eliminate the racial discrimination in all its forms and manifestations and to prevent and to fight practical doctrines and racists (PIOVESAN, 2005, p, 46-47).


This paradigm did not obtain to answer to all the questions that had appeared and starts to decline in the current days starting with Einstein and the quantum mechanics and continuing with the great advance in the knowledge of the new modern scientific paradigm. As the paradigm, emergent, still is initiated in the days that if follow and some consider still it as a speculative way for the signals of crisis of the dominant paradigm. This new model that if presents to the world is as &#039 affirmed Boaventura de Souza Saints; ' the paradigm of a cautious knowledge for a life decente' ' (p 60). Being it a scientific model (cautious knowledge) and also social (for a decent life). The Process of Industrialization of Science In accordance with Saints (1999) currently science earned in severity and lost in auto regulation. The industrialization of science if of the one for the association between the economic, social institutions and politics that establish what and as must be searched and be improved for the scientific advance. The said rich countries of ' ' first mundo' ' they dominate the knowledge scientific and they finish manipulating the countries of third world with its technological innovations finishing for exploring them each time more in exchange for a knowledge that would have to be of the domain of all. On this subject &#039 was launched a called film recently; ' Extremas&#039 decisions; ' (Extraordinary Measures), where a father of two children with a congenital illness finds a scientist who already knows the procedures adjusted for the manipulation of an adjusted medicine to cure this pathology, but that it faces a series of burocracias on the part of other scientists and the government also involving the financing of the research for the concretion of the drug. The calls extreme decisions that are observed in the film happen, most of the time, in the professional scope.