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Buy an apartment can be without intermediaries. To do this you need to know what methods of fraud exist and how to avoid them. This is what we discuss in this article. As you know, buy an apartment can be on both the primary and the secondary housing market. As for the second option, the first thing to do is find out whether this has accommodation charges, that is, restrictions that can make your transaction will be impossible or substantially infringe upon your rights in the future.

You can do this yourself, or by contacting the professionals who are engaged in real estate they will receive an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions them, which will indicate the presence or absence of encumbrances. So the first 'reef' Often scammers use this method of deception and deceit which is difficult to call. An apartment owner is selling their homes. Signing the contract, having received money, and sometimes even registering the transaction in the registration authorities, he submits to the courts claim according to which requires recognition of a transaction of sale null and void. Good case that the reasons for this can come up with a lot. Quite often the court rulings on such claims are not in favor of the buyer. The deal is repealed – the seller is returned to the apartment, and the buyer – previously paid money. But it is no secret that often, to avoid taxes, the contract indicates a much smaller sum than that which was paid for the apartment in real life. The consequences are unfortunate for buyer – the amount specified in the contract is returned to the buyer, and the apartment – his former boss, a swindler. Moral of the story is – buying an apartment does not underestimate its value, since the amount specified in the contract and receipt of transfer of money, may prove to be a sum with which you eventually stay.

Modern Steel Security Doors

Modern requirements for security doors, methods of classification are contained in the following regulatory documents: GOST R 51072-97, GOST 50862-96, GOST 51112-97, GOST 50941-96, SNIP 21-01-97, RD 78.147-93 Ministry of the Interior. By definition, these documents: Door protection – is resistant to cracking device consisting of a door frame with a movable blade attached to it, which is in the closed position is fixed in the door frame locking device or locking mehanizmom.Vzlom doors or wooden euro-windows-actions aimed at violating the integrity of the door or the elements of its structure in order to obtain partial or full access to the protected door pomeschenie.Ustoychivost to crack – the ability to resist cracking the door. The magnitude of resistance to cracking Ec is determined experimentally based on the results of testing according to the formula: Ec = k * t + b where k – koeffitsientispolzuemogo tool characterizes his tehnicheskiparametry (mass, dimensions, electrical power, etc.) and the probability of detection produced by imshuma, vibration, smoke, sparks, etc., t – time in ispolzovaniyainstrumenta tests in minutes, b – a so-called base value tool that characterizes the difficulties egodostavki to the site hacking, need for and water, time to prepare for work, etc. Numerical coefficients k and b for various instruments are given in these regulations. If you use multiple tools to break the resistance door EU is the product of time t test at the highest rate k and used the tool to add to this value the amount of the basic values of all used in the experiment instruments.

Professional Real Estate

Here I will give general issues to be resolved. You must understand that in order to conduct a detailed check, you must absolutely clear about what points and what pitfalls may await you in this or that place. In practice, there are so many nuances and clues in each legal case, and protect you on all occasions only the information from this course, I can not. So, from my point of view, during the scan to be highly desirable to have the support of a professional who has a fairly common practice in solving such problems. You need to have a basic set of knowledge to understand what questions to ask and to understand exactly what directed any actions of a professional.

You will need to discuss in detail with the results obtained after the test and take an objective weighted independent decision about whether you are ready to purchase the object to the proposed conditions and becoming available history of the object. Please note that rely on the professional opinion is often very inefficient. You should always keep in mind – that a professional gets his commission from the transaction took place. AND often takes precedence over the desire to earn a desire and need to absolutely secure a deal for the customer. Of course, the real estate market and market legal service providers to verify Real Estate, a large number of professionals with a capital "P" and absolutely honest people. But do not forget that a lot and people who do not think about it much and not too worry about their reputation.

Web Page Styling

What is CSS? Spanish CSS means Cascading Style Sheets (Cascading Style Sheets). It is a relatively new technology to style web pages. So what happened with tables reliable? Before the tables were the only instrument available to Web developers to lay out Web pages. However, with CSS support increasingly, we can forget the old tables. Although both have their strengths and weaknesses, some more than others as we shall see below. Advantages of Tables 1 .- The tables have more time to CSS, so it is now easier to find someone who can lay out a design with tables instead of CSS. 2 .- Most WYSIWYG editors offer code output tables.

3 .- The CSS support may have many faults, especially in older browsers. Therefore web pages in different browsers show different Web. The advantages of CSS 1 .- The tables were never designed for layout designs. Therefore control over tables is very limited. If structured CSS web design. With CSS you can control the pixel-level design. 2 .- CSS separates the layout and content.

Therefore, it makes it easier to comply with a standard look through the website. 3 .- If you then want to change the style of the Web page is as simple as just changing the code a statement through the use of external CSS. 4 .- With CSS nested pages are unnecessarily heavy. In addition to the tables until they are downloaded do not show up. This causes a slow website. So What is better? With the support of CSS becoming more common, there is no reason to continue using the tables. With CSS you get a much more efficient control and flexibility it offers. Unless you're not willing to spend time to learn CSS, still using the old and outdated tables.


Dimensional stability of the model, lack of a connector shape and consistency of process parameters allow you to be precision castings so as to exceed the precision castings of LPM. In the mold cavity filled with expanded polystyrene, can not get foreign inclusions, which provides fewer blockages. By roughness surface defined in many ways the surface roughness forms, castings castings to meet the LPM. The reason is that in both cases, refractory paint or coating is applied to a model, not the surface form. High quality castings LGM allows for efficient use of the process in the manufacture of castings, which are traditionally manufactured LPM.

The definite advantage to the LGM LPM – the simplicity of its implementation. Practically eliminated or reduced to a minimum coating operations, forming, annealing forms a knockout and cleaning castings. The use of FF instead of LPM reduces consumption of expensive mold materials up to 10 roses Power – 2 – 3 times and labor – 3 – 4 times. For example, the technology of the pump impeller of high alloy by LGM provides such technological parameters of the model of EPS consists of two parts the basic model and the disk cover and their subsequent bonding. This allows you to perform any configuration of the blades of the wheel and avoid the variation in. Other methods of forming, in including LPM and plug shape using a rod, do not provide quality castings. In the manufacture of cast model requires the use of water-soluble cores, because the mold inserts interscapulum can not be performed.

The assembly of rods (even in jig) does not provide ravnostennosti blades in the model. In addition, high-quality coating in interscapulum difficult that leads to defects in castings trudnoispravimym. Consequence of the use of detachable forms a rod – variation in wall thickness of blades and inlets between the rods, whose removal is problematic. Thus, the casting on gasified models to date – the most promising technological process of manufacturing castings weighing from 0.1 to 5 000 kg. instead of well-known classical technologies to produce precision castings. Especially effective is its use in casting slozhnokonstruktsionnyh castings of various alloys.

MSCI World Index

Main article: Competition law
The state limits the monopoly market power through anti-trust law, drafting legislation and regulations designed to promote competition in the economy by banning everything that may bring some sort of inefficiency in the market, limiting the market structures are allowed. In all these cases displays its effects before there is finally a monopoly, as it seeks to prevent the development of a structure ultimately inefficient.
However, there are certain cases where the regulation deploys its effects allowing a monopoly, and is limited only to regulate it. If the structure to a more efficient market is a monopoly is, we are faced with a natural monopoly, or economic policies if the state wants to encourage the existence of a monopoly by a company in a specific area, the ideal is to reduce the monopoly power to the minimum at which it is profitable in the market. In this way the state tries to intervening in the market, to alleviate the abuse of market power of monopoly for the benefit of consumers and stakeholders in general.
It is a typical case, for example, of public services because they often involve high fixed costs that create economies of scale that motivate the most efficient solution is to have a single company for the widest possible AMORTIZATION of infrastructure that have been required to development activity (natural monopoly). Other structures which were observed in this regulation may be characterized further, either because it is more profitable to allow the existence of market power, as in monopolistic competition, or when it can not be bound to perform another behavior, such as of implicit collusion. In these cases what the law is to equate the situation of the consumer to the monopolist, so that this provides a greater amount of the producer and a lower price.
Finally we found the cases of state monopoly, where the state decides to create a monopoly in an area it considers its strategic (monopoly artificial). In this case the regulation is continuous, as the state entity that makes all decisions for political reasons.

Air Quality

The main task of the air cleaner – filling the apartment with clean air and rid the air of harmful substances and microorganisms. Modern air cleaners can include up to 7 filters, each with its own functions, for example, the function of pre-cleaning the air rests on an electrostatic filter, it removes large dust particles, hair, animal hair and mold, and then an antibacterial filter removes smaller particles – pollen, fine dust, which poses a great danger to humans (due to its low weight it can be a long time in the air to enter freely into the lungs) as well as bacteria is more than one micron. Hepa-filter neutralizes mold spores and bacilli, produces a highly efficient retention of particles). Anti-allergy filter capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria, which are particularly dangerous to children. To remove odors and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which is formed when using cleaning agents, you need carbon deodorizing filter. Since the molecules of these substances are so small that any Hepa-filter, even with the smaller cells, unable to cope with them (their size is below a thousandth of a micron).

To eliminate them need a special porous material, micropores which could hold these smallest particles. For such purposes is well-suited activated carbon – a substance that covers millions of microscopic pores in a special treatment ( and impact vapor). In modern models of cleaners Air may also be present new types of treatment systems and filtration systems, one of which is a photocatalytic filter.

Real Estate Market In Russia

Unlike Russia, abroad civilized real estate market is functioning century. Most of the young in developed markets – the U.S. has an age of no more than two hundred years, and, according to experts, is the most advanced. First Americans did not want to enjoy the experience of indigenous people and to settle close to each other in primitive wigwams, instead they used the most advanced at that time, the European construction technology and architectural principles. Expanding in comparison with Europe space allowed to settle on a suitable distance from one another. New residents of America for a short time managed to become, if not the best, then one of the strongest countries in the world, including through the development of the property market. Developments in the United States and Canada real estate is most applicable to the conditions of the Russian Federation. As in Europe, and America all successful to date while the developing according to a clear plan – concept development, which laid the basis of some elementary principles: ease of living, ease of movement of people and goods, the possibility of further development settlements.

Development of the earth (we are talking about large sites) is the highest level in real estate development. Entrepreneurs engaged in this business are more risks and responsibilities fairly and receive high rewards for success. In Russia we have only begun to approach the understanding that the point does not allow the city building to evolve in accordance with the requirements of modernity, but in most cases, carried out illiterate harm the city's development. Before the crisis, a number of Russian developers have announced plans for the development of large areas. Progressive real estate market in Russia was formed as recently as 90 years the last century.

With the implementation of the privatization of the opportunity to legally commit the transaction for the disposal and purchase of real estate. All properties of the time, excluding the pre-revolutionary buildings, was built State, in accordance with his understanding of the quality and comfort of shelter, and in the case of commercial (office, warehouse, retail and industrial real estate – the functionality and efficiency. The state was monopolist in the development market. A lack of competition in the market evolves as it is convenient to monopoly and / or its individual members. With the coming era of market economy started to develop and market real estate (prices, rules of the game). Russia and then managed to find 'their way' development. For us, there were no samples in the form of real estate markets of the leading countries, we had to invent his "wheel", rather than use existing achievement. As to be expected – lost not only time but also land that could be used much more efficiently. Russia is the largest country in the world, but despite this free areas suitable for virtually no development. As there is no motivation for their development of the entrepreneurs. Constraint is the lack of infrastructure. Infrastructure development rests with the state. Absolutely clear that the consistent development of not only the real estate market, but also the whole economy is impossible without the development of roads and power grids, corresponding to modern requirements. Such major changes are impossible without active participation of the state. The state was and remains a major player in the market.

GmbH Mandy Koebnik

New online presentation tool ‘ event manager meetyoo Berlin, 05.07.2011 more and more companies rely on event conferences to inform several hundred participants at the same time by phone. It remains at the hearing, the conferencing provider has developed the event manager meetyoo conferencing. Thus, companies can suggest parallel to the Conference also presentations over the Internet. Companies need to communicate, because customers, staff, press and investors alike want to be kept informed about the latest developments. To achieve all at the same time, companies rely more on event conferences, so phone conferences for 20 up to several hundred participants. Participants in the Conference must no longer be on-site, but can participate in the Conference live via their phone. This information best when the participants arrive if it conveys not only verbally, but also appear. At this point begins the new event manager meetyoo: he offers the possibility of, a Online presentation in the event Conference to integrate and visualize content.

Just comprehensive information can be prepared to understand and better understood by the participants. Talk continues over the phone, but shown is parallel over the Internet. All Conference participants can also use the event Manager are overlooking and controlled: the conference leader can look at the overview of the participants and print on-demand, or export as Excel file. For the usual question and answer session after the presentation, the conference leader has the ability to sort the questioner, to allow or block. So, the question and answer session is specifically controlled and structured demand. With the possibility to the participants control and online presentation, the new event Manager from meetyoo offers its users two important functions in one tool. Learn more about the product at: eventkonferenz /… Meetyoo conferencing with meetyoo is German premium supplier for the global circuit of business phone and event conferences.

White Polo

Today, a parent is obliged to provide a good education to their own, in addition to basic needs, holiday, cell phones, cars, trips (which as we all know, only you can receive in private entities and) costly), clothing brand (which will allow that boys may be with their friends without feeling less) and a myriad of additional costs to be able to feel that he is a good father and that it complies with giving their children the best. Don’t misunderstand us, it is not that we are against your desire to make progress and have a better quality of life. What really worries us is that the economic requirements you impose, even without realizing it, you could be damaging a to you and your family. These tremendous family demands have caused that currently in ordinary homes both parents work and that work has become the center of their lives. There are parents who, desperate to keep her family status, require more and working longer hours. The paradox is that this status that we want, that you want to give your family ends up removing time and weakening the ties that bind, both could even finish disintegrating it.

I don’t know whatever your situation at the moment, but it is likely that you are arriving home so exhausted that you don’t want to deal with the problems of poor school performance, socialization, violence and lack of communication, among others; Perhaps your children are involved in that. In this world where everything takes time, it is always easier to steal the time our loved ones. Therefore, major problems among our children and youth, and increasingly there are more divorces. White Polo original author and source of the article

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