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The state limits the monopoly market power through anti-trust law, drafting legislation and regulations designed to promote competition in the economy by banning everything that may bring some sort of inefficiency in the market, limiting the market structures are allowed. In all these cases displays its effects before there is finally a monopoly, as it seeks to prevent the development of a structure ultimately inefficient.
However, there are certain cases where the regulation deploys its effects allowing a monopoly, and is limited only to regulate it. If the structure to a more efficient market is a monopoly is, we are faced with a natural monopoly, or economic policies if the state wants to encourage the existence of a monopoly by a company in a specific area, the ideal is to reduce the monopoly power to the minimum at which it is profitable in the market. In this way the state tries to intervening in the market, to alleviate the abuse of market power of monopoly for the benefit of consumers and stakeholders in general.
It is a typical case, for example, of public services because they often involve high fixed costs that create economies of scale that motivate the most efficient solution is to have a single company for the widest possible AMORTIZATION of infrastructure that have been required to development activity (natural monopoly). Other structures which were observed in this regulation may be characterized further, either because it is more profitable to allow the existence of market power, as in monopolistic competition, or when it can not be bound to perform another behavior, such as of implicit collusion. In these cases what the law is to equate the situation of the consumer to the monopolist, so that this provides a greater amount of the producer and a lower price.
Finally we found the cases of state monopoly, where the state decides to create a monopoly in an area it considers its strategic (monopoly artificial). In this case the regulation is continuous, as the state entity that makes all decisions for political reasons.

Air Quality

The main task of the air cleaner – filling the apartment with clean air and rid the air of harmful substances and microorganisms. Modern air cleaners can include up to 7 filters, each with its own functions, for example, the function of pre-cleaning the air rests on an electrostatic filter, it removes large dust particles, hair, animal hair and mold, and then an antibacterial filter removes smaller particles – pollen, fine dust, which poses a great danger to humans (due to its low weight it can be a long time in the air to enter freely into the lungs) as well as bacteria is more than one micron. Hepa-filter neutralizes mold spores and bacilli, produces a highly efficient retention of particles). Anti-allergy filter capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria, which are particularly dangerous to children. To remove odors and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which is formed when using cleaning agents, you need carbon deodorizing filter. Since the molecules of these substances are so small that any Hepa-filter, even with the smaller cells, unable to cope with them (their size is below a thousandth of a micron).

To eliminate them need a special porous material, micropores which could hold these smallest particles. For such purposes is well-suited activated carbon – a substance that covers millions of microscopic pores in a special treatment ( and impact vapor). In modern models of cleaners Air may also be present new types of treatment systems and filtration systems, one of which is a photocatalytic filter.

Real Estate Market In Russia

Unlike Russia, abroad civilized real estate market is functioning century. Most of the young in developed markets – the U.S. has an age of no more than two hundred years, and, according to experts, is the most advanced. First Americans did not want to enjoy the experience of indigenous people and to settle close to each other in primitive wigwams, instead they used the most advanced at that time, the European construction technology and architectural principles. Expanding in comparison with Europe space allowed to settle on a suitable distance from one another. New residents of America for a short time managed to become, if not the best, then one of the strongest countries in the world, including through the development of the property market. Developments in the United States and Canada real estate is most applicable to the conditions of the Russian Federation. As in Europe, and America all successful to date while the developing according to a clear plan – concept development, which laid the basis of some elementary principles: ease of living, ease of movement of people and goods, the possibility of further development settlements.

Development of the earth (we are talking about large sites) is the highest level in real estate development. Entrepreneurs engaged in this business are more risks and responsibilities fairly and receive high rewards for success. In Russia we have only begun to approach the understanding that the point does not allow the city building to evolve in accordance with the requirements of modernity, but in most cases, carried out illiterate harm the city's development. Before the crisis, a number of Russian developers have announced plans for the development of large areas. Progressive real estate market in Russia was formed as recently as 90 years the last century.

With the implementation of the privatization of the opportunity to legally commit the transaction for the disposal and purchase of real estate. All properties of the time, excluding the pre-revolutionary buildings, was built State, in accordance with his understanding of the quality and comfort of shelter, and in the case of commercial (office, warehouse, retail and industrial real estate – the functionality and efficiency. The state was monopolist in the development market. A lack of competition in the market evolves as it is convenient to monopoly and / or its individual members. With the coming era of market economy started to develop and market real estate (prices, rules of the game). Russia and then managed to find 'their way' development. For us, there were no samples in the form of real estate markets of the leading countries, we had to invent his "wheel", rather than use existing achievement. As to be expected – lost not only time but also land that could be used much more efficiently. Russia is the largest country in the world, but despite this free areas suitable for virtually no development. As there is no motivation for their development of the entrepreneurs. Constraint is the lack of infrastructure. Infrastructure development rests with the state. Absolutely clear that the consistent development of not only the real estate market, but also the whole economy is impossible without the development of roads and power grids, corresponding to modern requirements. Such major changes are impossible without active participation of the state. The state was and remains a major player in the market.

GmbH Mandy Koebnik

New online presentation tool ‘ event manager meetyoo Berlin, 05.07.2011 more and more companies rely on event conferences to inform several hundred participants at the same time by phone. It remains at the hearing, the conferencing provider has developed the event manager meetyoo conferencing. Thus, companies can suggest parallel to the Conference also presentations over the Internet. Companies need to communicate, because customers, staff, press and investors alike want to be kept informed about the latest developments. To achieve all at the same time, companies rely more on event conferences, so phone conferences for 20 up to several hundred participants. Participants in the Conference must no longer be on-site, but can participate in the Conference live via their phone. This information best when the participants arrive if it conveys not only verbally, but also appear. At this point begins the new event manager meetyoo: he offers the possibility of, a Online presentation in the event Conference to integrate and visualize content.

Just comprehensive information can be prepared to understand and better understood by the participants. Talk continues over the phone, but shown is parallel over the Internet. All Conference participants can also use the event Manager are overlooking and controlled: the conference leader can look at the overview of the participants and print on-demand, or export as Excel file. For the usual question and answer session after the presentation, the conference leader has the ability to sort the questioner, to allow or block. So, the question and answer session is specifically controlled and structured demand. With the possibility to the participants control and online presentation, the new event Manager from meetyoo offers its users two important functions in one tool. Learn more about the product at: eventkonferenz /… Meetyoo conferencing with meetyoo is German premium supplier for the global circuit of business phone and event conferences.


Against indicated for gotten depressed. Due to difficulty to make and to form figures for being very acute, aniline is excellent for people who fear to lose the control of the things. The ink oil is recommended for people with depression, therefore it makes possible greater balance of the situation and the emotions. Nanquim, when pure it is of easy control, but demands agility and sensitivity. When used with water, she is more flowed, demanding much more ability, attention and concentration. 3.1.3? Modeling the modeling can be made with mass caretaker, clay, wax of bee, plasticina, paper mach and mass of shape.

The effect of the modeling acts in the physical and visceral sensations, as well as in the feeling and cognition. The technique demands a canalization of adjusted energy, for leaving of the nothing for the free creation of something being able or to be directed. The sensation of the contact with the adobe can very be rewarding or not. The clay acts as transforming, of a state of failure in meeting for a balance state, being able to bring tona internal conflicts undesirable. For being moldvel, it integrates to be with the world exterior, showing it that can adapt it the situations, being flowed, receives projections and is dominated, favoring to the manipulator the release of tensions, fatigues and depressions, therefore it is a material living creature and of calmante action. In the physicist it works on questions to the estruturao and motor coordination. In the emotional one it mobilizes feelings and primitive emotions, so that they can be known and be worked. In the cases of negation and resistance to the clay, the paper mach or the wheat flour mass is offered, therefore at the beginning he is not appropriate to force the individual to act against its will. With the adaptation to these resources, to the few the adobe is included.

Spanish Episcopal Conference

Above all, when touching hot topics like the manifesto of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, the upcoming elections, the issue of immigrants, the financial crisis, say that he awakens passions found in other diners as today, but my friend not be a hair cut because, as I said sometimes, long time that went out me hairs on the eggs, and it also leverages its age to tell what comes in WINS. That Yes taking care to respect all within an order, clear, although not always succeeds. He thinks that it should not say everything you thought, but also believes that, at certain ages, can be tolerated all the elderly. So your conclusion is that he says and has everything that you want to. I looked at my watch when I said, Ummm would take me a postrecito, because it is good yantar, so two coffees alone has taken your dessert and I. To the output, I accompanied him toward the station where has caught a train back to her house. Do not believe that I can complain, on the contrary, there is an anecdote that I tell you because, in reality, I love him very much and owe a lot too, but much, much.

And I have listened to you with respect and enthusiasm and I love that: to feel even illusion for him as when it was small. And I’ve told you a secret, I have spoken of very personal issues that have left me spontaneously and with wisdom, has not tried. Moreover, has answered me with the look of their eyes before blue, gray and his smile full of kindness and experience. Today I’ve eaten with an old friend. Today I’ve eaten with my father. Carlos Sanz Original author and source of the article.

Three Conferences

Next on 25, 26 and 27 May, will take place in Malaga, in the Palace of fairs and congresses, the 6th National Congress of libraries public of the Federation Spanish societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID). Three events in one under the motto will be a profession, a future.Three conferences in one in these days will discuss the great challenges of the profession of the documentation and information and that will mark the next years trends. A great exceptional appointment for all these professionals, witnesses to this macroevento, which will be the largest that would be held in Andalusia. -3 congresses which are held simultaneously and in a coordinated manner. 3 General meetings of associations with more influence at local, national and European level. 35 professional activities.

International speakers 15. 900 professionals will gather in the Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga for three days. FESABID 2011 will be, by both, the stage where will be found and will interact the main professionals of libraries, files, information and documentation, at local, national and international. The same organizers are the Spanish Federation of societies of Archivistics, librarianship, documentation and Museology (FESABID), the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), the National Authorities on Public Libraries in Europe (NAPLE Forum) and the Andalusian Association of librarians. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 98 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA Important: To qualify for this rate must be present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting. EBLIDA: European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation

Majorca Catalan

A policy in Palma wants to avoid that the history a third time repeats itself. On the other hand, you want the damage, the quickly resolve the Franco’s dictatorship had caused the Hispanization of the Catalan language. A whole generation of Catalans had need to learn a foreign language in the school, with the Spanish. Was that adults had to forcibly Spanish learn Catalan-speaking, otherwise they have lost their job, and thus their livelihood. Mallorca tourism in the 1960s and its dramatic consequences to was the fact that in the 1960s, the boom of Mallorca-tourism began which resulted Mallorca and was shown in outward as Spanish, and especially spnanisch-speaking island. Hardly a German Majorca emigrants had then seen occasion to learn Catalan.

The consequences of Hispanization are dramatic to date. So, still almost half of all living on Mallorca speak no Catalan or Catalan dialect of the island, the Mallorqui. It is especially the high proportion of foreigners, which is about 25 percent. In addition the influx of many mainland Spaniards during the Franco dictatorship. On the other side many Majorcans do not speak Spanish. This is the case especially in the Interior of the island.

In Inca, for example. Not for nothing, Inca is called the unofficial capital of Majorca. But also in other places of the island, it can happen quite that incomprehension is brought against the Mallorca holiday guest, if this Spanish speaking brings his desires of shopping in a store. Means to integrate Majorca Catalan to learn the right lessons from the history of drag, is therefore exactly what we Germans on Mallorca should actively practice. Because integration has an even stronger meaning than anywhere else in Europe on Mallorca. The language is considered the most important heritage of a community to accept it without any ifs and buts, if you are serious about the own integration. And that is perhaps even more important, because it rises a lofty ethical motives, to help, that the crimes of the Franco dictatorship not today, almost posthumously, successfully implemented into action. (

EEG Toptarif

Electricity prices set in January and February at least 622 utilities by an average 7.1 percent in Berlin, December 28, 2010 for the majority of consumers in Germany of the electricity and gas supply is again considerably more expensive in the coming year. According to current surveys of the independent consumer portal ( have made so far 622 provider specific electricity price increase for 2011 up to 19.4 percent. Also the gas plan nearly 90 companies to raise their prices in January and February by up to 22 percent. The upcoming wave of price, more than 30 million households are affected, alone facing rising electricity costs, because in addition to numerous public utilities more expensive their tariffs at the turn of the year, also the large utilities RWE, EnBW and Vattenfall. In the context of the price increases announced for 2011, the cost for a four-person sample budget with an annual consumption of 4,000 rise kWh of electricity to 7.1 per cent, or 68 euros, at the top even by up to 178 euros.

When the gas must affected households at an annual quantity of 20,000 kWh expect up to 255 euro average cost of 7.4 percent or 96 euros, at the top. “Corporations justify current price increase with increase in EEG assessment with regard to the current wave of boost argue the power companies with the sharply higher levy to the promotion of renewable energies, whose cost increases would be passed on to the final customer”, explains Daniel Dodt by ( In the Middle the announced price increases in terms of the growth of the renewable energy levy move.” A look at the details of the price changes, however, shows that the reactions of the companies vary widely. While 341 companies only partially pass the increase of renewable energy levy on their customers, the price increases are at 137 providers sometimes clearly about the additional costs of the levy.

The Majority

This would be, certainly, an attitude fascist: of hatred to the other and hatred to the other-critical. The part would not be fascist exactly for not operating such type of exclusion, but to question certain faces of the acriticidade. A possible project of transvalorao of the values must pass for this sphere, namely, to understand the critical plurality as the phenomenon noblest of the human being and to perceive, still, that at certain moments such project becomes one ' ' so that it serves? ' ' , over all when in the citizen it has a deep filiation and necessity of determined person. In this in case that, the transvalorao becomes one ' ' mero' ' to understand who submits and who is submitted, and not a destruction of an order. The part meets in this plot and it does not get over, that is, it does not make mere ' ' to accept for aceitar' ' , one ' ' as much makes, as much fez' ' , when it does not have another exit, but it constructs bridges so that, exactly ahead of the disastrous theater, it is not plus one, but one. The hypocritical one still can tax the part in such a way: ' ' how adolescent mentality! I thought that she was dealing with an intellectual who wise person who what it is good is what the majority and I like, because the voice it people is the voice of Deus.' '. Two errors, however, proceed from this affirmation: 1 who is with mental retardation is proper the hypocritical one, that is with one ' ' age mental' ' very inferior, and one does not confide to the new; 2 friction the intellectual while that one that accepted what the majority likes, not perceiving that this, many times, is mere mass not hands of bakery-absurd, is they producing musical comedies, grifes of fashion, publishing companies, etc. .

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