The Trip

Soon. I understood in that instant that would not be a task, but at last, I thought: If I want to know I eat am the seen world of chair of wheels, am necessary, over all to reflect concerning the being that if special tax on one, giving life to it. What he implies this relation? To insert me in this context, therefore I cannot take off it of the chair, duly warned to see to the world, only? seated? Comfortably only Strangely alone The first problem was presented me then: to find a place to seat me, without bothering it It was when, I heard: Father! He brings our chair! Surprise. My son already had reserved a place. She was to the side of it! The great day arrived. To the entrance I received a news where were written some? rules? of convivncia: It never looks at for me and if it sees, this will become our impossible convivncia; It does not yield to the impulse to idealize a world for me, the world already exists; It does not wait a special place, I do not believe specialties? ; The eyes will be our lighthouses, keep them open so that let us guide in them for them; Smiles alone the necessary one; to the times the easy smiles hide the edificadoras tears; It does not have fear, seated, we see the people very great, but illusion is alone; One gets used with the incontinence.

E remembers to contain itself; One remembers: I allow one season it, I do not open hand of my privacy; He is obligator to gain the weight of its? luggage, therefore we do not support excess. It only brings the necessary one; If to nauseate in the start of the trip, if does not worry. It is why instead of walking, I fly To each comment, a reflection. I perceived that it was not the chair that was present; yes, I was absent. That the parents when they move away themselves from its children; something occupies that space.

My apia son in a chair, others in the drugs. If its son walks. He has one? he marches perfect? , excellent. However he does not forget? the most perfect march is of the ideas. It thinks in this! How much to the world; I learned that a world does not exist, and yes? the world. that it is not seen; it is lived. the different look? It is in the eyes of the mind Shopenhauer? Ah! I sign in low. The will is the essence of the world. how much to the chairs! Let us learn with them. They speak! our children, also.