Thai Cat: Familiar Stranger

Thai breed – it is both very new and very old rock. Virtually any person living or living in Russia, never confuse blue-eyed cat in a dark masochke, dark stockings and dark tail. And even will tell you that these cats are very angry. But tell you the same person to name this breed of cats – Thai, and he lost. Be sure to tell you that in his family (his uncle, aunts, friends, friends) have always been here such conjoined cats, it is absolutely accurate. The other authority declares that the Siamese and Thai – two names for the same species, because earlier the country was called Siam, and the cats were Siamese, now the country of Thailand, and these cats called Thai. But they are both wrong.

Indeed, in the Soviet Union with the exterior of cats called Siamese (all over the world, this type of Siamese cats was banned for breeding, but we knew nothing about it, especially cats not bred, they are bred for yourself). After the collapse of the Soviet Union to us were true Siamese cat: long, thin and eared (similar structure to the oriental cats). From this came the separation into Siamese and modern Siamese. In 1991, the system has been recognized by wcf Thai breed (Russian starotipnye Siam). Ever since the Siamese and Thai – they are two separate breeds. Although so far there are announcements to 'sell Thai (Siamese starotipnye) Kittens'. But they are the most that is on the Siamese cat! But my Thai female cat, blue-point, or else his name – the frost-point (ie , paws and tail are not dark in color and gray-blue): To date, there Thai cats of various colors.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka – beloved dog of the Emperor In the 19 century Gatchina became the favorite residence of Russian emperors, they landscaped palaces, parks, and city. At the end of XIX century Alexander III paid special attention to environmental issues, the site says On his orders had been taken to "protect the lakes of the Imperial fleet and the menagerie on the influx of these dirty street water flowing from the city, situated on a slope to the lakes, as well as dirty water landing wooden pipes. As a result, in Gatchina was built a new city collector, which today continues to operate. Further work was done to drain the park and the restoration of the total hydraulic system, starting with Kolpanskogo lake. Favorite place to play the king's children had their own little garden with its lovely green corridors, multiple paths, sculptures and flowerbeds. In the late nineteenth century, there appeared "a quiet corner of sorrow".

Under windows private rooms of Alexander III, began to bury loved ones in the family of animals: "a faithful sovereign and animals worthy of memory". Today on the plates kept touching the names of dogs, cats, parrots. Among the memorable characters stand out two small pyramid of granite. A monument dedicated to the Kamchatka Peninsula, a beloved sheepdog Alexander III. The dog was presented to Emperor sailors of the cruiser Africa. During a railway accident in 1888, when the royal family miraculously survived, dog died. "Is it from people I have at least one disinterested friend, and there can not be, a dog can, and Kamchatka is a" – sadly, wrote Alexander III at the end of life.

Sharpening Claws

Cats have claws grow throughout their lives. Periodically, each terminal claw hidden (packaged) in a scaly sheath. This shell is uncomfortable when the cat drags its claws. Scrape (dot claws) – is natural way to release the claws of excessive obolochki.V nature of cats, climbing trees, are exempt from it. But at home the cats allowed to move freely on the vertical surfaces of the room (curtains, wallpaper, furniture, etc.) To protect the interior, utensils, and the situation is now the owner of a cat is enough to bring and offer your pet a good kogtetochku. Adult cat or kitten needs good kogtetochka-stove-house to be was not only to sharpen the claws, but also to relax. Sleep, to feel comfortable, like in nature.

As is well known wild cats are in their natural environment, sharpen claws on soft woods, but at home as replacement tree is perfect cardboard kogtetochka. Often, a cat on purpose, chooses to holiday items and places where it may interfere with the owner – a desk, a pile of manuscripts, book shelves. Attachment to the cat paper can be easily explained: in addition to rustling and softness, it gives stollyubimoe warmth and comfort. Since then, as in the trials kogtetochka “KOGTEDRALKA home” was offered to cats, she was the only place to point the claws, Cell endowed with a bed and a small house where the cat feels comfortable. Tree – a living material, and our kogtidralka made of timber – corrugated cardboard. This place in your home will kogtetochka-lezhanka.Luchshaya kogtetochka – Cardboard kogtetochka.

Substitute for a cat or a cat environment. Comfortable and convenient. After you wear when your cat is fully razderet dralku, without regret can throw it and buy a new kogtetochku for cats.

Easier Finance Through Reorganize

With little effort more finance and much credit regardless of whether it is the large area, the flask, the full-range supplier, the store or the discount. All of them have now to do that to change the times in the age of digital commerce. Additionally a narrow Christmas, comes the clouds on the capital market are dark or is the left power core to the benefit of individual concepts with much Verzehrfertigem, that should be enough actually to new thinking. Apparently, potentials in the field of capital and the Filialsystemorganisation but are overlooked. Although liquidity is secured, in order not to endanger the capital. But the KUHN there according to specialists for chain stores potential for the creation of money as only at the point of sale. Still sends his apologies that maybe, even when considered as the new trend to make also outlets of home textiles, garment shows necessary.

But it is economical to take branded items in the range, one Retail surplus (1.4 square meters per capita) even with established sales formats to ignore or to roll out new, below-Diskountpreisniveau residual food formats? Is the air does not become too thin, Internet trading can be more than a game type, rather than economic business operated? It is also for the revitalization of shopping centers. It is economical when Mobler shopping cities”are the revitalization needs in rural areas as well as urban units, but little attention is paid to? In different centers now lack anchor tenant, the Centre sizes are too small to be frequency-strong. Several times the Center have not positioned in the market, be without Center management and development prospects, but new factory-outlet-center pushed. A glance the same on the companies themselves. Meanwhile, existing potential fall so strong in the eye, that one wonders why they are not enabled. An example is here “Ratio reserve logistics branches” or the almost excessive variety of regional suppliers.

Great Mystery

He was early and Lucia a splendid sun. The sky was blue, radiating. I stopped in the bridge of the prey and, when showing itself, a surprised gull raised the flight. I contemplated the landscape: it was a perfect day. In this place the river was high and mighty and, past the stumbling block of the prey, continued its way towards the fertile valley. I listened with attention and I perceived the thousand sounds of the nature. The whisper of the water between stones, the humming of a bumblebee, chasquido of a branch that part to the passage of a rabbit small sounds that form the immensity of silence.

Something that is had lost in our society. I feel like lucky person and I let myself take by the peace sensation. Unexpectedly, a noise removes to me from my absorption. They seem the barks of a pack of dogs. I watch towards the thickness but I do not see anything. Nevertheless, the row grows and grows per moments.

I recognize that sound, I watch towards the sky and I contemplate an immense flock of storks. They go towards the East and they draw enormous you shoot with an arrow in the sky. In a point, the flock turns on itself and gives the return. It is as if, suddenly, all realized of which they have mistaken the course and they discussed heatedly which is the correct one. One would say that point of the sky is a mysterious crossroads that only the birds can see. And more birds continue arriving more. The sky fills of them. The row that forms all together ones giving returned is deafening. They are hundreds, thousands of birds. Some it seems that already they have been decided and they continue his way, but others return as if they hoped to the most left behind. The birds that follow ahead organize again. Strongest they mark the rate and they cut the air with his bodies and the others reserve forces flying in the wake of which it precedes to them, until the moment arrives and they stand out to him. The image is beautiful. To the short while, very slowly, their voices are gone out and the storks become tiny points in the sky. I cannot avoid to think about how it will be from now on his way; in all the shortages through which they will happen in this long trip of his lives. I wait for minutes more and the last groups they are happening. They are small groups of weaker birds. Its flight is different; it is a made an effort, solitary, sad flight. A survival flight. You know, friend bicycle? Just as to them, also I have left much to still cross to understand a little all the great mystery of the life.


Anxiety attacks are frightening, but the good news is that the episodes are not usually dangerous. In the majority of cases the attacks do not last more than 30 minutes, with peak intensity within the first 10 minutes. What makes these dangerous attacks is if they become chronic, if they affect the well-being of a person, and if they disrupt your normal life.Various treatments have proven to be very effective in stopping anxiety attacks. Here are some: breathing technique is one of the most effective ways of controlling anxiety attacks. Proper breathing helps lessen the tachycardia and soothe tense muscles as a result of the attack. Breathing also diverts attention mental trigger and calm the person, thus halting the attack even faster. Proper breathing techniques are easy to learn and master.Self-hypnosis is a great tool for altering his thought process as well as the body reaction to the frightening thoughts. During the attack of anxiety be dropped on his back or in any comfortable position and try to process their thoughts.

Identify the source of such thoughts. Know if they are real. If he is concentrated enough in finding the origin of thoughts, soon assumes that they are not a valid reason for an excessive fear. It may sound simple, and it is. Psychiatrists now recommend the auto-hypnosis as a treatment for anxiety attacks and other related disorders.

(Hypnosis and therapy cognitive behavioural therapy can be used by your therapist to stop symptoms and anxiety attacks)Meditation has been accredited for a long time as a means of relieving stress and anxiety since it promotes the release of negative energy from the body, relaxes tense muscles and calm the mind, which in turn, reduces effectively the irrational fear and apprehension. Meditation may not be for everyone by the time required to master the technique, however, with appropriate expert guide or a little patience and dedication, you can enjoy its benefits.Natural herbs (such as Chamomile, lavender, ginkgo biloba) are very effective treatments in the long term for anxiety attacks. given that are natural, have no side effects. They may not be as aggressive as prescription drugs but they work just as effectively.Prescription medicines are of great help to stop anxiety symptoms and episodes of anxiety attacks. Antidepressants are the most common treatment. They should be taken continuously, which can require up to 6 weeks before you notice the effects. The beta-blockers are a type of drugs that prevent the recurrence of symptoms. The SSRI or selective inhibitors of the reuptake of serotonin increases the level of serotonin in the brain that regulates and normalizes the emotions.Therapies are an important anxiety treatment. These attack the psychological aspect of anxiety. CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to alter the way people think turning negative thoughts into positive. The techniques used in CBT or TCC include game role and technique of relaxation. Exposure therapy exposes the person to the physical sensations of panic and controlled environment. Through repeated exposure, patients gain greater self-control and more confidence in addressing the threatening situation.Prescription medicines and therapies, when combined, are very effective. Medical studies show that patient response rate is much higher if both methods are used compared with those who are treated with one single.

How To Make Money Filling Out Surveys Using Only The Laptop

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