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Glossy: Color palettes used in the early 1980s were bright, especially for night makeup. Blue was very popular. Companies such as Avon and Mary Kay offered full palettes to choose the desired color scheme. Women felt powerful and refined. Eighties makeup minimizing defects and gave him power to women. We had clothes bright and glossy lips bar.

Gems such as Fuchsia and turquoise tones were very popular among the bright colors of the 80’s. How to apply makeup to the style of the Ochenta1. It begins with a clean face and hidratado.2. Applies the necessary corrections for the eyes and the enrojecidas.3 areas. The makeup of the eighties emphasized a matte base that combined with the skin tone, without leaving no line of demarcation. Tanning powder was also very popular. Applies sunscreen powder on the base to pretend to be tanned. 4.

Apply powder loose to fijar.5. It delineates the eyelid superior in negro.6. Apply a drop shadow color Fuchsia in the eyelid. It then applies a paler pink or white shade in the Arch of the eyebrow as an illuminator. You can use blue or white shade or mix the Fuchsia color with the Orange for a nocturno.7 appearance. Apply mask for tabs negra.8. The eyebrows were very bushy in the 80s. Leave them neat and cepilladas.9. It outlines the lips using a slightly exaggerated Fuchsia eyeliner and apply lipstick color fucsia.10. Apply pink blush on the cheeks. The end of the 80sA the end of 80s, makeup began to change and more inclined to natural tones and a practical style that was associated with the so-called information. The makeup was natural and became a status symbol to show the skin care. Women used more earth tones, powder eyeliner, tanning and a matte lips bar. I was used a bit of brightness to display the natural beauty of lips. The hairstyles were simple. The straight hair was taken long or up to the shoulders and was very popular. Pigtails were used to tie the hair and emphasize the beauty of the face. Icons of the Decade of the 80A when choosing makeup from the 80s, looking for icons of that decade. Stars such as Madonna, Brooke Shields, Olivia Newton-John and Joan Collins are excellent icons. Television programs such as Dallas and Designing Women are fun to look at and remember a little. The 80’s was fun and exciting with a bold style. The makeup was made to enjoy. About autor:Tuimagenpersonal provides in depth training of make-up courses for individuals and companies. Our makeup training is based on our proven experience in makeup and the fashion industry.