Aristotle Company

The hope is the dream of a man awake Aristotle considerations, relevance, Venezuelan case worries how some managers, especially the responsible for SMEs, not properly face the problem of organizational conflict in the present, causing this, serious problems in the operation, the company’s achievements, specifically, in organizational behavior, presenting a climate not favorable, more in a turbulent scenario that for years facing the countryespecially in light of its political instability and other factors that involve technology, new openings, competitiveness, economy. This situation definitely cannot be ignored, by the often irreversible damage that can cause you to the company for the scope of their objectives, mission, therefore, should seek solutions that they involve that management face the fact with the tools, knowledge, allowing to give way to achievements that will ensure a better performance of the current organizational behavior facing the Venezuelan company. In the entire organization know conflict is inevitable and has much impact on the organizational climate of the company and since then, according to the way as are you management, is handled, results as it has happened to many SMEs in the region, can be disastrous either lead the Organization to its efficiency which is expected. Hence our insistence over these items, our same Chair of organizational behavior of graduate of the management program of quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, that management, allow the administration of the conflict to constitute a fundamental part of the work and a true leadership style that encourages you. Venezuelan reality the current scenario posed by Venezuela of its companies, especially SMEs, which constitute a significant number of its business sector, is very turbulent, matted conflicts in the political, economic, social, cultural and business, which as already noted, neither can nor should pass by unnoticed, since it would increase them, becoming a true attack against the existence and harmonious climate required, in where manifest successfully its authenticity, assertiveness and a true self-realization that Venezuelans we deserve, as Orally Silva participant points out. .