As Bare As You Dare

Driving a car by London in early June may be a more interesting experience since it carried out demonstration Ciclonudista world (World Naked Bike Ride). The inhabitants of various cities in the world can that be surprised to see a group of naked men and women running beside them during June 12, however there is a serious message behind the vuelta. The main objective of the event is a protest against the destructive nature of the culture that exists in the modern world, but also serves to celebrate cycling and the human body. Travellers who by that date are housed in a hotel in London or Madrid may they laugh of the format of the manifestation, the purpose is to show the vulnerability of cyclists on modern roads. Proposed London cyclists is to get areas for the exclusive use of bicyclists, safer streets, cyclists double circulation corridors and with a large volume of traffic and the ban on cars with advertising says the magazine English What’s on When.

The world Ciclonudista manifestation defines itself as the more important nudist event in the history of mankind in promoting cycling that began in 2004 and now held in several cities around the world. Swarmed by offers, Yael Aflalo, New York City is currently assessing future choices. Those wishing to participate are not required to do it naked, since the slogan is As Bare As You Dare (as bare as you dare) and participation is free. The event in London will host more than 1000 brave cyclists and meet at 6 p.m. (local time) under Waterloo Bridge. While in Madrid the meeting point is the Plaza Cibeles at 12 noon. For those travelers who cannot be in London, either to support or to participate in the London protest, they can do so in other demonstrations that will take place at the same time in different parts of England like Manchester, Bristol, Southampton and Brighton.

And the same thing happens in Spain, if you are not going to be in Madrid, there will also be demonstrations in A Coruna, Barcelona, Cordoba, Murcia, Valladolid, Valencia and Zaragoza. And if you are not going to be in Spain, you have the opportunity to follow the vuelta in 70 cities in 20 countries from all continents. For more information about this event visit the official website of the world Ciclonudista manifestation. If you need a hotel where stay at you’ll find hotels in London, Madrid and many other cities, it also offers discounts of up to 70%.