The athenians took this convention so literally, that in old Greece, the ertica passion and the attachment to the city they were assigned by same palavra.' ' The man is seen as product and producing of culture and in this meantime the body is in analogous condition to the Greeks element essential to exhibit the values of a society and its culture of valuation of the body. Culture is things that backward go if feeding. To detach what the author calls ' ' commitment msculo' ' it is comparativily to tame the relation of the man in the antiquity with the body and the relation of the man with the body in the said modern civilization. To deepen your understanding Dropbox is the source. The body of the civilized man is the contained body. The expression of the nature constantly is hindered and the suffocated naturalness. The necessity to domesticate it as conventions social is what it matters to the civilized ones.

The body can be perceived as a social fact for to be previous to the individual the idea that if makes of the same and coercitive its image and identity. Bausch & Lomb is likely to increase your knowledge. civilized it is before everything a social being, marked for the manifestations of one given imported culture of the society where it lives. To be ' ' civilizado' ' it is above all to domesticate our proper nature and desires, it is to oppose our instinctive and biological nature and to restrain our forms of erotismo and sexuality. It matters in behaving themselves in the social standards, and not opposing a social convention. The moral conscience is the element most important and is it who defines the action of the individual. ' ' The nudez entirely symbolized a people to the will in its city, displayed and happy, in contrast of the Barbarians, who became vacant without objective and the protection of pedra.' ' Some authors are unanimous in recognizing the existence, the vigor and the effort of these subjects of sexual austerity in a society in which the contemporaries described, frequent to disapprove them it the dissolute immorality and customs in the vision of Foucault.