Caja Duero

Box Spain, recently merged with Unicaja, Caja Duero has increased the profitability of a range of deposits online called PlazoNet. These products allow to choose the term that best fits the needs of the saver.Changes have been the following: deposit within 90 days (PlazoNet 90), now lets get a fixed return of 1,2559% TAE and soon gave him a 1.00% APR. Deposit PlazoNet 180 now offers you a fixed return of 1,7578% Apr, when before it offered a 1.10% Apr. Deposit to 365 days, called PlazoNet 365, now lets get a fixed return of 2,2499% Apr, while earlier offered a 1.25% TAE. Deposits at 15 and 30 days have not undergone any modification, they continue to provide a % 1,0048 TAE the PlazoNet 15 and 1,0046% PlazoNet 30 Apr. All deposits have the liquidation of interest at maturity and the minimum amount to hire is 2,000 euros and the maximum of 200,000 euros. To access them you need hire the mail service Web. Original author and source of the article