Commercial Mortgage Bank

Commercial Mortgages are not very common in Russia. although the venture capital funds and investment companies exist in the Russian market for a long time and show very successful results. The main objective of venture funding – investing in the development of high technology projects. Commercial Mortgage credit is given to entrepreneurs for the purchase of non-residential buildings: a warehouse, office, etc. The meaning of commercial mortgage is to crediting the purchase of commercial property under her own pledge. Unlike residential lending, commercial mortgage has a shorter maturity of the loan, but the relatively high interest rates. Product kreditTovarnoe lending is that the borrower is given commodity, for which he does not pay the money immediately.

So can deliver goods, tools, machines and equipment. Commodity credit is optimal when purchasing expensive equipment, made to order foreign companies. Experts identify the advantages of trade credit as its collateral-free financing, the ability to purchase imported equipment any manufacturer at low prices, delaying payment for up to 1 year. Credit for discovery biznesNayti bank, which will be happy to provide loans to open businesses, it is very difficult. This is understandable: the bank can not know how success will be the idea of the entrepreneur. Nevertheless, some banks still offer a form of the loan. Minimizing the risks, the bank simply overstates the interest rate and reduces the loan term. Loans to individual predprinimatelyamChastnye entrepreneurs are often unable to provide a bank guarantee for a loan. They also have no credit history yet, that does not give banks the opportunity to properly evaluate their reliability.