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Orbitel communications Latinoamericanas SAU, subsidiary of UNE-EPM Telecomunicaciones, one of Latin American companies with greater success in the telecommunications market, has launched a new Social Media strategy through which achieve a greater proximity with the client. Through their Facebook page, Orbitel will provide care to the client and information of interest to the community Latin abroad. For this reason, Orbitel chose the marketing agency interactive and content Kanlli for the management of your Social Media strategy, which adds to the marketing actions in search engines, SEM and SEO, that the Agency makes to the Hispanic market in Spain, USA, Canada and UK. Such Social Media strategy will serve Orbitel’s communication channel with current and potential clients through an additional service of customer service and will allow its users to benefit from a community that offers information on Latino News (news, events, gastronomy, etc.) and its product offerings for call to Latin America at competitive prices, as a Mobile Virtual network operator, card Orbitel Latin, your direct line, etc. Orbitel continues betting for the latino market abroad, through its diverse product offerings that allow Latino users communicate with their relatives and friends in their countries of origin at any time and place. This is the perfect mechanism to leverage the international expansion of Orbitel in the online channel strategy, says Juan Camilo Gonzalez, Retail Analyst of Orbitel. This measure is carried out at a time when Orbitel is preparing to enter the British market in the month of November. The company, which has 200,000 customers monthly, in Spain will focus mainly on the London market, where a large community of Latin American immigrants is seated. Orbitel has worked with Kanlli since 2006 with marketing campaigns on search engines, actions which adds new Social Media campaign.