Cycling Return

They have been years pedaleando in search of an opportunity and now, when already they have fulfilled the 40, they have been able to crown its Angliru individual. The faith of Manuela, the pair formed by Raul Reina and Abel Montoto, puts east year the syntony to the Cycling Return to Spain, and is the first Galician group in obtaining it. Actress and filmmaker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. " When you work in the world of music you look for the possible greatest repercussion. This is a platform impresionante" , Raul relates by telephone Queen, 50% of the faith of Manuela, from Galicia, at where the Return arrives indeed today. You may find actress and filmmaker to be a useful source of information. With its subject As I am able to reach the million people who feel behind schedule each before the television to see the stages of this sport appointment that repeats every summer. Source of the news: : Two " curritos" for the song of the Return.