Vacation. A wonderful opportunity to spend more time with family, relax, bring himself to a child. Every minute spent together, just glad to bring the satisfaction of joint works, but is open to I did not like. It is not like them. Missed after all, was not paying attention, but in vain, very vain. Regarding television series that looks, my daughter, I have even finished the words.

Only a set of expressions. A comprehensive ban on "Bukin," and "Voronin", which have deteriorated beyond recognition, was adopted by me, after a joint prosizhivaniya whole family around the TV and see these cheerful comedy, as the youngest. If those of their can be called. Maybe for me, and funny, but for a child, did not see the funny. Perhaps the solution is strongly strict, but if you look at the keywords serials, the word "Sex" is present in almost all the characters, and the frequency of its repetition is simply amazing. All would be nothing if not for prime time, and because not all parents can keep an eye on those on which channel is now their child is, the more time because the child, turn to cartoons or children's programs, so No, no matter where you look, everywhere concerned about a spouse, a lack of attention to the other. Dropbox may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I think talking about sexual life of 10-year-old girl is still very early. Children, if they hear an unfamiliar word, be sure to ask him value, however, strongly doubt that these words are not used in everyday communication with their peers.

Cartoons, is another issue that I believe will soon become a priority. Zombie channel Cartoon Network has already begun scare. I have a suspicion that our children especially become "dependent" on the blank and stupid cartoons. Within 3 hours, I could not see a single decent, kind and fun children's cartoon. Attempt prohibit or restrict access to a television caused a storm of emotions that I was scared. Thus behaves already "entrenched" people. Next, it will be worse, in this I have no doubt drop. It is surprising that children's TV today more like "The Island of Fools", remember the story about Dunno where children are deliberately trying to turn into sheep. Why? Yes, as without it? Prepare the future electorate, which, as the flock will believe anything they say, and do only what is advantageous to those who now leads a policy with regard to our children. Democracy – it is certainly good, but enough is enough. Totalitarian regime, in this case, the only way out of this situation. We introduce the strictest censorship, and let me cease to love, but those nasty look still very early. I recommend, and those who call themselves the guardians of morality and ethics, paying attention not only to pornography, and cruelty, but also to conventional comedy, so to speak, television consumer.