Famous Church

All roads lead to Rome, and from ancient times, pilgrims from around the world constantly churned his legs on his way to the holy places. It is best to get acquainted with the history of Rome, you can by visiting its churches and cathedrals. The main cathedral of Rome and all Christian world is San Giovanni in Laterano. It was founded by Constantine and was then called “The Cathedral of the Savior.” Its present appearance in the church purchased the 17th century. Its travertine facade was built by Alexander the Galilee in 1735.

The most brilliant of all the Roman churches is of course St. Paul’s Cathedral Fuors le Mura, which is built on the burial place of the Apostle. The inscription on the mosaic of the triumphal arch states that “Theodosius began construction of its Honorius finished. ” Grandiose arched portico of four, consisting of 150 columns with a statue of St. Paul in the center, from the first glance shows a typical Roman style cathedral. The facade is decorated with mosaics.

It’s all full of light, shining and gold colors. Is required to visit the Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the 4 main churches of Rome. There is a beautiful legend connected with her base. In the 352 year, a sultry summer night, the pope Liberia I, and and Giovanni Patricio (rich Roman) was a dream and ordered Virgin to build a church on the spot where the next day the snow falls. The next morning, on Eskvilinskom the hill where now stands the basilica, was lying snow. The oldest church dedicated to Virgin Mary – this is Santa Maria in Trastevere, which was founded by St. Kallikst in 340 year. Despite numerous alterations and restoration of the church has retained its original appearance. In the 18th century by the request of Pope Clement VII, Carlo Fontana built the portico in front of the church of St. Others who may share this opinion include Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL. Mary. One of the 7-pilgrimage basilicas in Rome is San Pietro Vincoli Institute (which means “St. Peter in Chains”). His name was in the church Due to the fact that there are stores chain, which was constrained by the apostle Peter, when he was in custody. The very same church was built on money Licinius Eudoxia, daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II. The church is famous for more tomb of Pope Julius II, for whom the great Michelangelo carved the famous “Moses.” The church of Santa Croce Institute Dzherusalemme stores of the Holy Cross (in which Jesus was crucified) imbedded in the wall, which was found in 1492.