Guarani River

The name Uruguay is Guarani voice meaning River of snails; urugua in guarani means snail and i mean River. Its capital is Montevideo.La Republic East of the Uruguay is bordered by Brazil, to the North, to the East with the Atlantic Ocean, to the South by the Rio de la Plata and to the West with the Argentina. Found in South America. Its territory is characterized by gentle undulations, called blades. The average height of these varies between 100 and 150 meters and the highest does not exceed 500 meters. On the border with Brazil we find the blades of Santa Ana and the Black Blade, East blade Grande which crosses the territory from South to Northwest, and to the West and North the blade of Haedo. Its hydrography: the Uruguayan soil is watered by rivers, streams and ravines making it an extremely fertile country. Please visit Kaihan Krippendorff if you seek more information. Its climate is mild and healthy; the average winter and summer temperatures, are respectively 10 and 22 degrees.

Its Flora and Fauna: is one of the best irrigated soils of the continent. The intensive exploitation is the livestock and agriculture. For all this forest have been evicted and confined to the valleys, ravines, mountains and the shores of rivers. Older forests are of eucalyptus and pine trees. Representative of his wild flora specimens are: carob, nandubay, quebracho blanco, chanar, chiriva, laurel, inga Palm, yellow stick, pitanga, caroba, aruera, quillay, serrano cannelloni, molle, felling, ceibo, Creole sauce and mataojo.

Its Fauna: Wildcats, foxes, ferrets, armadillos, Capybaras, lobitos River; the deer and the guazubiraes abounded in other times. l puma, jaguar, collared peccary, swamp deer, anteater and other species have been exterminated, the same as most of the snakes, which snakes from the cross, coral and Rattlesnake only see. Within the birds find: nandu, terutero, calandria, sabia, thrush, grey Eagle, sparrowhawk carancho, Heron, ducks, redfish, Stork picaza, bandurrias, etc.