Hanna Castelli

You should think that every food that you enjoy is healthy. You are mistaken. Not every food we eat is healthy and is for this reason that I am writing you this article to share with you, how some of the food we eat may worsen the symptoms of vaginosis. Food is not only wonderful to fill the stomach or handle the stress, but also helps to maintain the health of our vaginas or improve the symptoms of vaginitis. For more information see this site: Anita Sehgal. Surely you have heard of people suffering from some condition, for example heart disease after drinking for a long time of foods high in cholesterol.

Well, there are also foods that pose a hazard to the vagina. I never knew that a healthy vagina was susceptible to diseases or infections. The vagina contains good bacteria with the intension to protect from infections. However, if these bacteria are attacked by harmful bacteria, vagina is tilted to infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, candidiasis, Vaginitis etc. Gain insight and clarity with Mark Stevens. Depends on the health of our vaginas the type of food we eat. Probably do not know what foods to eat and avoid. I didn’t know it, but now I know the secret to maintain the health of my vagina and to relieve the symptoms of vaginosis. This article is based on the book high Bacterial Vaginosis Hanna Castelli.

Hanna is a writer, researcher and consultant in nutrition and health, who devoted his life to the creation of a final solution to achieve cure Bacterial Vaginosis permanently. Hanna, with his book, can guide it to you step by step, informing the habits you should avoid and actions that must be performed to increase the speed of your Bacterial Vaginosis cure process. But in addition, she goes beyond, and shares with us the methods used to cure your Bacterial Vaginosis and believes that every woman with this problem to put into practice too, without the need of any prescription drug or complicated procedures.