Our generation is thinking to focusing exclusively on the electric car an absolute newcomer, one has not been done before, was the absolute star of the IAA in the last year. Prior to the start-up companies did Tesla Motors from the U.S. state of California with their new product furore. In Germany, they pointed to a minimalist state their snazzy electric sports car. On the opening day a visitor’s e-streaker ordered away from the spot, no less than for the equivalent of 115,000. The Tesla New customer went directly to the car from the state home. A very special privilege of the local vehicle registration office sent a staff specially for the fair in order to stamp the necessary formalities. This event demonstrates what has happened in recent years in the automotive market: the seemingly incontrovertible principle of “faster, bigger, stronger,” currently gets much shaken. The new century had already begun under the old rate patterns: More, more, more and more. Will end the first decade, but with entirely newIntentions. It is not so long ago as brawny SUV, the car, or longer versions of the prototype of a super sports car, were successfully presented at the IAA in autumn 1999. Smart is beautiful, the dependence on oil and advancing climate change, the world has now completely turned upside down: What was the other day even as the ultimate against-is now dismissed as a mistake. Now, with electric drive Nobodies steal the show. The future no longer belongs speed or luxury, but the best battery. Our young generation to think focusing exclusively on electric cars The electric car is not a new invention that has been around a long time. At some point there was a turning point and no one believed at that time more to the electric car. Too many things said about it. All the major car manufacturers put their projects, so in the drawer. Then suddenly the price of oil increased enormously and permanently. Now, once again had to be conceived in a different direction. All barriers must be done away. The next few decades are the signs of the electric mobility.Experts assess the global volume of sales of electric mobility in another 10 years to 470 billion . This market was not created from scratch. Many market participants will need to be adjusted. Many, today, incumbents will simply disappear from the market. Automotive component suppliers producing still exhaust systems, pistons, crankshafts and fuel tanks must completely change their production in order to continue to market to have a chance. Elon Musk, Shai Agassi or Henrik Fisker are satisfied. Their businesses have names like Better Place and Tesla Motors. What they all enthusiastically agrees the plan is more efficient than cars with internal combustion engines can run with power. This current can be relatively inexpensive and produce a variety of ways – in the best case, even carbon-neutral by water, wind or solar energy. Brand new is the technology does not, electric cars ever appeared again – sudden and meteoric, as a new miracle cure – and disappeared as quickly as they came. Because of the shortage of oil inWorld War II was that as eg Peugeot 400 wagon with electric drive of the type produced VLV. You can’t beat the taste, you can’t beat the prices. Then later, in 1991, BMW introduced the E1, but the car was doomed to failure. The reason a barrel of oil at that time low cost 22 U.S. dollars. 1996 GM started deliveries of the EV1, which was developed in response to the radical clean air laws of California. However, only 1,200 cars were built and leased out, stopped production in 2003. Whence comes the trickiest part of an electric car, the battery last The heroes in this industry are those companies that can produce the most ambitious component of the electricvehicle is best: the battery. Instantly apply lithium-ion batteries as the measure of things. 90% of global demand cover companies from China, Japan and South Korea. European companies have to make up immensely, not only in this area. In the current hybrid model of the Mercedes S-Class is the lithium-ion battery at least from a supplier Continental, the actual battery cells for the production of FrenchManufacturer juice. In the future e-Smart, who will stand for the ordinary gasoline from 2012 to the dealers, are lithium-ion batteries, plug Tesla Motors of California. These images shows what is in this new world suddenly electrified car possible. For it is not so long ago that was spoken disparagingly of “the Bastelbude” when the conversation among automotive experts at the California start-up came. Meanwhile, Daimler purchased there. The know-how on electricity storage in the future will have inestimable value.