Home Medicine

It is assumed that many people develop the disease due to lack of natural perception. They usually start with a small, seemingly trivial problems in the body. Chronic strain eyes can end in a partial loss of vision, muscle spasms upper back and neck are causing persistent migraines, low mobility of the joints can move in arthritis due to shallow breathing possible vascular disorders, including high blood pressure. All of these troubles can be avoided. Each illness is preceded by clear warning signs that you are learning to listen to your body and properly evaluate the submitted you sign, be able to understand and begin to act, the body will return to normal functioning, without giving serious illness.

Certainly diagnostic equipment can identify many problems in the human body, but not all: some of the sensations associated with the functioning of your body will only be accessible to you. Pulse rate and pressure, whatever they are, do not necessarily indicate a poor state of the vascular system. But inner feeling of tiredness, lack of energy, confusion, cold hands and feet immediately give you an idea of what the body needs to better circulation of blood. Neither machine will not tell you about the poor or excellent the mobility of your joints and muscles, the depletion or the general rise of boiling within the power or its absence. Will not say how else can you relax, with what consequences associated state of heightened tension, whether you can now act in the best of their capabilities. Feel this can only by you. It is for this practical training in folk medicine for the normal functioning of your body.