How To Choose A PBX

The process of selecting the PBX can be divided into four stages. Step One: Determine the necessary capacity in your case, the PBX To do this, calculate how many urban lines (fixed numbers) will come into Your station, number of employees who must be equipped with telephones. To this sum add the number of stand-alone fax machines, modems, cordless phones and the "common use" (eg, smoking room, dining room, a recreation room, etc.) – and you will get the required number of internal lines. In addition, it is necessary to determine who should put the system unit, and to whom – and even more the console. Remember that each console to the system unit Animal separate system port and increases the required capacity for internal PBX lines. Thus, you have decided on the three parameters that affect the capacity of your future station – of urban lines, the total number of internal lines and the number of system devices and consoles.

Step Two: Now we need to solve a complex problem: how the figures obtained in the first stage you can increase for the foreseeable future. Usually, this little one pays attention, as many sellers of office vehicle even ask such a question. However, the lack of attention to this issue is fraught with potential trouble, which easily avoided in the preliminary stage, but which may develop into a problem if the wrong choice. The fact that any PBX system has a maximum storage capacity. And if you buy the station, "butt", then run the risk of early or too late to exhaust its ability to expand and find yourself going to have to buy a new, more capacious PBX. Even if at the time of purchase, you are sure that your current state – is the maximum of your capabilities and you will never grow, are stipulated margin – because each newly hired employee requires at least one telephone, and those who already work, you may need additional or fax radiotelephone.