International Appeal

And even within these two categories I have my musical predilection for specific periods and styles, and, of course, also by certain creators and performers. Who better than the French-Argentine Daniel Barenboim to make us fully enjoy the 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas or Pablo Casals Concert for solo cello by JS Bach and Pierre Boulez to the suggestive and complex music of Stravinsky? But these are preferences. Preferences that can be supported by a trial or an argument, weighted, which can be supported analytical and critical assessment and a rigorous education conscious and even taste. But the same should in no way to close other channels, other channels, other doors of joy and delight and enjoyment and take me to belittle the other manifestations of musical art that I have the great happiness and good fortune to be there too I can. Not at all. Because in my humble opinion the most important assessment to do in this area is this: “Everything is good if it’s good.” Or put another way: In all genres and styles (rock, reggae, folk, pop, flamenco, jazz, classical …) you can find wonderful and extraordinary pieces of real quality and uniquely valuable and authenticity. Good well made and performed compositions. For creativity, imagination and sensitivity and can be expressive if any (and indeed any) in all expressions and manifestations of musical art, that is, human sensitivity can manifest itself (and in fact occurs) in all genders, shapes and styles.

So and so a good meringue we can reach the soul (think, for example, in Arroyito crystalline jewel of our folklore that always manages to move me and makes me move my feet and finally the entire skeleton) and a sonata by Franz Schubert or a symphony of Anton Bruckner and Bedrich Smetana. But also as a picture of Francis Picabia or Odile Redon. For art transcends genres and forms and in all its manifestations-though not all with the same vigor and intensity, fullness and richness, “can shine with genius and force an individuality, a soul which expresses itself with its own voice, original and unique. Therefore, only a very lost when we refuse entry to any particular art form (music folk, sacred, twelve-tone, ballet or modern dance, painting or expressionist figurative or abstract, baroque or romantic literature or current trends in the dirty realism U.S.), only our own soul is impoverished and diminished as the infinite range of its potential. Artistic and cultural manifestations of the human being are there, within our sensitivity and our intellect. We just have to open ourselves to the vast world of ideas, contents, forms, colors and senses without bias of any kind. We just have to let us enter and possess their nutritional magma. Beyond cultures, languages and historical time, all this cultural and artistic wealth belongs in its own right, is at our fingertips, that full and evocative world that nurtures us and ennobles us calls us and is always waiting like a beating heart and generous, full of sense, because with that specific purpose and life have shaped their creators.