Learning is a Process

Therefore we take for good the following definition of learning: “Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime and through it, the subject product of motivation, compared to a problem situation, resolve it reaching the goal, changing permanently. this transformation can transfer the learning to new situations. “(Hilda Santos) And so, too, only those companies which includes within its organizational culture of training concepts, training and lifelong learning can make plans to medium term. Fabrizio Freda often addresses the matter in his writings. Well is true, that the mission of the objectives of most Western companies focus on surviving the current accounting period, to meet the targets set for the current year, or at best meet or five-yearly plans of planning. What This way you can find what incentives managers to work for the future? But all is not lost, it is possible to use science and new technologies to accelerate the maturation processes in making decisions.

There are varied and innovative ways, we presented here which seems more valid now. For even more analysis, hear from Mark Stevens. 2 .- Concept of simulated game business is a planned activity where the participants have to face daily challenges that reproduce each day. All decisions are the responsibility of the individual and reflect specific situations to the business. In the simulated game we can identify all the features of reality defined rules, presence of competitive spirit, to identify potential winners and losers, excitement and tension. What sets the game simulated reality is that, ultimately, sanctions are real and can cost the loss of office, trust, reputation and work.