Lotus Notes Infrastructure

Provides database usage and cost saves the current flood of information generated daily new data. The common data storage of current and old data makes it difficult to track and prevent efficient operation. To restore this overview has the company Pro – inform information systems GmbH in Frankfurt am main set itself the objective and developed the application “Database Usage”. By identifying and archiving inactive data bases in a Lotus Notes environment, database usage the tool of choice is when it comes to taking decisions – for example for new resources -. Pro – inform IT-Systeme GmbH was founded in 2000 and since then successfully managed companies of various industries and sizes in the Rhine-main area. Core topics of the IT service provider based in Frankfurt am Main are groupware (Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint), hosting, software development and application maintenance.

Pro – inform is especially recommended for flexible, tailor-made and customised solutions. “Database usage originated from the need for one of our customers” Karl Wolny, reported Managing Director of Pro – inform IT-systems GmbH. “the problem of chaotic data bank structures was previously known to us, however, came the idea to develop a suitable software solution in-house, ultimately with this concrete demand.” By the application the overview can be recovered according to Pro – inform first what has a positive effect on the workload of administrators. The application is especially useful if E.g. Server their capacity limits launch and quick decisions for the extension of the hardware resources are needed. Database usage creates an optimal basis for decision-making by identifying and archiving inactive data bases. Capacities, which are occupied by orphaned data banks, be freed from the legacy, so that investment in new hardware are at best no longer necessary.

Mr Wolny emphasizes the ROI (“return on investment”) while by he shows, that the resulting cost savings, the cost for database usage in any case justify. Identified as more beneficiaries Mr Wolny plan accounts, migrating their data to another system, or the shift to a document management system (DMS): “If you move, you would sure not lump-sum take all.” Database usage creates overview and saves costs.