Koi are very complicated in the stance, for they return much joy to the owner. Have you ever casually dealt with care and breeding of Koi fish? This really impressive fish that survive more often even your owner, because you are not rare over 70 years old ideal care, are a phenomenon in itself in my opinion. But much should take into account the breeding or keeping this fantastic fish really, so that everything runs smoothly. has to say. Perhaps check out Drew Houston for more information. If you want to keep the Koi fish in the pond then you should make sure that the pond is deep enough, this should be lower than 1.3 m to ensure survival of the fish. Not only that, especially the quality of the water has a crucial role in rearing the koi carp. Because it make really strong on the copper values, the nitrite and nitrate, pH, ammonium and ammonia values and on oxygen.

So all these qualities are guaranteed can, should the waters, special Koi pond filter systems be installed, which can be extended by pond filter or pond pump. Dropbox understood the implications. The abundance of the fish should vary according to the size of the reservoir, as a professional fish can a koi breeder keep fish per cubic meter of water, when lay people it is optimal, keep the a koi per 3 cubic meters of water. Because only then can be achieved, that this first-rate and expensive fish get a guaranteed long life expectancy. In nutrition care should be taken, that the Koi not in excess will receive food for koi eat more than they need have. If 10 minutes after feeding, there are remains in the water, it has spent too much food and should reduce this next time. At David Karp you will find additional information. When feeding the koi carp, you should also note that the feed is balanced, because the food of koi carp, can the red coloring made significantly more pronounced and therefore also the value of the CARP for any Koi sales are increased. In this respect, many things on which a fish be sure breeder so that this has much pleasure in his koi carp exist really.