Mexico Company

Finally, most of us forget that the company you are interested in is what as professionals can bring to the company and not, as often happens, what the company is going to leave us: development, the amount of the salary, employment stability, days of holidays, etc. Never ask questions that address such issues in a first conversation. Don’t lose sight what recruiters are looking for in this type of event are needles in a haystack, chickpeas from a pound they are useful for current vacancies or future positions and that they engage in seeking for their job opportunities, that is their job and not believe it before so many people that attend job fairs sometimes find very difficult to achieve this goal in the absence of few arguments and information that We give them as candidates. Now have much clearer how maximize your attendance at a job fair, so don’t miss the opportunity to attend that are periodically made to your college or organized by other public or private bodies. Finally, remember that the job search can take time and you must stay calm, be patient and update your job search and networking tools. Lean on where you will find various employment options and tips on many subjects that they will surely be of interest to you. By: Fernando Osnaya Director of bag work, University of the Valley of Mexico and collaborator of contact: original author and source of the article