Needed Nutrients

However, in females, this problem is more frequent, particularly in those that have rules long or abundant. The lack of iron is detected with analysis and is easily corrected with medical treatment. DietUna low protein diet can also cause hair loss, as also the iron-poor intake. Vegetarians, people who make poor protein diets and patients with anorexia nervosa may present a deficient protein nutrition. When this happens, the body help to conserve the proteins of the subject, diverting the hair in the growth towards the resting phase, with what these people observe a massive fall of hair about 3 months later. After pulling the hair, the hair come out easily with root. This process is reversible with medical treatment, which requires an adequate amount of protein intake.

Post-partoAlgunas women lose large amounts of hair at 2-3 months of birth. When a woman gives birth to many hairs enter the rest of the cycle phase pillar. 2-3 Months of confinement, begins to observe that to combing a large number of hairs remain retained in the comb or brush. This hair fall can last about 6 months. The problem is resolved, in the majority of cases, after an adequate medical treatment. Not all new mothers are going to suffer from this experience, and not all women will observe a fall of hair with each pregnancy.

Stress and enfermedadesSe can begin to lose hair from 1-3 months after a stressful situation, such as major surgery. High fevers, severe infections or chronic diseases can also result in hair loss. Little active or overactive thyroid tiroideUna disease can cause hair loss. These diseases are diagnosed by clinical symptoms and laboratory tests. They require no specific treatment. MedicamentosAlgunos drugs used in cancer chemotherapy makes the hair cells to stop their division, and that hair is thin and break off easily as they emerge from the scalp.