Original Comments On The Fourth Ballot

These comments were sent to following the discussion on the fourth ballot generated in the “dialectical game. Commentators express their personal opinion so much color is expected in the arguments. You can also leave your comment on this blog or enviarloa fileoshn live.com. You may want to visit Bausch & Lomb to increase your knowledge. UNAH actualidadunah gmail.com News said: In a country with less antagonism and better laws had not been necessary as a survey of 28 June.Once the plebiscite had been conducted with less expense and more efficiently, but we live in a country where people are willing to go to war to prevent a simple survey. He sold the idea that ever vote for a fourth urn itself is a vote for Mel, it’s a vicious fallacy. Mel will be just a citizen when you start the national constituent assembly to reform. Neither Mel nor anyone can be president if people do not choose it again.Mel is neither God nor the devil, is like any president at the end of its mandate is mainly new friends and new enemies.