Simple Assistance

To the measure that the procedural law was acquiring its autonomy front to the material right, the eminently procedural nature of the part concept was perceived with clarity. Currently, the doctrine searchs to exclusively point out the concept of part in the scope of the process, disentailing it total of the legal relationship material' '. 6 The distinction carried through concerning the part concept shows of basic importance if to analyze, for example, the writing of art. 472 of the CPC that prays the following one: ' ' the sentence makes considered thing to the parts between which it is given, not benefiting, nor harming terceiros' '. In other words, it only has the legal sphere reached by the effect of the considered thing the parts of process, never third. This means that strange to the definitive procedural relation they can suffer its effect if enter the process and only start to configure as part of it.

7 Finally, coming back to the consideraes regarding the assistance, valley to stand out that it is cabvel to any time and in any degree of jurisdiction, saved some exceptions. The Federal Solicitor, Guillermo Beux Nassif Azem explains: ' ' The assistance has cabimento in all the types of process (knowledge, action for a provisional remedy and execution, the last one if established in extrajudicial heading or the incidental processes embargoes and liquidation). It is allowed to any time and in all the jurisdiction degrees. The assistant receives the process in the state where this if finds (CPC, art. 50, only paragraph). In the procedures of voluntary jurisdiction, for not having it deals, it does not fit assistncia' '. 8 1.1 Of the Simple Assistance (or Adhesive). The simple assistance ' ' he occurs when the assistant defends indirect legal interest. It possesss relation with the attended one, and not with the other parte' ' 9.

Protected House

No home must be without a good homemade security system. Perhaps this affirmation seems a little ridiculous because it seems so evident. But the fact of the question is that the majority of us we thought that we have the sufficient protection when they really do not do it. The majority of us to invest in house alarms and not to go more far, thinking than the work is finished. Whereas no system is better than no protection, an alarm of good house is not the end of history.

You have considered the fact that the thieves are not the unique threat to their house? We buy good systems so that we pruned to protect to our families and their precious properties of the intruders. These systems are very valuable and house is not due to be without the suitable protection. Said this, every day we are seeing the most creative innovations and the advances in the industry of the security in the home. You knew, for example, that the companies that are in charge to develop the new technologies have found ways to protect their home, not only against the thieves, but also against the environmental factors like the extreme heat and cold? The environmental factors can cause a great damage to their home. Nevertheless, because many of us we think that there is nothing we pruned to do on the matter, we did not take no measurement.

Perhaps five years ago, it was certain that we did not have any power at the time of doing against the environmental factors. But this it is not the case nowadays. Nowadays, the reality is that there are many ingenious products to help to improve the protection of our homes to resist the damage that can be caused by these factors. In his house, without the suitable devices of detection, there are many types different from problems that can arise. The greater damage is caused generally by the cold end. Therefore, one of the most popular devices used by the proprietors of houses to resist the cold is the alarm freezing. Installation of one of these alarms is simple and of low cost, especially if the money is considered that can save in the invoices of the damages. A frost alarm is designed to control the temperature inside its house. There are many companies that make this type of alarms, and they come in my different models and they vary much in the price. Asegrese of which you make the investigation appropriate and to speak with the professionals before making a purchase to make sure that it receives the alarm adapted for his house. It does not matter that the alarm freezing that you choose, will warn to him when the temperature in its house is almost zero. If you are not in house to listen to the alarm, this system really to send a voice message to his cellular telephone. This way, you always are protected. He does not matter where you are, when the message arrives from this alarm, or by hearing or telephone, you can take action. There are few things more difficult to try than the pipes that explode because of the frosts. Besides the damages that they cause to its home, they can be very expensive to solve. It avoids the annoyance of the damages related to the climate. It considers the possibility of updating his global system of security in the home with a frost alarm.


As I am going for beyond Of I do not know what there but she does not interest I know that she is better of what its I guarantee you this you can believe! They have to pay for making to know it that she has people that they die thus simply as cheap, fleas, cachorros and worms and people also. He is but I have the news for giving to it and I am with certainty that 99.9% that it is as soon as happen. 1%? This is the mystery if it only finds when it wants. It is not good! But I also believe that it is not so bad thus. Therefore it relaxes and it uses to advantage the trip. But before only plus one coisinha; I greet those that had faced the death of clean face, with its chagados bodies of natural diseases of the proper humanity. That they had faced the death with its empty minds without no artifice, none vitiates, without no contemplativa crutch, simply for accepting that does not have no option and that this is the final designs of the day, at least is what we know so far of concrete.

I greet those that turn the death as it truily is and had left simply as they had arrived pure and innocent ready for plus an day. I include all here the kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal and the human being. Who already was in a funeral of a rock, a plant, of a fish, a bird, one, lagartixa, one butterfly? We are only worried and fearful about ours. I believe well that we have much despite to learn on dying without pomp, ostentation, desperation, preconceived calculations? To learn to perceive the egoism, the fear, the anger, and other diverse reasons that do not leave in to see and to think them this so significant and real fact about our existence.


Comfort always will be one of the most important points when choosing any garment, because if you are going to use something for a long time the best thing is that at all times you can provide comfort and not go through bad times with any garment uncomfortable. Socks are one of garments that may offer greater comfort and convenience, because these make footwear that is usually made with coarse and rigid materials in soft and fresh textures providing a pleasant feeling. So with a few excellent socks feet they may meet and it may be a more comfortable feeling when it comes to having to use any footwear. But we must take into account that socks are not only useful elements to provide greater comfort to the feet, because that can also provide heat to the feet with some good socks, very useful task when they are in a place with a climate cold or it is going through a cold season. Other functions which socks, are responsible is like a cleaning element, then the SOCKS thanks to its fibers allow to absorb sweat that they generate the feet, so your feet will be much more clean, avoiding to some extent to generate feet sweat-related diseases.

A clear sign of the great inconvenience that may occur to not wear socks with some kind of footwear that do not allow the ventilation of the feet, is the sensation of having sodden feet sweat, because not to use SOCKS feet generate much more heat and so more sweat, with which very likely occur annoyances such as itchingthat if neglected very likely generate any disease of the skin in this area. Another of the advantages offered by socks, is largely avoiding that the foot hurt somehow with thick and hard tissue of which comprise the footwear, it will also be much more notable this feature when it comes to the implementation of sporting activities that largely requires the use of the feet, such as football. To choose a few good socks that allow all to enjoy the advantages that can offer this type of clothing, there is to know about minor details that can be very useful when choosing good socks:-in relation to the materials with which are made socks, the best serious cotton because it is very comfortable, but a few socks made of wool or nylon can also be obtained. -Colors having socks also has some importance, because when using socks to accompany any formal costume black or white color when it comes to the realization of any sporting activity or wearing clothes with casual or informal. As you can understand until socks a piece that is usually not very visible role very important when it comes to dressing well and feel good.

Gaining Muscle Weight

After continuing trying rellenarte of all the meals to gain muscular weight, and not to be able to surpass your excessive thinness and fragile appearance you even continue yourself asking that to make to raise of weight? , it is because not yet you are trying the correct method and you have been going by the mistaken route. The low weight, always must know the cause, some present/display some operation, some previous disease later, or events took that it to neglect of their daily feeding, which affection in its physicist; if you do not know the cause and you have not resorted to a medical consultation, it is better you make than it to prevent situations that often are not desired. The nutrition and the activity always will go of the hand in these cases, some much more usually realise cost of energies of which can have in a daily feeding, so if demands effort and you ask ” much; that beams to raise of peso” it is simply to consume but foods that provide the necessary amount to you of nutrients that make you feel well physically and emotionally., foods like proteins and the carbohydrates mainly. To eat small rations of salads before each food helps abrir the appetite and to gain muscular weight, you can try to use lettuces and slices of tomatos to prepare them, to eat but grain of cereals, rice, lentils, beans. It dates the satisfaction to eat when you are hungry, although is not your established schedule to have lunch or to have dinner, takes advantage of something nutritious perhaps a fruit juice, a dessert or something that feels like to you. You do not pay much attention to bad fats, that is to say that for that reason you will not have to go to buy things with showy envelopes, nor industrial products are better if he is something natural and that it contributes to raise your weight. It always calculates what you eat and tries to raise your calories little by little, a milk glass more, a fruit, and it would be to you but easy to follow with your regime to gain muscular weight. In order to see what is the verified plan so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here..

Human Resources

In the five classic-management positions overall direction, financial trading, manufacturing and human resources, “discrimination still persists to the detriment of female. The study “Women directors. Remuneration and share presence in 2008, “ICSA Human Resources and the IESE business school, the emphasis is on general management, where women, with an annual average pay 63 794 euros, 24% charge less than their male colleagues. For Gloria Juste, who chairs the Women’s Foundation, Family and discrimination is not a gender issue, but due mainly to motherhood. “Equality is a right which is not disputed, but reconciliation is still a topic that raises blisters.

In fact, there is increasingly more discriminating men who want to reconcile.’s Upbringing and education of children is a wonderful responsibility, is not a backpack horrible, but we must take as a team, “said Juste, who has also participated in Lead, the training program in management skills offered by the Community of Madrid. The average hard in practice to reconcile the difficulties are so great that the chances of finding average family and work are almost impossible. Some put off the desire to be mothers, or even renounce it, “according to a recent survey by Adecco fertility rate between directives, 0.54 children, well below the average Spanish woman, 1,3 -, and others’ self imposed a cement roof, “ie, voluntarily reject a promotion not to be deprived of a family life. No less than 66% of the 350 directives consulted by Adecco says it is increasingly common this type of behavior.

So Paulo

As much in the state abrangncia how much municipal, the sprouting of public politics of solidary economy in Brazil, has been increasing, considered recent process in the public agenda of the country. The first public politics of solidary economy retrace to years 1990, when state and municipal governments had started to create structures and to develop programs and action with sights to support and to foment economic alternatives under gide of collective and democratic management (SINGER, 2004 practical; VASCONCELOS, 2007). In the state scope, Alves (2006) and Icaza (2006) they observe as precursory the government of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul in the period of 1999 the 2002, through the Program of Popular and Solidary Economy tied with the Secretariat of Development and International Subjects, whose performance was on to the promotion of the associative economic organization, mainly, of the groups of low income (VASCONCELOS, 2007). Particularly, the pioneering municipality of public politics of solidary economy, detaches Alves (2006), was the City hall of Porto Alegre (RS), initiate in the decade of 1990, that it finished generating a set of politics that served of example for other cities as: Recife (FOOT), Belm (Par), Chapec (SC), Belo Horizonte (MG), So Paulo (SP) and Osasco (SP) (POCHMANN, 2004; SENAES, NET OF MANAGERS, CENTER OF STUDIES, 2008). It becomes appreciable in this description to stand out, that the problem of the unemployment and the social exclusion was considered factor that contributed of special form for the implementation of the politics public of solidary economy in these localities. Before this scene of experiences of state governments and municipal detainers of public politics of solidary economy in Brazil, fit, in this quarrel, to evidence the Net of Managers of Public Politics of Solidary Economy. Non-profit organization, the Net of Managers of Public Politics of Solidary Economy, is a composed articuladora Net of managers and managers of politics of solidary economy of city halls and state governments.


The collection of shoes and fashion of Unisa women for this spring-summer 2011 Unisa presents its new collection of women’s shoes and fashion spring-summer 2011. Discover it in the Unisa shop online and in our stores in Spain and Europe. From 15 February of 2011 already you can buy brand new proposals and recreate you with different designs available to you. You will find shoes for festivals, Bridal, children’s footwear and a huge bags shoes combine. Enjoy our launch promotion of free shipping in Spain through the online shop of the signature. With the arrival of spring is welcomed to different styles, colors and shapes, with a personality that Unisa Europe provides in each new release.

Sandals, flat shoe, shoes with heels all the possibilities for the season to visit us, always thinking of enhance your figure and make you feel very comfortable and happy with your Unisas in every day. Living with intensity and passion the spring and summer of 2011. Lives with intensity the novelties of our brand of footwear and accessories. Find your style and feel proud. Now you have it much easier, because you can find us on the internet and also through Unisa Facebook page. More information about our products and services at: Tel.: 966 989 500 Fax: 966 979 631 source: Unisa women sent by shoes press release.

The Benefits Of Carrot

The carrot, in addition to being a well-known vegetable because it helps to prevent problems in the care of the skin, and Visual is also a food that has detoxifying and refreshing properties. Because it is a food rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant compound that is converted into vitamin A once enters our body. It helps clean teeth and stimulates the secretion of saliva, which helps contribute indirectly to a good digestion. When you have vitamin A deficiency, is difficult to see well at night since the optic nerve feeds this vitamin and a protein called opsin, reason why the carrot has always been associated with the improvement of vision. Increases the production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin and protects it from harmful solar radiation (UVA and UVB) it should be noted that the quantity optimal daily consumption is 85 gr because if consumed in excess, you can generate a yellowish hue to the skin. Composition in 100 grams of carrot are: * 41 calories * 8 gr of hydrate carbon * 2 grams of protein * 0.3 grams of fat * 5 grams of fiber the most important thing is to always refer to your physician confidence if for some reason you feel any allergic reaction or different symptoms, for that then will require monitoring and reviews of this. o your understanding. And remember that most important of home remedies, is not abusing its consumption.

The Results

I also in order to give a defined direction to my life and start walking toward my goals really have tried strategies that made I can only disappoint and lose time. Literally, even reaching to contact the owners of web sites that offer these programs to improve our life showing us and guiding us along the way, and with many I had access and with others so many did not receive responses. Also continue investigating and the majority of the sites offered information that was not updated, not you could contact them to make them queries after accessing their programs or the warranty offered were not anything realistic. Ultimately, I gave up most of them; You can still find them online more that there are programs that offer poor results, and the worst thing about this is that its authors know it. But without will and perseverance cannot be achieved nothing, take firm decision to not lower your arms until you find a program, a tool that really can help me to create my projects and achieve my goals. And I don’t regret it, because it continues I could access a program, audios and books, which is totally legitimate, even investigate fully in social networks on the results of the program and found myself with people that only say positive things from him. Moreover, I do not take the word of what I am saying, you can visit the link that is located at the end of this text to prove it. If you choose to access this program to set goals and achieve them step by step so that your life change and become what your really want to; It is advisable that you do fast, since when I met this program they were giving three excellent bonuses and even a gift extra, but only for a certain number of people.

I must say that my search for tools that help me in my life projects have ended, today I give thanks to God who gave me strength to continue searching that I almost fall surrendered several times; by which I recommend to not join any program to direct your life except for that are about to know. Be what you decide, I wish you health and prosperity for you and your loved ones. Jorge a. Magallanes. PD. This is the program that will help you to establish and carry out goals to have the life that you want to have.

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