The Two Brains

We know that the brain is divided into two hemispheres which are connected by the Corpus Callosum, which in turn, is made up of 300 million fibers of axons. Since the work of Sperry, Vogel and Boyen in 1960, has concluded that the two hemispheres are complementary and work together but with different functions. The left hemisphere is specialized in the translation of the perception of the environment (what our senses perceive) to logical representations. Among its functions is everything related to language (grammar, syntactic and semantic) and with structured on this basis thinking: reading, writing and calculation. Think of how methodical and linear (as if you were a robot without feelings), dealing with everything related to digital communication (that is transmitted through the symbols).

It categorizes and organizes the information that arrives, associated with what they have learned in the past and focuses on project it into the future. It represents our part rational, unitary, singularizando us as individuals. It is that says I, and from that moment, is separated and isolated from the rest of the people. Everything happens to be you, falling into the bipolar awareness (see the post the polarity and the shadow (I) and (II)). The right hemisphere is highly developed for perception and unitary understanding of complex assemblies, configurations and structures (an odor or a music for example, evokes the entire scene where that perception took place). Get understand the whole, based on one of its parts however small it may be. It is timeless, dealt with the present and thinks in images. It is connected to the whole. It is visual and creative, assumes risk and responds to the excitement. It has an archaic language that corresponds to a primitive arithmetic, but with a capacity extremely accurate to the direct perception of the sets (there are pastors that have only numerals, one, two or several; but are able to warn immediately and accurately, if lack them any animal in his herd).

The Reality

The captive in front of the wall is the situation of the soul for which the unique reality that exists is the shades projected in the wall. These shades are our life we conceived as it generally, our circumstances, physical body and everything what him it concerns, the people who surrounds to us not as much dear or, near or distant, the objects by which we surrounded and everything what we yearned for to have. There we lived in a world on illusion far from the authentic reality, we suffered and we are happy, we dreamed, we hated, we loved and we fear there. All the physical and psychic activity of this type of people (the immense majority) tour around the shades that stops they is unique existing. He is interesting to observe that, according to Plato, the shades that the captives see they come from the objects that other individuals load. These are not chained, nevertheless also are within the cavern and private of the Light, but they have a power on the prisoners, the power to make see the shades them of the objects and statues that they load, in such a way that only with changing from an object to another one, from a statue to another one, the chained ones will see different shades and will think so its life is different. In other words, this second group of individuals has the power of to project to the rest the reality that lives, to bring about reactions to them, feelings and thoughts by means of the suitable projections. Never the chained ones are going away to give account of the origin of the shades, we remember that the chains prevent them to turn the head and to see that there is behind them. The knowledge, the authentic light is not in the world that we perceived with our senses, there only are shades.

New Editorial System Sophora

CMS of the subshell GmbH manages multimedia content? technical relaunch to the semi-finals of the Champions League runs smoothly, Hamburg April 19, 2012. The ARD offer works with a new CMS. The CMS Sophora of the Hamburger subshell GmbH in use is for the delivery of current news, events, images and multimedia content from the world of sport. The changeover went smoothly at the 17.04.2012. Was one reason for the decision of the competent ARD broadcaster WDR the unification of the content management systems? also offering works with Sophora On the day of the relaunch, Sophora has proven itself with current information about the Champions League semi-final Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. The WDR editorial himself was in charge of the technical exchange of systems.

Erik Felske, Manager of the editorial office, welcomes the work with the new CMS: just in time for the Champions League match we have converted on a system, that modern and cope with the demands of a currently working editorial in every respect? a good feeling for Editors and technicians.” The integration of dynamic tables is one of the pluses of Sophora. Moreover the new CMS integrates easily into existing structures. Jan Boddin, Managing Director of subshell GmbH welcomes the smooth changeover: “a technical system change makes special demands on the technology on a user-intensive day of football. Sophora has once again shown its high performance. The Fussball – Bundesliga season finale will manage also confidently our system.” Sophora is continuously optimized by the Hamburg subshell team. The content-management-system Sophora the Hamburg company subshell GmbH offers with Sophora a user-friendly high-end CMS for all editorial tasks, that is optimized for cross-media publishing for different devices.

An intuitive interface, easy to use and yet powerful search, a continuous drag & drop and an integrated image editor are among the features of Sophora. As a desktop application allows a Sophoras Editor Work faster than traditional Web applications. In addition, the CMS is fully scalable. About the subshell GmbH, the subshell team is specialized in the care of companies with high demands on its publication and content management. The customer base of subshell including Bayerische Rundfunk, Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung, the first, Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, Saarlandischer Rundfunk, include music Germany, WDR and ZDF, universal. The subshell GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim, to depict complex processes into simple and fast software solutions for companies. The Hamburg’s HafenCity is headquartered. subshell GmbH, Hong Kong 5, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. 040? 431 362 0, press contact: Ulrike Beckmann, concept + communication, Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg 13, 22763 Hamburg, Tel. 040 64 66 88 52,,

Children Hotel Cavallino Bianco – Children & Nature

Children Hotel Cavallino Bianco is recommended for a family vacation with children in South Tyrol is a paradise for children a vacation at the family hotel Cavallino Bianco in St.Ulrich in Val Gardena (South Tyrol). On an area of 1000 m an indoor play area is set up here, which let go nearly all wishes fulfilled and makes children’s eyes shine. From 08.30 to 22.00 for the welfare and entertainment of children, even babies, the hotel guests provides a multilingual creative team of workers, entertainers and nannies. Each day has an another exciting and thrilling theme that always plays a role during the entire day program. Next to the play and run it but also involves handicraft, painting, listening to or watching. Additional outdoor attractions to play are available in a protected garden. , The children get to know the flora and fauna of the mountain, forest and hallway, as well as local businesses explore with the new outdoor nature detective “program. At common It’s cable car rides, walks and easy walks in the beautiful mountain scenery of Val Gardena. Of course will be provided also for the well-being of children in all ages. Family Obletter & Riffeser

As Airlines Compete To Their Best Customers examined frequent flyer programs the names are varied, but the principle is always the same: with programs such as flying blue, smiles & miles or miles & more the airlines want to lure the strongest customers. Travelers who repeatedly use the same airline, will be rewarded with flyer, hotel stays and more recently cosmetic surgery. The flight booking portal is the frequent flyer programmes more closely looked at. The idea to include cosmetic surgery in the rewards program, Finnair, brought fresh wind into the established business with the flyers. Since the 1980s, the airlines try to tie their best customers with discounts and bonuses in itself. The concept has invented American Airlines, after a business analysis showed that only five percent of all customers for a total of 40 percent of sales were responsible.

This valuable frequent flyers should never move to the competition. The idea of the Americans was so successful that now all international airlines using bonus and premium programs compete for good paying customers. After registering for the program, all travelled miles are registered and can be redeemed from a certain balance. “Lufthansa offers such as the increase of the membership status’ to the gold card and the honorary title of Senator” after 130,000 status miles. The associated privileges are remarkable: first class check-in, access to Star Alliance Gold Lounge and preferred baggage. But caution: Miles must be used regularly, otherwise they will be forfeited. Also it rarely pays to Exchange miles for short-haul flights, because taxes and fees must be paid anyway. More information:… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Mexican Republic

In the 1970s the annual per capita consumption of wine in the Mexican Republic was a third part of bottle, rose in the Parthian 80 to three fourths of bottle to finish in the 1990s to two bottles. Few countries, few products on all our days, are confronted to such phenomenon of growth. Recalls that in 1980 the important O.I.V. (Office international wine) chose Mexico to celebrate its annual Assembly and its great Congress. This seventy Assembly General of the wine, the increasing quality of the wines was recognized worldwide Mexicans. At that time there were more than twenty companies producing wines (with more than eighty different brands) in the domestic market. After 1982, when the borders to foreign wines, were closed was registered a short bonanza for the Mexican winemakers.

In 1987 two million cases of wine were sold in Mexico (twenty-four million bottles of 750 milliliters). Of that figure, the ninety-eight percent was national wine. Wine producers are dedicated to export markets and increase the quality of their wines more than your quantity. New styles of wine, able to compete with those of Europe, California and Australia, have allowed to obtain white wines with aromas of fresh fruit and rich reds, with a deep color and intense flavors and aromas. Text of David Nava personally recommend the wines of Santo Tomas, Casa Madero, Mont Xanic and Cetto, which personally find me excellent wines which do not ask anything to the Spanish, Chilean, French, etc.. If you go to Queretaro, you can find a great quantity of table wine, bunkers and Christmas baskets at Maxxisuper, which is located in extension Zaragoza # 20 Col. Las PLazas Queretaro, Qro or visit its web site original author and source of the article.

The Development Of Mobile Crushing Station

The development of mobile crushing station At present, the construction waste disposal equipments researched and developed by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery include the mobile crushing station and stationary crushing plant. After the collection of waste, the three power control will be closed, then we will hold people accountable for cleaning to reduce the environment pollution introduced by the relevant responsible person. This solid waste transfer station has been constructed and operated since last year, STI services scope covered 10 square kilometers, east to The Plains Avenue, west to Hertiage Road, north to North Ring Road, south to Red Road. The main construction waste has muck, concrete, brick, abandon disposable material, soil, mud and other wastes waste. These can be used to produce the corresponding strength grade of concrete, mortar or the preparation of block, wallboard, tiles and other building materials floor after screening, can also be used for road pavement construction. In addition, Hongxing heavy industry is mainly divided into the mobile crushing plant and the crawler-type mobile crushing plant.

The crawler-type mobile crushing plant is divided into Type A: standard type includes jaw mobile crushing plant, mobile crushing plant, vertical shaft impact crusher mobile crushing plant and cone crusher mobile crushing plant feed; Type B: to closed circuit type includes closed-circuit type of cone crusher mobile plant, closed-circuit impact crusher plant and closed-circuit vertical impact crusher mobile plant and mobile; Type C: to standalone combination of crushing series includes impact crusher screening combination mobile plant, jaw crusher screening mobile plant and cone crusher screening mobile plant combination combination; Type D: to secondary combination of crushing series and crawler-type hydraulic driving mobile plant. The launch of the mobile crushing plant confirmed that the the present development of mining machinery products shows the trend of digitization, parallelism, integration and knowledge among which digitization has become the core of the rapid development of technological innovation. The progress of information technology promotes unmanned mining technology from the existing automatic or remote mining based on the core of automatically traditional mining to the nobody mine development with advanced sensors, inspecting and monitoring system, intelligent mining equipment, high speed digital communication network and new mining process. Hongxing Heavy Industry will help and guide different users according to different crushing state, offer users mature and new technologies available, and solve problems in productivity at any time.

NAS Server In The Comparison And Test

The choice of NAS servers has become unmanageable. Information pages will help with the orientation. NAS server is the acronym for network attached storage or on german, network-based storage. This is a storage system which is linked directly to a network and operating system, provides access to the stored data such as photos, music and documents then, all devices of the network independently. It not only computers, but also music systems and printers through a network cable or using the USB can be cable with the system connected.

Current devices are presented on the website and tested. The task of these systems is to increase the capacity of the network and a common work to provide data. Within the NAS server management of stored data is managed possible, by including the folder will be created. Also, special data, by setting up a password protection, accessible to only a few people can. A great advantage of NAS systems is the backup.

By outsourcing the data on the server system, they are protected from hard disk damage or other computer problems. Therefore, these systems are also often used as a backup. Ideal for the Office and Home Office, especially in offices and major businesses are increasingly important NAS server. Here large volumes of data processed for the part, which can no longer be handled normal hard drives. NAS servers offer the possibility to save a portion of this data externally and to relieve to the individual corporate computer. Still allows all employees without great effort, to access the backed-up data of other colleagues. This will for more effective cooperation and faster exchange of information between them. Not only the company’s own computers can access on the system. Many servers offer the possibility of their users, conveniently from home using a special password to log in. Households also use NAS systems, especially for multimedia files. Even pieces of music stored in the system, can be for example on all devices in the House, unless they have a connection to the server, play without CD. Too many printers can connected to the NAS server to allow a sharing of all computers.

Buenos Aires

Obviously his daughter picked up and learned more easily due to this natural disposition that children have to with languages. His wife as the majority of adults, although had not lost that ability, if multiple factors became it more difficult. Despite his efforts, costing much pronounce the words correctly and you were a very hard and arduous task the conjugations for different tenses. When they finally arrived at the port of Buenos Aires, the three felt happy. Had left behind an authoritarian and despotic, Government as well as the ideological persecutions and poverty which, by then, was rife in many Russian households. A new perspective, which clung to hope and joy opened them before their eyes and their lives also. Her daughter managed a quick adaptation to new and totally different customs.

He managed so quickly inserted into the new medium and make Argentine friends, although without doubt the support provided by the son of his father’s Russian friend was invaluable. Soon both families began to meet again with regularity and they found it very easy and Welcome to regain that friendship which had been put on hold when they were gone from Russia. Despite the efforts made, his wife could never adapt to a so different from your culture idiosyncrasies. He never managed to learn the language well. He said only some phrases learned very superficially, that somehow became a hermit, since almost not leaving your House or even to deal with food and other belongings of all house purchases. His daughter was that had to learn how to manage in those duties, take their place and take care of everything. That was without doubt the main reason by which failed to make friends with anyone, except with the wife of the friend of her husband, which never however ended up having too much affinity. All these circumstances or their own destiny, made shortly after a year of living in the Argentina died as a result of a massive heart attack.

Author Collaborator

In the long run, he will be able to look for his own solutions rather than he is asking to you every short while. 6. He gives the corresponding pursuit. You never allow that a good performance does not notice. If the collaborator presents/displays signals to be improving, felictalo. This way you will be reinforcing him the new acquired conduct.

In addition, it is a form to say &quot to him; I am paying attention of ti". There is an additional recommendation that I want to you to do: it takes care of the tone of your voice and your nonverbal language when carrying out east process. When you are angry by that a collaborator made bad, it is probable that, unconsciously, which you want is to unload your malaise you will project and it in your gestures, gestures and vocal tone. Taken care of! It remembers that the objective is to lift the standard of performance of your equipment so that you arrive with more facility at the labor goals that you have assigned. He is preferable that to this you carry out it process when you are within an emotional frame appropriate. If you practice these advice, your collaborator will not demotivate you will have taken because to see it the things from another perspective: of which you are helping him to be better in which he does. More motivated car will feel and you will gain more influence exceeds he. Much success! Leticia Districts/ Author of " 6 steps to develop habits of success in lder". Original author and source of the article.

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