In Dominican years he published a collection of sonnets, entitled sonnets Trujillo, probably with the intention of being able to leave the country. And in Havana, he published I am Spanish. Madrigals and sonnets (1940) and Marti (1942) poems, was also director of some performances of the Teatralia group. Continue to learn more with: Angelina Jolie. The titles of greater relief of his numerous dramatic works include: swallows (1905), with woman and without women (1905), the salt of Madrid (1926), Voy a sercocota (1926), an almost picaresque comedy, of which ABC critic wrote: and if this adds a neat and elegant dialogue as befits cachets of Lopez Alarconeasily understand the pleasure that was heard the work, live (1929), the dictatorship (1930), chivalric Romance: melodramatic comedy to the Spanish, written in verse, in three acts and an epilogue (1933) and majos Perchel (1935), comedy opera premiered at the Teatro Calderon in Madrid. In collaboration with other dramatists wrote a number of works, with Ignacio Jose Alberti, Sebastian the scarf, or, the Fortuny Street theft: Detective film in four acts and prose, premiered at the teatro Romea in Madrid, in 1916, and the collar of emeralds (1918); with Cristobal de Castro Gutierrez, Armistead. Poem in four days (1909), the carpetbaggers (1909), in prose, picaresque comedy in four acts, long hands (1926) and the hand of the reaction, zarzuela; with Ramon de Godoy and Hall, La Tizona (1917), romantic drama, and the mother chimera, it farce romantic in four days (1918); with Alfredo Escosura, La Maragata (1931), operetta, and Fernando Alarcon, palette, humorada lirica in three acts and twenty boxes which premiered at the Teatro Eslava in Madrid, on June 9, 1933. Translations and performing versions include: in collaboration with other authors, Figaro, Barber of Seville and the marriage of Figaro, Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais; Fortunata and Jacinta, stage version of the novel of Galdos, Fuenteovejuna, Lope version of Vega, and thinking about it well, translation of Pirandello. As a poet his fundamental work is constellations (1906).

Among his novels quote: the cross of love (1909) and Melilla 1909; Chronicle of a witness, the war diary written during the operations in the Rif (1911), in which reflects his experience as a war correspondent for El Mundo, in the African campaign of 1909. This Malaga poet died in exile in Havana, left us these verses: If free Cuba gives US his legend / riveting banner and lifts your store. / Where to find, as we find here, / anvil and hammer, drum and trophy? / Where the Antonio Maceo machete? / Where the stanza and the faith of Marti? Francisco Arias Solis without freedom life is worth little. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal..

Integral Trans Gymnastics

Such a trend in Russia is not – is the highest degree of self-discovery and recovery. Angelina Jolie has much to offer in this field. Trance – a functional state of the psyche, which varies the degree of mind control over the processing of information. Trance accompanied by certain changes in brain activity in the healing medicine recognizes when a person gets ten times more rest than during sna.Trans integrated exercises (one of the oldest Russian-Egyptian technology to create lines of yoga) – an integrated approach to improving the system of his mind, spirit and technique tela.Dannaya together all in one, all parts of the body are restored to of spontaneous movements. In the trance state of consciousness there is no control over the movements of the physical and emotional stress goes away, mind returning to normal. Man gets rid of many pathologies such as motor and emotional lethargy, fatigue and exhaustion of mental resources, sleep disturbances (insomnia), and various manifestations of neuroses and psychosomatic diseases, respiratory diseases, including asthmatic conditions, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, autonomic disorders, heart disease, endocrine disorders, loss of potency, and the effects of brain injury. Man in the application This technique performs a variety of complex, usually long, often stereotyped motor acts in obedience to his inner motivations, without fear or sense of time.

At the same processes are implemented self-knowledge and self-regulation aimed at the gradual normalization of disturbances due to internal reserves organizma.Trans integral makes it possible to engage in gymnastics and the men and women regardless of age, as well as children with the age of eight. During the occupation of the integrated trans gymnastics man opens up new skills, knowledge itself is, life is perceived by the new, restored intuition, there is a strong immune system. Trans integral gymnastics helps to normalize an arbitrary relaxation time of skeletal muscle, which is especially important in sports. A good result is when to operational and post operational periodah.Zdorove – a state body that provides an efficient synthesis and accumulation of biological energy and its rational use and quick to fill in activity.

Model MTC Voltage

Efficient, economical electric heating panels, “MTC” low-power 250, 350, 600 (ceiling) W for the main heating system. Electric heating panels, “MTC” designed for primary and secondary heating residential and office space that can heat large areas at low cost electricity. El. heating panels are easily installed on walls and ceiling are connected through the thermostat into a single chain or autonomously, can accurately maintain the desired temperature in each room. This heating system can save considerable installation costs, purchasing materials and heating equipment compared with the systems of water heating. Pros:

Long life – 20 years 2. Safety and reliability allows the use of email. entire panel without turning off the heating period 3. The simplicity and low cost of installation of the system. Low energy consumption per unit volume of heated space.

Do not dry the air. Electric panels have a compact and stylish appearance Environmentally friendly, quiet 8. 1 year warranty Model MTC Voltage, 220 Power consumption, W 250, 350, 600 Frequency, Hz 50 Heated volume, m3, less than 21, 27, 36 heat-transfer surface temperature, C 60 Heater Heat element surface heating cable time to working temperature, min. 10-15 Mode Operation permanent unattended Batteries are easily installed on the wall and connected via the thermostat maintains the set temperature in the room. The heating system without a boiler, no tubes, no pumps. Elektrobatareya fully operational and has the advantage of low power consumption and large area heat transfer, thus reducing overall system capacity compared with electric boilers, convectors, etc., without compromising thermal comfort indoors.

GVL Stations

The removal of such identification in turn is not allowed and you would get the download portal to even make liable, it would remove the markings. Bought original CDs are but on the safe side. Comedy and pure Word contributions (books etc.) are the only exception – here you need also for a purchased original CD in addition the send approval of the copyright holder (author and / or Publisher). Send software you should ask, some Internet radio stations expect a specific manufacturer. There are however also very good send software in the field of freeware that is receive and is a paid version usually nothing. A mixer is sometimes assumed, but our opinion is not required. The personal conditions that you should bring as Internet radio host, varieeren very much at the individual Internet radio stations. Bring along should you but in any case: no fear of the microphone teamwork and openness honesty, punctuality and reliability respectful dealing with others, whether they are teammates, the transmission line, chat users, listeners or guests identification with the respective radio and its concept as well as its objectives of operational readiness and commitment over 18 years old (in some Internet radio stations also 16 years; here, a written consent of the legal guardian must be present but then) sufficient time, (usually there is a preset) to make the desired number of broadcasts plenty of time to prepare accordingly these programmes – some Internet radio stations it enough if one only title and artist (they speak often of, “DJs and DJanes” are searched).

Be wanted “Presenters / moderators”, it can be assumed, requiring more is, to play as the only music title and announce these broadcasting experience is often assumed; is not always a “must”. Some Initernetradios send fees by their moderators, the amount of these fees range from a few euros to two-digit amounts. Quicken Loans often addresses the matter in his writings. There are however also Internet radios that allow their moderators to send free. You should be sure to ask, whether Fees are charged. The choice of Internet radio is also important, that it is properly licensed for GEMA and GVL. Each Internet radio that sends to German listeners, must purchase a license (send permission) by GEMA and the GVL so that it is entitled to drive shipments. Radios that send only independent artists (which you do at least Internet radio) need no GEMA licence.

Internet radio is not properly registered, it supports the illegal distribution of music as listeners and especially facilitator. As a facilitator at a such, not logged on Internet radio you would actively illegally distribute music! It supports “Pirate radio station”, which do not pay their fees. These charges are, so the artists of the songs that are played, and a.erhoben revenue have (Finally, very many musicians and bands make their living with their songs or would be able to live one day of their music). Before you opt for a radio, you should Homepage of the radios look. She seems serious, well maintained and up to date? The lyrics are as accurate or are they full of spelling errors? Seems the radio organized as a whole? Is a complete imprint? What program is offered (music genre)? And, if present, one should look at the chat also. How do the people in the chat with each other? How to handle guest? It is advisable also quiet times to talk with one of the moderators and ask questions. Some Internet radio stations have applicants forms that you can fill. An example of one such form is there here: index.

Cheapest Mobile Phone Flat Rates

The cheapest mobile flatrates compares the mobile flat rates in Germany in July 2012 mobile Flatrate since 2007. Including mobile phone tariffs are to understand with whom you unlimited can calls for a monthly fee or the selected networks. Once per month, mobile Flatrate published regardless of the current comparison lists on the site the cheapest mobile phone flat rates according to different criteria. Which is the cheapest mobile flat rate in July 2012? For calls to landlines only, you will find the best deal in crash currently. This however strictly limited specialises in total 750 contracts. Not only a landline flat rate, but at the same time also a flat rate in the o2 network including landline receives monthly for 1.99.

SMS cost 19 cents and calls to other mobile networks expensive 39 cents. The contract period is 24 months. You are looking for a mobile Flatrate specifically to call friends and relatives, who make calls with the same provider, one speaks of a so-called Community flat rate. The cheapest community flat rate is currently the friend4free prepaid tariff, which among other things offered with maxxim and simply. This paying 9.95 for the Starter once. Calls are then each other free of charge. The minute to other networks as well as an SMS costs 9 cents. The offer in the o2 network is realized.

A monthly fee does not apply. Similar products are the freephone tariff by and gmx. The cheapest AllNet flats, with which you can do calls to all national networks, there are currently, due to the exemption from port charges, yourfone and simyo 19.90 a month for 24 months. Both flat rates include a 500 MB data flat and are realized in the eplus network. 9 cent cost SMS. The cheapest flat rate for SMS in all German networks is currently the hellomobil best4me SMS Flatrate for 9.00 per month. This flat rate is an option of the best4me fare. The offer is in the o2 network available and monthly cancellable. The connection fee is one-time 4.95. Note: At the mobile flat rate price may increase after the expiry of the minimum term clear contracts. Therefore, it is to examine the contract before the end of the term and, where appropriate, time to cancel. Of course not without previously have elected a new provider. An up-to-date overview of the corresponding mobile phone flat rates of all network operators and other providers on the German market can be found in our mobile flat rate comparison contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 Internet: E-Mail: address: mobile Flatrate Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop.

Patagonia Without Dams

This will be the first and only dam to be constructed in the Region of Aysen. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Drew Houston and gain more knowledge.. With this in mind this Saturday afternoon gathered hundreds of people in front of the seawall of two meters and a half that from July 10 loomed in Coyhaique pentagonal square with the slogan I want to free rivers. The idea, to knock down with pillories, shovels, hand and foot installation citizen who resisted various attempts of the municipality of Coyhaique by throwing down unscathed during two weeks. Organizers called for citizenship at 3 in the afternoon, to be part of a symbolic rite the discontent of those who in the Region of Aysen catalyst reject claims of Endesa and Colbun Xstrata of building dams in rivers Baker, Easter, Raven and others of Patagonia. Gradually was reaching people in a festive, family atmosphere, willing to pass unravels Frost later Tranquilo. And all decorated by canvases with slogans like free in Patagonia Aysen rivers is not the battery of Chile, Aysen, water and life are not sold, they love and defend themselves, as well as a large poster with the word Patagonia signed by attendees and which will cover much of the country.

The Mise en scene started passes 16: 00 hours when several people (representing the regional community that opposes these projects) were presenting and expressing his dismay at the construction of the dam, then give step to a work that gave account of the need to use renewable energy sources but not invasive scales and with respect to nature. Later a true human Lake was going through the portal thus representing the release of waters that HidroAysen and Austral energy want to retain in its reservoirs. After the allegorical inauguration of the dam by two actors portraying Daniel Fernandez, Executive Vice President of HidroAysen, and Alberto Quinones, general manager of Austral energy, gave the We’re going to what everyone was waiting for: the destruction of the seawall, task that lasted about one hour product from freezing in recent days that turned docile structure of snow into a clump of hard ice.

Peter Holzwarth

New models: timeless design meets highest quality in red numbers counts down the last seconds of a countdown. At 10 o’clock everything was ready on time. On 6 June 2013 SCHMIDT presented kitchens its 450 dealers throughout Europe the products for 2013 in the Internet. And what was presented in this 20-minute online video by Michael Klieber product manager and area manager Peter Holzwarth, should enjoy especially the customers. Because: There’s more! “” More design, more quality, more graphics, more variety, more innovations, new are the models rhinestone”fresh”and frame”. In addition of being universal body with pastel oak”offered in other trendy colors. Today’s customers want warm and authentic living spaces.

At the same time, but also the design aspect has clearly pushed to the fore. Educate yourself with thoughts from Drew Houston. Glossy surfaces and a simple, pure lines are announced,”explains Michael Klieber. Design and quality for all”is the credo for over 50 years. And this philosophy lives the german French family company in its new models. Designed first impressions count full with the spirit and Strass was based on current customer requirements”. There is no second chance for a first impression, the new model from the House SCHMIDT knows very well. Rhinestone scores in aesthetic terms”all along the line or should we say better shines. The lacquered high-gloss surfaces are precious and chic.

Enter the room for style and elegance. The surface of high-quality poly is so smooth, there you could skate on it,”Peter Holzwarth jokes. Also the laser edge without joints is very representative. How to cast a merge edge and front into a single unit. Here, technical perfection meets an aesthetic that meets a higher quality look of the kitchen front in all respects. “In addition to the bestselling colours white’ and Magnolia” is Europe’s sixth-largest manufacturer of kitchen with Cloud”in addition, the trend of grey tones on. Currently, there is no comparable product on the market of paint kitchens. In this quality, and at this price, we are ahead all competitors”, white Holzwarth. A rendezvous with high-gloss lacquer and handless optics nomen est omen. Fresh and clear these attributes describe the model of fresh”at best. Modern lifestyle is individual and has been always a hint of extravagance. Expression for this is the handleless kitchen in a classy design combined with high-quality materials. Through the waiver, the fronts affect handles large and noble. This impression is supported by clear lines and high-quality surfaces with gloss lacquered fronts. Thus arises a charming game of light and shadow. Which reflect colors wash round the room and make the kitchen an exquisite piece of good culture. This is the ergonomic handle design in a thickness of 22 mm, a real woman. So be careful! You won’t want to let her go. Frame sends the senses barking up the wrong one has to look twice, and it is going to be not sure. But not only the eye, the sense of touch is led astray. After haptic, the question still remains: is the real wood? “No, the new model frame” has a melamine front with an amazingly natural wood look. Special feature: The front has a five-part perfect border fill. The easy care and durable material transported the sense of beautiful, fine woods and warm earth tones. Frame is the counterpart to our Arcos kitchen, with the only difference being”that the front is made from the stable and environmentally friendly material melamine, explains Peter Holzwarth. “” “New is also: to the two existing and often requested colors Magnolia” and Stone Oak “comes now Colorado oak” added. Pascal Blum

11 Reasons For Shoes Custom-made

Why specifically make your shoes should be why you buy your shoes are still in the store, when you can get handmade shoes for only slightly more money? Read our top 11 reasons for nailed wood bespoke shoes directly from the fashion capital Dusseldorf: shoes for every occasion: you are the designer. You decide whether it should be classic shoes such as Budapest, or maybe modern shoes. Huge selection: you also determine whether it should be leather, ostrich or buffalo. Or there may be shoes soft nubuck leather or durable Scotch? Handmade:, The shoes manufactured in Austria by the company hand makers. Premium services: professional field include your mass and wishes in all over Germany.

The shoes, for example, the Mass Assembly of Harper and fields sells in Dusseldorf. Nailed wood: the shoes owe this method your superior durability and stability. Durable: These shoes due to the wood nailing always recover taken apart and repaired by a qualified person. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Capital Crawford Lake. Best leather: guarantee comfort and long service life. Natural tanned leather: keep their germs and fungicidal properties. Calf leather lining: good sweat absorption and best shoe climate guarantees custom-made: the shoes are specially made for you.

Some people have differently sized feet or feel simply comfortable with custom boots. Price: 259 are not much more expensive than a normal shoe. The product is much exclusive and long-lasting. Sven Scholten fashion capital Dusseldorf

Criteria For Good Smartphones

When buying smartphones, some criteria should be followed to make no false purchase in a variety of devices. Who wants to buy a good smartphones, no longer relies on Apple’s iPhone. HTC, Samsung, and Nokia blow to attack Apple and put on Android. However, there are many bad Smartphones that should be avoided. Some tips that will always help to make the right decision in 2011. Every fifth mobile user has a Smartphone.

Sales of smartphones will break this year the 10 million mark according to the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media. This high popularity of smartphones, the competition between the leading Smartphoneherstellern Apple is sharp, Samsung and HTC. For consumers, this means a confusing variety of devices. But despite a week new devices, there are some criteria that should always be considered when buying a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a cell phone with Internet function because alone the ability to be able to go, with the mobile phone to the Internet, does not meet the functionality of a Smartphone. Science speaks of multifunctional Mobilfunkendgeraten what that means: in addition to calling and Texting a Smartphone in addition this is marked, that it can be operated by a touch-sensitive screen, has Wi-Fi and mobile Internet in the form of UMTS or HSDPA, and above all: can be almost infinitely expanded by so-called small applications (apps) with software. Therefore, the first criterion would be met.

An integrated camera is now of course, but should be avoided on a more expensive model with LED flash otherwise photos at dusk are nearly impossible. In principle, currently only two operating systems for smartphones will play a role in Apple’s iOS on the iPhone and Google’s Android, which is used on many Smartphones from HTC, Samsung and new affordable competitors such as ZTE. The latter brand is for example Distributed by BASE and is less than 200 euros per Android Smartphone is attractive. Who opt for an iPhone, will be bound to the iOS and may refer its apps only via the Apple app store. However, the Android market is growing strongly, experts estimate that there are now more than 500,000 Android apps in the Android market, and thus more small applications as in the Apple app store. In this respect are both operating systems in terms of diversity in nothing. It is to note that currently Android at least to version 2.2, 2.3 better should be accessible. Yet no clear tip may be pronounced on the still very young operating system Windows phone from Microsoft. Many traders try to get rid of old equipment the technical level as a result of the already mentioned strong sales of smartphones. Obsolete hardware in smartphones is no fun and should be avoided, because the apps and videos are choppy and some new apps can not be performed. Therefore, it should be taken that the processor does at least 700 MHz. Standard is also a 3.5-inch display, where already in the coming year the 4 inch display state of affairs will be. This usually Apple with its iPhone the State of things pretending to as the iPhone 5 should have a 4-inch screen. Smaller displays should be avoided. Because even if the Smartphone is then itself compact, the operation non-executable is exhausting and often due to the low resolution many apps. Who is on bigger screens, about 4.3 inch or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S as Hercules Edition with 4.5 inch, should note that larger screens accompanied by generally go with a lower battery life.

Right Service Provider

The wedding photographer from Nuremberg gives insights into his insider knowledge certainly everyone has has been a wedding, participated in one and can estimate about what you should do, how much preparation time is needed, what important decisions must be made in advance, to make this day truly for a dream wedding. There’s no celebration, no celebrations, of course also no wedding, not tens images are shot on the, but there are enough celebrations and festivals set no value on professionalism, on the perfect photographer. At a wedding, nervous, excited, of course is a day which is a day which you save every wonderful moment, there is no one, the wedding photographer essential, only this can absorb all the irretrievable moments individually, alive and perfect and hold forever. For this reason I, your wedding photographer would like to give some valuable tips you, what you should look for when choosing a wedding photographer: – of course everyone offers Photographer on his achievements as a wedding photographer, but pay for all costs (such as for example the image rights, travel costs, CD / DVD, image editing) are really openly stated, I really get all images, or I might buy the pig in a poke, a too high learned the hard way? This photographer can also individually enter on my personal wishes, or he is stuck in its offerings? -Of course, our earth rotates, we develop in many areas, which also the wedding photography, away from the rigid, set, now we all say nice: “cheese recordings”. No a wedding photojournalism must be able to absorb all the moods, emotions and vitality in our time. Your perfect wedding photographer sees all these wonderful, irretrievable moments, is always discreetly at the right time at the right place for you to take them. A very important criterion in your choice, because even a gifted amateur photographer is able to see this not to feel, this principle requires Professionalism, as well as a long-standing experience as a wedding photographer, ahead.

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