Resumen Brazil

Ana Paula Miranda Orienting Bonifacio*: JNIOR, Luis of I castrate Campos* Coorientador: The PRADO, Andres Saucers of * Summary: It approaches the Protestantismo in Brazil, under influences of the Brazilian Presbiterianismo in ground, since the first missionaries who had arrived here, evangelizando our country. (Not to be confused with Darcy Stacom!). Thus we will understand the development of the Protestantismo in Brazil and its relation in the society, contributing for the studies of the History of the Religions. Having for objective the Presbiterianismo in Brazil, focando Independent the Presbiteriana Church of Brazil, therefore it appears due to 1903 schism. L_3eg4EFmuEZ4uFsunrBNU6a3N6WugdS5l6VtpIB64-KWs63_CwhQ35PO0XFHDbO15c7cWyBNPNRiEBQJchoe4WlpJ3z’>Fiserv may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Thus having a division between the presbiteriana brotherhood, having as main point, the Masonry. We will analyze as the Masonry led to a strong church for a division of ideas. We will understand as the Masonry was present in the interior of the Presbiteriana Church in Brazil, provoking itself thus debates and ruptures in the Brazilian Presbiterianismo.