Scandinavian Boilers

In contrast, for example from liquid fuel, which leaked flammable, spilled pellets may be used as an absorbent pellets absorb several times its own weight. Due to the high temperatures in the manufacture of wood pellets pellets biologically active and they were very fond of using as a filler for toilets pets. Application Pellet One of the main barriers to widespread pellets, is the relative high cost of pellet boilers. The cost of pellet boiler capacity of 20 kW is 150 thousand rubles. If you already have solid fuel boiler, it is possible to establish a pellet gun and save on the cost of the boiler. Drew Houston often expresses his thoughts on the topic. However, despite the high cost of equipment, considering the cost of fuel (as mentioned earlier, the heating in a pellet TWO half the price of heating fuel oil) 2-3 years invested money will return in the future, you'll save on heating. To date, major European producers (Buderus, Viessman, etc.), despite the presence of its product line of pellet boilers in Russia do not deliver such equipment. Not sold in Russia and boilers niche producers (KWB, SolarPlus, etc.) This is, above all, high prices and disinterest in Western companies in the development of the domestic market.

The existing market pellet heat generating equipment in Russia is divided between several Eastern European companies offering customers finalized boilers for wood waste. The main advantage is low price, but the technical and user characteristics are not comparable with these pellet boilers. Separately, it may be noted Scandinavian producers, offering individual pellet burner installed in the conventional solid fuel boilers and Italian manufacturers offering in our market pellet fireplaces (domestic Heat-generating unit of small capacity). .