Against indicated for gotten depressed. Due to difficulty to make and to form figures for being very acute, aniline is excellent for people who fear to lose the control of the things. The ink oil is recommended for people with depression, therefore it makes possible greater balance of the situation and the emotions. Nanquim, when pure it is of easy control, but demands agility and sensitivity. When used with water, she is more flowed, demanding much more ability, attention and concentration. 3.1.3? Modeling the modeling can be made with mass caretaker, clay, wax of bee, plasticina, paper mach and mass of shape.

The effect of the modeling acts in the physical and visceral sensations, as well as in the feeling and cognition. The technique demands a canalization of adjusted energy, for leaving of the nothing for the free creation of something being able or to be directed. The sensation of the contact with the adobe can very be rewarding or not. The clay acts as transforming, of a state of failure in meeting for a balance state, being able to bring tona internal conflicts undesirable. For being moldvel, it integrates to be with the world exterior, showing it that can adapt it the situations, being flowed, receives projections and is dominated, favoring to the manipulator the release of tensions, fatigues and depressions, therefore it is a material living creature and of calmante action. In the physicist it works on questions to the estruturao and motor coordination. In the emotional one it mobilizes feelings and primitive emotions, so that they can be known and be worked. In the cases of negation and resistance to the clay, the paper mach or the wheat flour mass is offered, therefore at the beginning he is not appropriate to force the individual to act against its will. With the adaptation to these resources, to the few the adobe is included.