Successful Web Articles

Successful and professional Web copywriting – Web content for successful online marketing strategies which is the most important element of a website? Right: the text. Of course also design, navigation and imagery are important, but mainly serve these to create the optimum frames the actual content of the texts. The man reads on the net but only selectively. As well have texts to be prepared to meet this reading behavior and to transport the information? And then there is the thing with the key terms is… The reading behavior on the Web: selective reading in the extreme form of studies have shown that more than 80 percent of all Internet users read texts not sequentially, but selectively. They browse the texts only, read across and raisin-like picking out the relevant information. Is similar to reading a daily newspaper on the Internet so the reading in some way, but the selection mechanisms in the Internet are even more extreme.

This is on four reasons result: the reading on a screen is more tiring than reading on paper and takes on average 25 percent longer. The reader is therefore tries to reduce the number of words to be read. The Internet is an active medium that requires an active users. This constantly clicks on hyperlinks, scroll through Web pages, downloads data or write emails. The Internet user is so continuous active and reading an extensive text obstructs this activity.

No other medium offers a such wealth of information such as the Web. Internet users are always on the lookout, and suck out all the best information. Once you have an overview, they dwell on one side and really read it. Time has become a precious resource. And who does not have broadband access or a flat rate, paying extra for long reading. Three golden rules for Web text Internet users scan a page for just a few seconds to determine their information value.