Bronze Horseman Table

Stray in the darkness of a point Out of boredom began to fade. Crafty angel between gray matter on the canvas caused lilac. Purple ball while timidly, dozing with lime paints shade. Wind strums the strings on the scherzo of the strongest dreams. Baby tightly hugged the heart prophesies without the words in a whisper.

Not yet ctonet day of the load can not be heard morning greetings – to the unknown and the inevitable gateways ship slowly sails. *** An old-fashioned plate gently sang in the yard. Forgotten sheet covered the picture on the table. Scratched needle monotone calendar: Blue silk leaves, Summer Park, the blind lamp … Indecisive speech and confused eyes. Star shoulders burned, in the heart of the lightning storm.

… Suddenly the plate broke rearrangement – On the table lies On the picture nedokrashennoy border. *** Maki painted field, repeating the colors of sunset. On lap lilac bright red patch. Where were you, runaway red-cheeked, blue When the hops frolic and tired of protest about my love has broken? What do you hiding behind the shadow that is not served its halo? We love entangled in black-and-star attire. Bought off in red, And all around the rumor gossip, What a violent summer burnt Bronze Horseman galloping fast. Well flares brightly, poppies, let not fulfilled slander! At the hour when zasvischut crayfish, we forget this summer. About ROCK UNDER WATER does not flow out of my awkward fingers dropped a lot of glass. Black cats, white rabbits hand, I always.

Regal Testament

Wingless bipedal creature, her, wishing he had drifted into the sea. Dying, the last The human desire to stupidity was rejected. Or wave carried her into the abyss, with one or lapoyu rowed herself …? Suddenly turned on the coastal painting, as if forgiving all who were there had gone mad. A minute later – the point of trembling, and later it melted trail … Source: Drew Houston. We forgot everything but the bird was dying … Thumbed his lips wind Regal Testament.

*** The gift was a book of inspiration, and I wanted the book delights hidden behind the insult offered to the conviction and punishment of the book … They laughed, sang, and toasted raised goodbye, came back and again … And nobody around did not notice, and it was difficult to know all of them do not. SIGNS 1 How do they do not believe – Babkin signs, Lyutyi conspiracies, accursed word? 'll Hide from the libels, protecting fence, at least in rick zaroysya, but find there. Got out of something from an empty bottle of the gate How dug into the heart of pain. And for no reason arose a quarrel … I never noticed that spilled salt. 2 would kill all dishes.

Whiten the black cats. I will wait for door miracle when the needle bed are told. You look in the white day with passion, in vain the whole wide world swear … Well from what appear Fortunately, If there is no you? DAWN Crafty Nochka blind, Saying goodbye, she began to turn gray.

Leo Tolstoy

According to Belinsky, it is in novels' and sets out a human life, and the rules of morality, and philosophical systems. " The novel reconstructs the history of the formation of human character, historical and social processes in Indeed environmental, and psychological – in the inner world of man. Monumental works (poetry and prose), in which widely reflect significant historical events that are important to people's life, nation, are called epics (War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy, 'Quiet Flows the Don' Sholokhov, "Life and Fate 'L. Grossman). In the epics are depicted various social strata and historical figures. Lyrics – one of the birth of literature, based on direct expression of the poet of thoughts, feelings, experiences, caused by various phenomena of life.

The image of the external world is in the lyrics of the purposes of self-expression, reflection, inner peace. The lyrics can be meditation, that is, expressing emotional thoughts, which are based on the eternal problems of existence; graphic reproducing the phenomena of the external world (most of all – nature), and suggestive, focusing on the transfer emotional state. Lyrical experience can accommodate common human sense, just that it is close and understandable not only to the Creator. But the lyrical view of the world occurs when the author is an individual, personal relation to the environment. It is a personal view on the subject is the meaning of lyrical images. In the lyrics there is no actors, but creates an image of the lyrical. The lyrics do not have complex compositional forms, so genres do not differ in degree of expansion of events and characters, and focus on content and experiences.

Andrey Kovalev

From the main line of the hero goes places and back again, creating a layered cake. And the moments he suddenly becomes serious, goes out of play, disrupting lovely images and dialogue, producing director and author's remarks in the hall. Andrei Kovalev gives advice and makes no questions, the task did not play in that. Hero of the interest of his life here and now, and the audience instantly projects going on themselves. "Little" man thinks about life, about yourself, for others, and, despite some cynicism assessments in their own way they loved dearly. Andrey Kovalev brings to the stage what we have no time or do not want to think, or do we think about this evening, just before bedtime, summing up the day. Partly it is a piercing lyrical, to microscopic tears in the corner of his eyes when he talks about first love, about lonely old people ("…

how scary to get old in this country …"). But it's only for a moment, the modern man does not have the time and place for sentiment – the office manager and costume name. Hero Andrew Kovalev did not have enough stars in heaven, he small but not too much, almost as chaplinovsky hero, he is not afraid to be funny, as we are afraid of this. We – this is all that melt together in one. Therefore, every five minutes to go hall fits of laughter. We understand and funny, with a each of us was there, but you can not be funny – for all the sweat alone. I saw the audience, leaving the hall, sent in cash to buy a ticket and watch a play again – is not this author and actor good luck. How not to say, but the audience voted for the successful performance of the ruble, which means – "The day is full of life" is going to look at.


After graduating from the Institute with a diploma and a preferential distribution, Mom was an intern with the situation a salary below the poverty level and family room in the hostel, which was considered already arranged daily life. Where I grew up. Well, this period of my life I'll come back again and again, so go straight to the meeting, which is cool changed the course of my life and strengthened my conviction that we live in the worst of all worlds. So, I'm 22 years old, I'm done though neblestyasche, as predicted by all around him, "Inyaz" and the last six months searching for his place under the sun. Work came across different, but each time with one and so is final. Tour operators, who needed an interpreter for the holiday season, joint ventures, promising frequent departure for the "hill", which could have been abroad and Kazakhstan. Even the Indian Union of Buddha and some hard god spoken of six heads. But everything always ended the same: for a week or two before the end of the probationary period, it appeared that I was not sociable, my English is not perfect and as the old bike, I incorrectly pronounce the word "ze The Table." Or in my services were no longer needed to – because of changes in the terms of the contract or I would go, knowing that the next "Negorev" squeezed all the juice out of me, anyway, politely asked to leave without paying for it promised.

On that day (the sun, by the way, and the clouds were gathering not over my head), as usual, I walked, looking at the desk with Ads on hiring, tore the most attractive, smiling. And how to work as a seductive, but with such a salary + social package, so far, not one fool. After reading such a passionate appeal to give their power and knowledge of a thriving company with a very friendly team, ("Chained Together – crooked one goal", slightly altered, I myself, "Naw.") Any sane person would give up everything to hell and blindly its a bad head, sweeping his way to a thick crowd of eager, to fly at a speed of a cheetah bite at that address. But no. They were waiting for me. Only a person like me, naive and honest, able to drink or not, as camel in the desert Kyzyl Kum, for the sake of prosperity of the common cause they needed. But whether they are necessary to me – is another question. Al. to be continued …