Ridge Racer 7 PlayStation 3 in Japan and America in the market – what does this mean for Namco? Correct! A new Rige Racer is the launch of any console Sony duty. The latest in the series builds on old and proven mechanics – that is, it expects the inclined gamers fast racing action with hot drifts. At the beginning of the drift deposits are still to perform simple, but in later races are close and the curves you have to skillfully guide the cars around the corners in order to compete against opponents. Before the curve is briefly touched the brakes, steered into the turn and immediately given to gas and then by carefully back from the curve. The boosts are also aware of the game again – as in the previous 360 or the PSP parts.

These speed boosts be charged by the drifts and drifts the better you get, the more nitro power you get credited. In the “Story Mode” you have to you with the best racers in the world to be measured Ridge State Grand Prix champion. At first you have to But first have a mobile support; this is obtained by you in one of three racing teams to ride a race so to win a coveted sponsorship for themselves. From this company you get your first car then also donated. To deepen your understanding Mark Stevens is the source. This will start your racing career and you should create you with other representatives of the driving profession.

There are in addition to the Ridge Racer Grands Prix also enter individual races where their money can win and tuning parts. In addition, follow later in new race sponsor with which you are allowed you learn new sponsors and racers. The story mode is very extensive and ties for a long time to the console. New in Part 7 is the tuning part, which has long been the genre standard, and finally stops at Ridge Racer collection. You can upgrade tuning as the engine for even more speed to tickle out of the car so to let the opponent behind him. Course can be varied and external changes such as spoiler or rims and expand according to their taste. In contrast to motor or boosts, but these have no influence on the performance of your sheet Racers, in order to survive in the fight against other drivers may have to pimp his car is busy – otherwise you have no chance. Ultimately also breed your virtual competitors up her car! Online racing against people from around the world for the best Ridge Racer determined. In the beginning you must create a profile which is the “Ridge State ID card” is. This ID card will be coming profits such as championships and cups are filled and then for each other obvious. In the world network, you can either enter an existing room, where already gone and is duel with these drivers, or you make it on their own. You must specify where the routes are etc.fur this race car is available. Graphically, experience with the PS3 version compared to the previous Xbox will not change much – here and there the recycled lines were indulged in new details, but by and large, the optics are identical. After all, the track scrolls by with butter soft 60fps up to you – no matter how many racers are grad fun on the slopes. The sound is also well done and the vehicles were donated various engine sounds. The background music has plenty of lashing back beats that drive the race could.