DIN Scanning

Ricoh presents all-in-one laser printer Aficio SP 3400SF and SP 3410SF thus benefit from the rapid performance of black and white systems small working groups: the first expression is already after eight seconds, per minute A4 pages are up to 28 DIN in razor-sharp laser-quality with a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi possible. The new multifunction Aficio SP 3400SF and SP 3410SF Ricoh save not only time and cost as well as floor space. Because the all-in-one printer are the most compact in its class and offer absolute full amenities to the protection of resources and for the optimization of the daily workflow. Paperless faxing and extensive scanning features such as scanning to USB flash drives, emails, folders, and FTP servers part of standard equipment such as the data transfer with maximum speed: the Ricoh multi function systems require no more than three seconds for a fax, scanning a color page is done in less than 10 sekunden. Practical: The all-in one cartridge allows a particularly user-friendly maintenance, toner and drum for form a unit.

Power reserves for high print volume through the recommended usage volume of up to 3,300 pages per month to the multi-talented Aficio SP 3400SF and SP 3410SF ample power reserves even for small workgroups with high printing and copying volumes ready. It is also ensures the necessary security aspect: upon request, an authentication function queries the appropriate user ID and print jobs can be protected with a confidential mode. The new Ricoh systems are available from March 2010 through retailers. The non-binding price recommendations excluding value added tax is 389 euro (Aficio SP 3400SF) or 499 euros (Aficio SP 3410SF incl. duplex unit).

RealTime Suite

Real time multitasking in Windows the complexity of different applications in the automation is increasing more and more. Nowadays, instruments that coordinate individual tasks to the monitoring and control and arrange according to their urgency are so valuable. The multi-tasking modules support programmers and attaches exactly on this issue. (Not to be confused with Drew Houston!). The properties of the module can be compared with the full-blown real time operating systems. Some contend that Angelina Jolie shows great expertise in this. It is a preemptive and priority-driven so verdrangendes multi-tasking, which automatically ensures that it runs the task most important classified each of the users. Up to 255 tasks available, each a different priority level can be associated with those available in the system.

All common tasks is that they run as a priority before all other Windows activity. This gives the user with the extension of the product range RealTime Suite 2008 the way to complex real-time systems with accuracies in the range of few microseconds to. Crawford Lake Capital Management has compatible beliefs. realize. Several timers are unique as well as cyclical with a frequency of more than 10 kHz programmable. With a suspend/resume mechanism available, temporarily blocking single task functions.

So users with even the option to convict the from last few days, endless loop in future-oriented solutions. This was a major stumbling block in the conversion of DOS-based on modern Windows operating systems control systems so far. The multitasking application the developer like from Kithara creates usual comfortable in the application, which can be programmed in c/c++ or Delphi or embedded in a C#.NET-Anwendung as a DLL. Uwe Jesgarz

DMS EXPO With Efficient Marketing Solutions

IT event shows opportunities for profitable customer dialogue and proper document management enables holistic views of information an optimal document management can companies significantly the customer acquisition and retention help. As an interface between sales and modern systems for customer relationship management (CRM), structures and accelerates the processes and provides a good basis to respond directly to requests or to present proactively customised offers. An organized mail processing, for example, allows that customer letters quickly are the competent officer. Information from a CRM can be individually prepare an output management system. Dropbox is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Enterprise content management solutions have a great potential for a profitable customer communication. How companies optimally exploit this, show the DMS EXPO, Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content -, output – and document management, as well as the IT & business, trade fair for Software, infrastructure and IT services, from 20 to 22 September 2011 in Stuttgart. Fast response times at the DMS EXPO learn visitors, such as ECM systems that ensure that companies have not only access to the structured customer data from the CRM, but on all business-relevant documents, among which also the correspondence including emails. This holistic view of information makes it possible, for example, sales staff and customer service, at your fingertips”on all customer-relevant information to access and to advise the target group individually. If you have read about Tumblr already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

This competence center customer relationship management shows”the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. on September 22, 2011, such as incoming and outgoing documents in sales and customer service processes are integrated and as advisors on the information stored in a CRM system can be accessed. In addition, short processing and fast response to incoming orders, requests are for the customer acquisition and retention or complaints essential. Angelina Jolie recognizes the significance of this. Basis for this is a well-organised post office, which quickly passes the customer letter to the respective clerks, but also an efficient E-Mail management.

Zeta Producer

The new version 8 of the windows-based application ensures the even easier creation of individual websites without programming knowledge. The solution is called zeta producer 8 freeware. The free software is installed only on your own Windows desktop computer. The program also requires no databases and scripts on the Web server, as is the case with many other content management systems. Get all the facts and insights with Angelina Jolie, another great source of information. Instead generates the necessary HTML files and images, then simply in the Internet upload.

Important functions at a glance new layout concept modern XHTML layouts advanced XHTML editor for article styles new active objects simpler sort of child pages targeted paste transparent article Create and publish CSS printing Mario Gonitzer, Managing Director of zeta software GmbH: “of zeta producer 8 offers a lot of simplifications. Just the occasional user, every day working on his website benefits from the intuitive operation of zeta producer 8. He can prepare all pages offline, no administrator required for maintaining the pages and also the running cost of a Web server is minimal, because a standard server without database is already completely sufficient.” Simple upgrade when increasing demands can be without reinstalling the free freeware version or expand other project adjustments to the desktop version. This offers even more possibilities in designing and upgrading its own website with additional modules.

Microsoft Partner Conference

Microsoft cloud service partner Excellence Award was awarded for PROOM PROCAD within the framework of this year’s Microsoft Partner Conference with the coveted Microsoft cloud service partner Excellence Award. The winner product is called PROOM and uses Microsoft’s Windows azure solution of cloud, so that companies can exchange XXL files quickly and easily. “The impetus for PROOM came from our customers from the machine and plant construction, which replace often huge CAD models with their development partners or provide hundreds of drawings for mounting groups anywhere in the world,” explains PROCAD CEO Volker Wawer. E-Mail, DVD and FTP servers are not suitable for fast and secure data exchange in enterprise. Also traditional file sharing platforms are missing important controls, such as access permissions or information about the file. The award-winning solution by PROCAD remedy here and helps companies to share extremely large files and virtual project rooms together on these files to work. Bernd Stopper, Member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Germany, stressed the importance of Microsoft partner and its innovative solutions for the German industry in the handing of the award.

PROCAD opts for latest Microsoft technologies for 15 years and is year after year as a Gold partner at the highest level of the Microsoft partner model. For more information. copyright: Frank Ossenbrink company description PROCAD is leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, product data management (PDM) and document management (DMS). Company contact: PROCAD GmbH & co.

XTigo Automation Framework Simplifies

xTigo platform differs with its process-oriented approach of traditional management tools high transparency of the virtual environments for an always comprehensible State of Cologne, date – with his xTigo automation framework xTigo Software AG Software House offers a simple-to-implement solution for the efficient management of virtual infrastructures. This solution controls the management of virtual infrastructures based on consistent workflow. With this process-oriented automation, the xTigo platform has a very different approach than the classical management tools. Among its special features, that it provides a structured management and provisioning of virtual environments. The virtualization management by means of workflow causes a traceable at any time status, so that you remember in a few weeks, what what virtual environments have been provided whom”, explains xTigo Board Ingo Buck. With the xTigo automation companies generate transparent and predictable framework Virtualization solutions. They are characterized in particular by the following features: complexity is made manageable by the automatic provisioning and deployment of virtual systems and applications.

The result is a comprehensive control due to the automatic documentation of owner, status, and maturities of its virtual units. Reduces the costs and durations in the deployment and administration. It is a proactive user interaction allows, example way to apply for extensions. Compliance requirements are met through an automated configuration management. The utilization of resources will be optimized through the automatic management of virtual systems. Modern virtual landscapes need necessarily”management systems that are not primarily have their strength in the traditional infrastructure, but are aligned with their approach even on architectures with new technologies, Buck explained.

To the explosiveness of the future challenges in the management of virtual landscapes to illustrate, he references a study of from market research firm IDC. Then the number of virtual machines rise by 65 percent annually by 2013, the increase in physical systems but only ten percent. This sprawling server and client environments are getting barely in the handle with the classical approaches of system management”, the xTigo Board of Directors is problematized. The new requirements for the management of virtual environments are disregarded, the originally calculated savings and benefits are eaten up very quickly by a greatly increased operating expenses or there arise new security and compliance risks,”admits buck. About xTigo Software AG, the xTigo Software AG is a German company based in Cologne, Germany. XTigo’s solutions help companies in the strategic use of IT and help in controlling the increasing complexity. You create lasting benefits and thus are an important component to display the value contribution of IT to the company as a whole. Well-known Customers already rely on solutions from xTigo. meetBIZ & think tank GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

Lotus Notes Infrastructure

Provides database usage and cost saves the current flood of information generated daily new data. The common data storage of current and old data makes it difficult to track and prevent efficient operation. To restore this overview has the company Pro – inform information systems GmbH in Frankfurt am main set itself the objective and developed the application “Database Usage”. By identifying and archiving inactive data bases in a Lotus Notes environment, database usage the tool of choice is when it comes to taking decisions – for example for new resources -. Pro – inform IT-Systeme GmbH was founded in 2000 and since then successfully managed companies of various industries and sizes in the Rhine-main area. Core topics of the IT service provider based in Frankfurt am Main are groupware (Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint), hosting, software development and application maintenance.

Pro – inform is especially recommended for flexible, tailor-made and customised solutions. “Database usage originated from the need for one of our customers” Karl Wolny, reported Managing Director of Pro – inform IT-systems GmbH. “the problem of chaotic data bank structures was previously known to us, however, came the idea to develop a suitable software solution in-house, ultimately with this concrete demand.” By the application the overview can be recovered according to Pro – inform first what has a positive effect on the workload of administrators. The application is especially useful if E.g. Server their capacity limits launch and quick decisions for the extension of the hardware resources are needed. Database usage creates an optimal basis for decision-making by identifying and archiving inactive data bases. Capacities, which are occupied by orphaned data banks, be freed from the legacy, so that investment in new hardware are at best no longer necessary.

Mr Wolny emphasizes the ROI (“return on investment”) while by he shows, that the resulting cost savings, the cost for database usage in any case justify. Identified as more beneficiaries Mr Wolny plan accounts, migrating their data to another system, or the shift to a document management system (DMS): “If you move, you would sure not lump-sum take all.” Database usage creates overview and saves costs.

New Editorial System Sophora

CMS of the subshell GmbH manages multimedia content? technical relaunch to the semi-finals of the Champions League runs smoothly, Hamburg April 19, 2012. The ARD offer sportschau.de works with a new CMS. The CMS Sophora of the Hamburger subshell GmbH in use is for the delivery of current news, events, images and multimedia content from the world of sport. The changeover went smoothly at the 17.04.2012. Was one reason for the decision of the competent ARD broadcaster WDR the unification of the content management systems? also offering works with Sophora WDR.de. On the day of the relaunch, Sophora has proven itself with current information about the Champions League semi-final Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid. The WDR editorial himself was in charge of the technical exchange of systems.

Erik Felske, Manager of the editorial office sportschau.de, welcomes the work with the new CMS: just in time for the Champions League match we have converted on a system, that modern and cope with the demands of a currently working editorial in every respect? a good feeling for Editors and technicians.” The integration of dynamic tables is one of the pluses of Sophora. Moreover the new CMS integrates easily into existing structures. Jan Boddin, Managing Director of subshell GmbH welcomes the smooth changeover: “a technical system change makes special demands on the technology on a user-intensive day of football. Sophora has once again shown its high performance. The Fussball – Bundesliga season finale will manage also confidently our system.” Sophora is continuously optimized by the Hamburg subshell team. The content-management-system Sophora the Hamburg company subshell GmbH offers with Sophora a user-friendly high-end CMS for all editorial tasks, that is optimized for cross-media publishing for different devices.

An intuitive interface, easy to use and yet powerful search, a continuous drag & drop and an integrated image editor are among the features of Sophora. As a desktop application allows a Sophoras Editor Work faster than traditional Web applications. In addition, the CMS is fully scalable. About the subshell GmbH, the subshell team is specialized in the care of companies with high demands on its publication and content management. The customer base of subshell including Bayerische Rundfunk, Bundeszentrale fur politische Bildung, the first, Hessischer Rundfunk, MDR, NDR, Radio Bremen, Saarlandischer Rundfunk, tagesschau.de include music Germany, WDR and ZDF, universal. The subshell GmbH was founded in 1999 with the aim, to depict complex processes into simple and fast software solutions for companies. The Hamburg’s HafenCity is headquartered. subshell GmbH, Hong Kong 5, 20457 Hamburg, Tel. 040? 431 362 0, press contact: Ulrike Beckmann, concept + communication, Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg 13, 22763 Hamburg, Tel. 040 64 66 88 52,,

NAS Server In The Comparison And Test

The choice of NAS servers has become unmanageable. Information pages will help with the orientation. NAS server is the acronym for network attached storage or on german, network-based storage. This is a storage system which is linked directly to a network and operating system, provides access to the stored data such as photos, music and documents then, all devices of the network independently. It not only computers, but also music systems and printers through a network cable or using the USB can be cable with the system connected.

Current devices are presented on the website nasserver.info and tested. The task of these systems is to increase the capacity of the network and a common work to provide data. Within the NAS server management of stored data is managed possible, by including the folder will be created. Also, special data, by setting up a password protection, accessible to only a few people can. A great advantage of NAS systems is the backup.

By outsourcing the data on the server system, they are protected from hard disk damage or other computer problems. Therefore, these systems are also often used as a backup. Ideal for the Office and Home Office, especially in offices and major businesses are increasingly important NAS server. Here large volumes of data processed for the part, which can no longer be handled normal hard drives. NAS servers offer the possibility to save a portion of this data externally and to relieve to the individual corporate computer. Still allows all employees without great effort, to access the backed-up data of other colleagues. This will for more effective cooperation and faster exchange of information between them. Not only the company’s own computers can access on the system. Many servers offer the possibility of their users, conveniently from home using a special password to log in. Households also use NAS systems, especially for multimedia files. Even pieces of music stored in the system, can be for example on all devices in the House, unless they have a connection to the server, play without CD. Too many printers can connected to the NAS server to allow a sharing of all computers.