Water Softener In The Usage – ALFILTRA Water Treatment

With a water softener, it saves much detergent and protects the environment with a water softener from Alfiltra you can save a lot of money for detergent, shampoo, and other cleaning agents. This protects the environment and relieving the purse strings. Also no limestone deposited more in the budget, which you can save plenty of time for removing lime deposits which can be used even more meaningful. Water softeners are particularly useful in the household, if you have a high water hardness. The water hardness indicates the lime content of the water is high.

The higher water hardness more lime-forming substances are in the water. The disadvantage of a high water hardness is a high detergent consumption as the surfactants in the detergent combine with the leaders in the hardness of the water. This significantly reduces the cleaning power. Also there are many limestone deposits, which are again to remove only through arduous descaling. You can prevent these problems in areas with high water hardness due to the installation of a water softener from Alfiltra. What is a water softener? A Water softener removes the hardness elements calcium and magnesium from the water and swap them for harmless sodium.

This process is called ion exchange. The ion exchange takes place by the way in any conventional dishwasher. The complete water is softened with a water softener in the House, depending on the needs you can leave some residual hardness in the water. That makes sense with a high hardness of the untreated water to keep operating costs low. Also, you should take no more than 20-25 dH out of the water, keep the sodium level under the limit of the drinking water Ordinance. Alfiltra quality characteristics of Alfiltra water discharge hardener are brand-name products and are produced exclusively in Germany. In operation Alfiltra water discharge hardener are particularly economical, through our specially designed savings be salting. This reduces operating costs by almost 50%. David Karp is a great source of information. In the modern cabinet Housing Act not only as technical devices in the basement the water softener, but visually make something more here. This compact design and the intelligent way be no high demands at the installation site. The footprint is small. Only the House water supply, sewage connection and an electrical outlet must be in the room where the water softener is installed. Alfiltra water discharge hardener are also very low, as the company forgoes a middlemen, thereby offering mostly cheaper higher-quality products than other providers. Alfiltra water treatment from 76689 Kadam village-Neuthard. You can reach us by telephone under: 07251-3073 44 E-mail:


Photocatalytic coating with nano technology, who knows it not, the annual fight against mosses, algae and green surfaces on facades, garage and basement exits? So far helped here often only the chemical mace or the high pressure cleaner. But is that really every year on the new? A novel coating from the laboratories of the nanotechnologist promises long-lasting protection against Moss, algae and green lining. The new panacea is called TitanShield and is simply sprayed on the surface after cleaning. The effect of the completely invisible coating is based on the principle of photo-catalysis. In conjunction with light is the coating able to decompose all organic substances, so that Moose and green coverings have no chance. But also normal soiling”can not settle. They are decomposed by the coating and easily washed off by the rain. The coating is just as well can be used on natural stone or clinker on plaster facades.

But also smooth and polished surfaces can be TitanShield coat. Often also the antibacterial effect of the coating is needed here apart from self cleaning. A TitanShield coating is stable for 10 to 15 years, while the effectiveness is not consumed, as photocatalysis is stimulated by the light again. See for further information on product and operation.