The Reality

The captive in front of the wall is the situation of the soul for which the unique reality that exists is the shades projected in the wall. These shades are our life we conceived as it generally, our circumstances, physical body and everything what him it concerns, the people who surrounds to us not as much dear or, near or distant, the objects by which we surrounded and everything what we yearned for to have. There we lived in a world on illusion far from the authentic reality, we suffered and we are happy, we dreamed, we hated, we loved and we fear there. All the physical and psychic activity of this type of people (the immense majority) tour around the shades that stops they is unique existing. He is interesting to observe that, according to Plato, the shades that the captives see they come from the objects that other individuals load. These are not chained, nevertheless also are within the cavern and private of the Light, but they have a power on the prisoners, the power to make see the shades them of the objects and statues that they load, in such a way that only with changing from an object to another one, from a statue to another one, the chained ones will see different shades and will think so its life is different. In other words, this second group of individuals has the power of to project to the rest the reality that lives, to bring about reactions to them, feelings and thoughts by means of the suitable projections. Never the chained ones are going away to give account of the origin of the shades, we remember that the chains prevent them to turn the head and to see that there is behind them. The knowledge, the authentic light is not in the world that we perceived with our senses, there only are shades.