Pension Allowance

And why did the military and their equal (such as federal government employees), even after 30 years of service, plan to charge 30% of the pension allowance, and not as the above officials – 95%? Another important point. The project is proposed to introduce a new monthly allowance for long service to monetary salary of servicemen. New supplements significantly reduced compared with current. The draft law does canceled bonuses for length of service from six months to one year and from one year to two years. Three times from 3% to 1% cut annual bonuses for length of service: 2 to 5 years – from 25% to 10% from 5 to 10 years – from 40% to 15% from 10 to 15 years – from 55% to 20% and so on. The maximum allowance for length of service offered at 40% instead of the current 70% for 25 years and more.

A certain art. 14 of the Federal Law 4468-1 from 12.02.93g. – 85% is not expected at all. The introduction of these changes will cause a backlash and military retirees, depriving the military of the stimulus in the future military service after 25 years of service. This attitude to the defenders of the homeland, but to discrimination, is difficult to call. According to Art. 5, paragraph 2 of the draft law remains the same unfair tiny widow’s pension of military pensioners. The draft law does not increase the size of monetary compensation for recovery of the soldier (military retiree) to a monthly allowance and 50% for spouse and each of the minor children, as provided for federal civil servants, who are also soldiers.

The draft law also does not provide for implementation of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 01.06.2002 537 and Resolution Russian Government dated 26.6.2002 was establishing equal opportunities for all federal executive bodies, in which federal law provides for military service, salaries, according to standard military posts. Thus, this document contains several provisions that infringe the rights of military and military retirees. And reservists and retirees seek a petition to the highest officials to the president as the guarantor of the Constitution, with a request to take remedial measures. I’d like them all hope that the final version will implement instructions Dmitry Medvedev on “the development of the federal law of the revolutionary, radically changing the questions military pension. ” Gennady ROSTOV.

Unified State Register

Buy an apartment can be without intermediaries. To do this you need to know what methods of fraud exist and how to avoid them. This is what we discuss in this article. As you know, buy an apartment can be on both the primary and the secondary housing market. As for the second option, the first thing to do is find out whether this has accommodation charges, that is, restrictions that can make your transaction will be impossible or substantially infringe upon your rights in the future.

You can do this yourself, or by contacting the professionals who are engaged in real estate they will receive an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions them, which will indicate the presence or absence of encumbrances. So the first 'reef' Often scammers use this method of deception and deceit which is difficult to call. An apartment owner is selling their homes. Signing the contract, having received money, and sometimes even registering the transaction in the registration authorities, he submits to the courts claim according to which requires recognition of a transaction of sale null and void. Good case that the reasons for this can come up with a lot. Quite often the court rulings on such claims are not in favor of the buyer. The deal is repealed – the seller is returned to the apartment, and the buyer – previously paid money. But it is no secret that often, to avoid taxes, the contract indicates a much smaller sum than that which was paid for the apartment in real life. The consequences are unfortunate for buyer – the amount specified in the contract is returned to the buyer, and the apartment – his former boss, a swindler. Moral of the story is – buying an apartment does not underestimate its value, since the amount specified in the contract and receipt of transfer of money, may prove to be a sum with which you eventually stay.