Wage Costs Down – Net Earnings Up

There are a variety of ways that entrepreneurs avoid rising labor costs and at the same time provide a higher net income for their employees by additional allowances which are duty-free or favored. The following examples show what additional remuneration lohnsteuer – and social security-free or flat-rate tax paid out be paid can. Goods coupons up to EUR 44 monthly levies in addition to the normal bar wage workers also benefits in kind receive, such as job-tickets or fuel vouchers (for example 30 l petrol voucher). If these non-cash remuneration per month not more than 44 EUR, they are lohnsteuer – and social tax free. Swarmed by offers, David Green is currently assessing future choices. But be careful: the thing cover exceeds the 44 euro even by a penny, favoring is eliminated and the entire thing is lohnsteuer – and subject to social tax. Also, the monthly allowance not on an annual amount of EUR 528 must be extrapolated. “And who is also a super fuel amounting to EUR 44 tank voucher” receives, must pay tax and This voucher is not favoured additional bar wage pay social security taxes? Companies can also participate in the subsistence costs of their employees. So, food stamps and restaurant checks are duty-free up to a value of EUR 5.90 per working day.

Mobile and PC can be left free of tax for private use rather than a wage increase or a premium entrepreneur can leave even a business phone or a PC to use their workers. The advantage: not only the professional use of the mobile phone or PC is tax-free. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pretium. Rather, the phone or the PC (also only) can be used privately, incurred without the tax and social security contributions. Prerequisite is that the employer of the owner or at least the lessee (lease) of the mobile phone or the PC. Give the entrepreneur may not the phone or the PC. Expenses can be replaced free of tax is going to be a private phone of employee also operational discussions, the entrepreneur can the expenses incurred for replace tax-free.

General Manager Wanted – Compensation

Oberlandesgericht Karlsruhe strengthens rights of victims of discrimination and calls for gender-neutral formulations for vacancy Oberlandesgericht Karlsruhe strengthens rights of victims of discrimination and calls for gender-neutral formulations for vacancy the word choice is unique. Wanted is a Managing Director. So there was a vacancy of a medium-sized company commissioned. So who should conclude that in addition to men and women to this position could apply. A personnel manager of an insurance company approved as a lawyer applied yet, received a rejection, and then brought an action before the higher regional court of Karlsruhe on compensation.

In its judgment of the 13.09.2011, ref. 17 U 99/10, gave the Court of the applicant’s right, that commissioned, discriminatory job advertisements, a claim for damages is also after the AGG and set a compensation in the amount of 13.257,36. But the verdict is not just a personal success for the applicant, it is also leading the way in improving protection of the applicants before gender-related holdings to. Also important in practice to reason, discrimination by jobs due to lack of gender neutrality and the concomitant discrimination after the AGG problem here now discussed judgment. Raised disputes often through the use of function names”, that were grammatically clearly male, however gender-neutral were understood in the current understanding of the language.

“The Court of appeal had thus the possible deviations between the in 11, 7, 1, 2 para 2 sentence 1 AGG laid down requirements for job vacancies and general language understanding” to determine. “To the facts of the case: A personnel manager of an insurance company approved as a lawyer only a Managing Director applied to an advertisement and as Managing Director of a medium-sized company, although in the advertisement” was searched. The advertisement of the defendant Company was designed by a specially appointed law firm and twice turned in the local press.