Cheapest Mobile Phone Flat Rates

The cheapest mobile flatrates compares the mobile flat rates in Germany in July 2012 mobile Flatrate since 2007. Including mobile phone tariffs are to understand with whom you unlimited can calls for a monthly fee or the selected networks. Once per month, mobile Flatrate published regardless of the current comparison lists on the site the cheapest mobile phone flat rates according to different criteria. Which is the cheapest mobile flat rate in July 2012? For calls to landlines only, you will find the best deal in crash currently. This however strictly limited specialises in total 750 contracts. Not only a landline flat rate, but at the same time also a flat rate in the o2 network including landline receives monthly for 1.99.

SMS cost 19 cents and calls to other mobile networks expensive 39 cents. The contract period is 24 months. You are looking for a mobile Flatrate specifically to call friends and relatives, who make calls with the same provider, one speaks of a so-called Community flat rate. The cheapest community flat rate is currently the friend4free prepaid tariff, which among other things offered with maxxim and simply. This paying 9.95 for the Starter once. Calls are then each other free of charge. The minute to other networks as well as an SMS costs 9 cents. The offer in the o2 network is realized.

A monthly fee does not apply. Similar products are the freephone tariff by and gmx. The cheapest AllNet flats, with which you can do calls to all national networks, there are currently, due to the exemption from port charges, yourfone and simyo 19.90 a month for 24 months. Both flat rates include a 500 MB data flat and are realized in the eplus network. 9 cent cost SMS. The cheapest flat rate for SMS in all German networks is currently the hellomobil best4me SMS Flatrate for 9.00 per month. This flat rate is an option of the best4me fare. The offer is in the o2 network available and monthly cancellable. The connection fee is one-time 4.95. Note: At the mobile flat rate price may increase after the expiry of the minimum term clear contracts. Therefore, it is to examine the contract before the end of the term and, where appropriate, time to cancel. Of course not without previously have elected a new provider. An up-to-date overview of the corresponding mobile phone flat rates of all network operators and other providers on the German market can be found in our mobile flat rate comparison contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 Internet: E-Mail: address: mobile Flatrate Torsten Leidloff Rotkehlchen route 7a 04159 Leipzig brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop.

Criteria For Good Smartphones

When buying smartphones, some criteria should be followed to make no false purchase in a variety of devices. Who wants to buy a good smartphones, no longer relies on Apple’s iPhone. HTC, Samsung, and Nokia blow to attack Apple and put on Android. However, there are many bad Smartphones that should be avoided. Some tips that will always help to make the right decision in 2011. Every fifth mobile user has a Smartphone.

Sales of smartphones will break this year the 10 million mark according to the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media. This high popularity of smartphones, the competition between the leading Smartphoneherstellern Apple is sharp, Samsung and HTC. For consumers, this means a confusing variety of devices. But despite a week new devices, there are some criteria that should always be considered when buying a Smartphone. A Smartphone is a cell phone with Internet function because alone the ability to be able to go, with the mobile phone to the Internet, does not meet the functionality of a Smartphone. Science speaks of multifunctional Mobilfunkendgeraten what that means: in addition to calling and Texting a Smartphone in addition this is marked, that it can be operated by a touch-sensitive screen, has Wi-Fi and mobile Internet in the form of UMTS or HSDPA, and above all: can be almost infinitely expanded by so-called small applications (apps) with software. Therefore, the first criterion would be met.

An integrated camera is now of course, but should be avoided on a more expensive model with LED flash otherwise photos at dusk are nearly impossible. In principle, currently only two operating systems for smartphones will play a role in Apple’s iOS on the iPhone and Google’s Android, which is used on many Smartphones from HTC, Samsung and new affordable competitors such as ZTE. The latter brand is for example Distributed by BASE and is less than 200 euros per Android Smartphone is attractive. Who opt for an iPhone, will be bound to the iOS and may refer its apps only via the Apple app store. However, the Android market is growing strongly, experts estimate that there are now more than 500,000 Android apps in the Android market, and thus more small applications as in the Apple app store. In this respect are both operating systems in terms of diversity in nothing. It is to note that currently Android at least to version 2.2, 2.3 better should be accessible. Yet no clear tip may be pronounced on the still very young operating system Windows phone from Microsoft. Many traders try to get rid of old equipment the technical level as a result of the already mentioned strong sales of smartphones. Obsolete hardware in smartphones is no fun and should be avoided, because the apps and videos are choppy and some new apps can not be performed. Therefore, it should be taken that the processor does at least 700 MHz. Standard is also a 3.5-inch display, where already in the coming year the 4 inch display state of affairs will be. This usually Apple with its iPhone the State of things pretending to as the iPhone 5 should have a 4-inch screen. Smaller displays should be avoided. Because even if the Smartphone is then itself compact, the operation non-executable is exhausting and often due to the low resolution many apps. Who is on bigger screens, about 4.3 inch or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S as Hercules Edition with 4.5 inch, should note that larger screens accompanied by generally go with a lower battery life.

GmbH Mandy Koebnik

New online presentation tool ‘ event manager meetyoo Berlin, 05.07.2011 more and more companies rely on event conferences to inform several hundred participants at the same time by phone. It remains at the hearing, the conferencing provider has developed the event manager meetyoo conferencing. Thus, companies can suggest parallel to the Conference also presentations over the Internet. Companies need to communicate, because customers, staff, press and investors alike want to be kept informed about the latest developments. To achieve all at the same time, companies rely more on event conferences, so phone conferences for 20 up to several hundred participants. Participants in the Conference must no longer be on-site, but can participate in the Conference live via their phone. This information best when the participants arrive if it conveys not only verbally, but also appear. At this point begins the new event manager meetyoo: he offers the possibility of, a Online presentation in the event Conference to integrate and visualize content.

Just comprehensive information can be prepared to understand and better understood by the participants. Talk continues over the phone, but shown is parallel over the Internet. All Conference participants can also use the event Manager are overlooking and controlled: the conference leader can look at the overview of the participants and print on-demand, or export as Excel file. For the usual question and answer session after the presentation, the conference leader has the ability to sort the questioner, to allow or block. So, the question and answer session is specifically controlled and structured demand. With the possibility to the participants control and online presentation, the new event Manager from meetyoo offers its users two important functions in one tool. Learn more about the product at: eventkonferenz /… Meetyoo conferencing with meetyoo is German premium supplier for the global circuit of business phone and event conferences.