Form And Content

Form and Content The form is the visible configuration of the content does not have separabilidade between ' ' forma' ' ' ' contedo' '. The form would be geometry and the content would be the wadding. Then, you finished to understand the equation of the field of gravitation of the Dr Albert Einstein. The space time (form) says the substance as if to move and the mass (content) says to the space time as it must be bent over. The gravity is therefore a property of the space time.

In our universe it does not have space absolute time. We can say that if the form exists and favour to its vice content and turns. Then you finished to understand that if the creator will be the form and in them we will be the content, you are non-separable and joined with the creator and thus we form All. In few words If God you did not exist you would not exist! To give would be the form to receive would be the content, and the love to the next one would be the gravity. Not it imports the form of the bag of Noel papa with whom either great so that its enough content either stops to heat to all the souls that ask for, does not matter that it is a time to the year and that later if we do not remember more! As you need God, God also you need you. The vocs all a happy CHRISTMAS