As I am going for beyond Of I do not know what there but she does not interest I know that she is better of what its I guarantee you this you can believe! They have to pay for making to know it that she has people that they die thus simply as cheap, fleas, cachorros and worms and people also. He is but I have the news for giving to it and I am with certainty that 99.9% that it is as soon as happen. 1%? This is the mystery if it only finds when it wants. It is not good! But I also believe that it is not so bad thus. Therefore it relaxes and it uses to advantage the trip. But before only plus one coisinha; I greet those that had faced the death of clean face, with its chagados bodies of natural diseases of the proper humanity. That they had faced the death with its empty minds without no artifice, none vitiates, without no contemplativa crutch, simply for accepting that does not have no option and that this is the final designs of the day, at least is what we know so far of concrete.

I greet those that turn the death as it truily is and had left simply as they had arrived pure and innocent ready for plus an day. I include all here the kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal and the human being. Who already was in a funeral of a rock, a plant, of a fish, a bird, one, lagartixa, one butterfly? We are only worried and fearful about ours. I believe well that we have much despite to learn on dying without pomp, ostentation, desperation, preconceived calculations? To learn to perceive the egoism, the fear, the anger, and other diverse reasons that do not leave in to see and to think them this so significant and real fact about our existence.