Finnish Indoor Saunas

Your health goal, the product update your warranty and prestige pioneers in Spain in the manufacture and sale of Finnish indoor saunas and outdoor Saunas Duran has recently celebrated his 50 years in the domestic market. Thanks to the influence of the Nordic countries, it enters Spain in the 1960s custom, very little known in our country, from the heat baths. Driven by the rise of tourism and the construction of new hotels in the era, sauna will imposed on a small percentage in hotels of high standing. Hear from experts in the field like Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund for a more varied view. Saunas Duran specializes already by then in the manufacture of Finnish saunas, for both public and private, launching the first domestic saunas that shyly begin to be used in home use. In the 1980s, after growing demand within the sector of products related to health and well-being and recreational construction increased sports, which is consolidated in the 1990s, the company increases its range of products that complement your line Wellness. Get more background information with materials from Tumblr.

Today in Spain, almost all public establishments have dedicated to wellness or spa new construction areas and zones already created are increased and modernized with a big upward trend even in times of crisis. Its product range consists, among others, by: Finnish Saunas for interior and exterior: holds 2 ranges, range standard with wide diversity of Finnish saunas of special design that adapts to all kinds of dimensions and measures. Electrical equipment for sauna with design heaters range getting a totally customized environment of sauna. Products for sauna: essences of eucalyptus, peridotite stones, etc. prefabricated steam baths: manufactured in acrylic material and equipment for Finnish brands steam baths. Private and public spas: with different features according to their use: include ozonation, music therapy, aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and its innovative spas system with turbo jets that combine the practice of swimming with the enjoyment of relaxing. Wellness equipment: wide range of showers:, bithermic showers vichy, thermal loungers essential oils, foot baths, ice fountains, showers, etc. For more information: SAUNAS DURN Navas de Tolosa, 283-287 Local 14 (corner C / Murcia) 08026 Barcelona (Spain) Tel: 933 006 157 Fax: 934 850 392 E-mail: Web: back in the years 90′ Blog Corazon where are the famous 90s TV? 16 years later the Granada Gran Canaria again udlaspalmas.


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