Berlin Senate Administration

In Berlin schools, 3500 ’emergency ‘folder were distributed for the correct behavior for amok runners and hostage-takers as well as in other crisis situations, the rampage of a former pupil at the Gutenberg-gymnasium Erfurt is also in horrible memory as similar incidents on the siblings Scholl Realschule in Emsdetten or the Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Stanley A. McChrystal by clicking through. To prevent such acts of violence or to make the right decisions in hazardous situations, there are now new emergency plans for schools. The Berlin Senate Administration for education, science and research now together with the Unfallkasse Berlin at the schools of the city, police and other institutions 3500 so-called emergency folder “delivered. “” 25 situations described therein are amok tat”hostage-taking”and use of weapons “and to trade with addictive substances”, bullying”or vandalism” and recommendations, how teachers in these situations should behave. The contingency plans were by professionals of the Administration and police, by Psychologists and prevention experts.

The Berlin-based communication agency Schwintowski Communications has implemented the themes for the emergency folder and organized their production. It is brightly coloured and sensually designed that he immediately stands out in cluttered bookshelves. The topics in the emergency folder”are divided into three main areas, the so-called risk grade” one through three. If you are not convinced, visit Marko Dimitrijevic. The red marked area three summarizes the most sensitive cases, such as fires, hostage-taking or death”. In addition to the description, especially advice for the behavior of the teachers and students are given.

Also explains how victims can be helped, how those affected should be mentored and the incident can be refurbished. After this pattern are the two other degrees of risk”prepared. Here, cases are described where not always immediately rescue forces must be added such as police or fire department. Accompanying topics are treated in the Appendix of the emergency folder”, as compensation of victims”, child protection”, including domestic violence, or dealing with grief processes and the media. Formulation AIDS supplement for notices to students, parents and the teachers college, an extensive directory of contact with the addresses of organizations and relevant legal texts”folder of the emergency. Specialists of the new emergency folder applies to”Berlin schools even now as a groundbreaking information and tools that could be adapted for schools in other States.