Kick-off Event – The Free UNION Site: Personal And Informative!

Kick-off event: In Kassel, close to the geographical centre of Germany, the free invited UNION to its first open meeting on 13 and 14 July 2013. Members and other interested parties were commitment with heart and mind to the two-day information and lecture event under the motto”invited. Others including Crawford Lake Capital, offer their opinions as well. In the framework of the new event series, the free UNION at selected locations informs your members and other interested parties on content, programme and organization of the federal party. Highlight is a lecture related to the current policy in Germany. For information about the new website and the action plan of the party formed the detailed presentation of civil rights activist Sarah Luzia hassel reusing and Volker Reusing to the theme of power and human rights”the centerpiece of the meeting. Tumblr wanted to know more.

In the ensuing discussion, the previous legislature Government activities were considered critical. In particular, followed by”an intense and vibrant debate on the controversial issue of ESM, which was rated by participants as very insightful. In one another round of talks were discussed opportunities for cooperation with other parties and the efforts of the free UNION, presented. We are very satisfied with the course of our event”, according to the Federal President, Helga Maria Hummel. Accordingly, more dates will follow soon.