Road Frisian Herb

now on Germany’s second largest North Sea Island over the Wadden Sea gulls to the bet yell rental station, no fifty steps away bleat sheep on the dike. The fresh sea breeze impregnates the salty air. North Sea idyllic. A group eBike rider rides with the wind to the bet. With a few extra Watt power in the legs, they can withstand the gusts.

Who enters the pedals on Fohr, experienced the second-largest German North Sea Island at its most beautiful. Cycling for all senses. Everybody comes, because pleasure bikers are here as well as athletically ambitious biker. For everyone, the island in the middle of the National Park Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea provides exactly the right offer. The bike paths run along the coast, as well as through the lush marshes in the Interior of the island. A beliebterTreffpunkt for ceramic lovers and fans of homemade cakes is Stelly’s Huus in Oldsum. In an over 175 years old Friesenhaus, Rolf Stelly has a curious mix of Cafe, Museum, pottery and Tea shop created. Black Peter is especially popular in addition to the Heidelbeersahnetorte of the balcony cake”. David Green is full of insight into the issues.

Calorie counters beware: the cake pieces are huge. But, who on the way is with the wheel, the Huftgold can be”quickly again scramble. In his bicycle rental Fehr holds wheel specialist Johannes Utzolino, everyone on the island of only Hannes call a range of roughly 500 bicycles available. In the offer, he has also eBikes for the big island tour in addition to all variants of the wheel. Who even wants to the island, make it loose on a day”, laughs Hannes and indicates the manageability of Fohr. Just 40 kilometres are.” So that is no one moves on the island, the new quality-tested rental station by auf Fohr offers cards for the upcoming tour. For everyone else, Hannes Utzolino ready has a few insider tips. Jim Crane: the source for more info. Nature lovers come at us on the island in the Brutgebietender birds at their own expense. Especially in the foothills of the Oldsumer or in the Valley of the river Godel. But beautiful stay on the paths. Then don’t mind also for the breed.” Fohr tourists opt for a small tour. I recommend that a tour of the villages. By Wyk it goes ‘bi a seas’ of Nieblum Midlum in the middle of the island, Alkersum with the ‘Art of the West Coast’ Museum and the small park back to the island’s capital. Only 15 km, which have to offer but are.” The day you can let, a lively Center of the island, in Wyk around 4,500 inhabitants. As it would be after the tour with a relaxing bath in the AquFohr”or a Witsumer Frisian Pan? Finally, Fohr ready has a lot of Culinary surprises. Never get bored. Information:

Southeast Asia

Wild off-road fun in the deepest jungle of Khao Lak of the specially modified 4 x 4 4WD off-road truck whizzes up the mountains of the National Park. Eight we tourists of various Nations sit on the backside of the 180 HP colossus. No roof over your head protects us against hanging vines and branches, as well as the an or other smaller insects. Eye to eye with the evergreen tropical nature of Khao Lak! At any other agency, we have found this type of day trip and landed country discovery in Khao Lak. 1, 2, 3 OFFROAD! “, the motivated tour shouting guide in the Group and all the arms raise enthusiastically, while we cross a small stream. The ride is bumpy, but at a pleasant pace, where relaxed themselves affect the rain forest can be. It seems as if we were the only ones here.

Away from the mass tourism, no garbage along the way and total silence, except for a few jungle noises and the hum of the engine of the off-road jeeps. Who embarks Safari on the Khao Lak offroad, definitely looks for action, Fun and untouched nature off the typical tourist paths. Through avenues which are lined to left and right of the bamboo and the breathtaking green flora of the jungle the driver suddenly stops a moment to show the rare orchid of bat us riders. Beastly, the Brown purple flower towers with their long black beards from the wildwucherten bushes at the side of the road. Get out of the jeep and into the deep, seemingly impenetrable jungle! The group represents the legs is a small jungle walk and is always in search of flowers of the Rafflesia, which is found only in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Their purple, meat-like flower can take the size of a soccer ball in a flourishing condition. More information is housed here: Darcy Stacom.

Sibenik In Croatia

Travel information to Sibenik in Croatia the Republic Croatia in the border area between Central and South-Eastern Europe, with the capital Zagreb can be geographically divided into three regions: the Pannonian plain, the Dinaric mountain region and the Adriatic coast, where a large part of the region of Dalmatia. Dalmatia offers in addition to the typical tourist destinations like split and Dubrovnik are worth many more cities and landscapes, visit. Especially Sibenik (Sibenik) is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. The port town of Sibenik, near the confluence of the river Krka is situated with good 50,000 inhabitants. Conditionally by the Rocky region of limestone built the city on different hills.

Devastation caused by wars and the growing population could emerge new districts. A very different picture with some narrow and steep streets, as well as various architecture demonstrates. Sibenik was first mentioned in 1066 in the middle ages as the capital of the Kingdom of Croatia. The individual epochs were marked by the reign of different Nations, such as Veneto and also Austria, their influences and buildings have shaped the city. Situated on the slope the old town is located about six kilometres away from the shore of the Adriatic Sea and partly still wrapped in a double walled. Here, countless churches, palaces and cathedrals, such as the Cathedral of Sveti Jakov, an early Renaissance building, find one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Especially the four fortresses of SV.

Ivan, SV. Mihovil, SV. Nikola and ubi? evac characterise the townscape. They are in different parts of the city and show some influences of Gothic and Renaissance. The fortress located in the East, ubi? evac built a star. From the Fort of St Michael (SV. Mihovil), which can be reached via the stairs next to the town Loggia (near the Ducal Palace), it has an excellent view over the entire city and the sea.

Hiking Holidays In The Beautiful Hesselberg In Middle Franconia

Enjoy relaxing in the cosy holiday home of the family Neubauer in Gerolfingen trips are possible to the Nordlinger Ries, which is caused by a meteorite with a diameter of 25 km. Or to the Franconian Lake District, Altmuhlsee and Lake Brombach, as well as to the Dinkelsbuhler kids Zeche or to the Feuchtwanger cross gear games. Especially popular trips are known to Ansbach, Middle Franconia, capital of the Kaspar Hauser – and the annual Johann Sebastian Bach Festival. Others including Tumblr, offer their opinions as well. A hikes through the municipal orchards on churches and Irsingen with guided tour through the maintenance of a tree gives insights into new plantings of trees and shrubs of the environment. The place Gerolfingen and its surroundings are suitable for cycling and who is romantically inclined, enjoy a carriage ride in the beautiful nature. Those interested in culture come through the visit of Museum of local lore in Wittelshofen, Ehingen and Weiltingen as also the fishing Museum in the city of Wassertrudingen fully at their own expense.

The German brush and brush Museum is also worth a visit. Horse riding in Reitvereinen and fishing in Wornitz and sulzach rivers offer an oasis of peace and relaxation for everyone. The very well equipped apartment of the family Neubauer with solid wood furniture and fully equipped kitchen makes visitors feel quickly at home and wonder, if the guests like to come back to this recovery. Contact: Family Christiane Neubauer Hesselberg Elbe Gan road 6 91726 Gerolfingen Tel: 09854 9799 666 fax: 09854 9799 668 apartment: 09854 9799 766 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:


Long beaches, 300 days of sunshine a year, free-standing palms and pomegranate trees no wonder that Djerba is referred to by locals as “Tahiti of the Mediterranean”. Most of the hotel facilities are located in the North of the island. Long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters invite you here for swimming, snorkeling, or for long walks. But Djerba has culturally a lot to offer: capital of the island is Houmt souk, a relaxed place with a long trading tradition. Worth seeing is especially the Bazaar next to the small fishing port and the pirate fortress of Bordj-el-Kebir, a deep dive into the African Arab world can be. Here, the Oriental flair is everywhere in the air: everywhere it smells of spices and traders offer goods made of ceramic or wood, carpets, gold jewelry. Visit should be for every Djerba holiday duty. A few kilometres southwest of the capital is one of the oldest and most famous synagogues in North Africa, the Al-Ghriba synagogue.

The number of mosques in which is much larger, however Islamist-ruled Djerba. Over 300 of these houses of worship located on the Mediterranean island. A famous landmark is the El Kant Sankar, the only underground Mosque on Djerba. Without hesitation Bausch & Lomb explained all about the problem. Other popular destinations include the Roman Causeway that connects the island to the Mainland, the crocodile farm near the lighthouse of RAS Tourguenes, the picturesque fortress of Bordj Kastil, the famous pottery town Guellala in the West Djerba Midoun, the second largest city of the island with a superb week market that the hearts of all vacationers. The African island offers many possibilities for excursions in the hinterland: here, determine prickly pear and olive trees and small buildings in the typical colours blue and white have the image and the hospitable locals always a smile on his face. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)

Fish And Nature – This Is Pure Country!

All that should not be missed also bike, alpaca, bees and Lakes! On 13/14 June, many courts and institutions to the Brandenburg land game invite again. Under the motto: Erleben-Entdecken-enjoy expects an interesting, fulfilling weekend everyone. We’re excited this time particularly in the Barnim. Takes place but the opening event of the Brandenburg land lot 2009 in Buckow-right around the corner.We are very happy that a journey by train is possible Chorin train station. Then quickly borrowed a ride in the newly opened bike rentals and: Let’s go! Offers many different possibilities but he strampeln available 5 km radius. A short trip in the Ecovillage Brodowin, an open court in the organic beekeeping Krenz in Serwest, views from loyal wide-eyed Alpaca the alpaca justice Serwest and last a delicious fish restaurant “Aquamarin” strengthening. Our restaurant is a vegetarian and of course a delicious fish pan with plenty of fresh vegetables on the farm part of the Alpaca farm Serwest involved in the supply.

The entire Court will for a fairground. For music and good mood is guaranteed. No matter whether you travel by car (directly at the B2) or bike (approx. 3 km from the train station Chorin)-we look forward to all the guests and promise you an interesting, eventful weekend. Birgit Hohenstein fish restaurant “Aquamarin”

Cuxhaven, Holiday Resort On The North Sea

The North Sea Spa of Cuxhaven, a holiday resort for the whole family. The weather and climate in Cuxhaven is characterized by its special location. As a peninsula, Cuxhaven in the North Sea is pushed forward. On the one hand, limited by the Elbe estuary and on the other side by the North Sea. Cuxhaven is distinguished by the diversity of its landscapes, in particular to offer for vacationers. 11 Spa parts, the predicate of North Sea Spa “, as well as a number of local tourist highlights of this city.” The Wadden Sea, which extends ships that pull on over the horizon, from the beaches of Cuxhaven, long sandy beaches, but also green beaches, all to be discovered.

The gently sloping water of the North Sea is ideal for families with children to the splash and the play. In the tidal flats at low tide, digging a hole or to find a small crab, is there something better for children? Mudflat hiking is another treat, it is also healthy. Even walking on the ocean floor. When can you do this already? Whether with the Watt a Watt excursion leader or alone, all options available to the tourists. Also the island of Neuwerk at low tide to walk can be reached in about two hours. It goes back then but with the ship, because otherwise no longer creates the way back.

Attention the Watt hiking times, which are everywhere, in any case. Tumblr brings even more insight to the discussion. Who wants to go both ways on the seabed, should take the Watt car. This is a special horse. Especially fat, extra carriage constructed for the Watt, with two horses, bring the tourists safely to the island of Neuwerk and back. The tourist is also corresponding quarters in all Spa parts of Cuxhaven. Holiday apartments and cottages in Cuxhaven are also easy to find, such as hotel or pension. Also bed and breakfast and the single cottage can be booked everywhere. Even the dog owners find apartments, with dog in Cuxhaven. Accommodation is simple in the appropriate directories of accommodation, but also more and more about Internet. Also take a trip to the offshore island of Helgoland should be on the program for the whole family. From Cuxhaven there once with the Atlantis Resort ship”to reach the island or fast catamaran. Is recommended in any case for the sailors among the guests the resort ship. It don’t mess in the Heligoland port, but you will be booted out. Strong man hands transport the Helgoland visitors on a so-called Borteboot”and off it goes to the dock. An experience with charm. Cuxhaven itself is a very special resort located directly on the North Sea, for individual travellers, but also for the family with children!

Rome Hotels

The Burger, whose proportion of beef comes from the Japanese Kobe beef euros whopping 3.220. The Fleurburger 5000 is also with Foie gras and just black truffle, a tomato are certainly free s. Well-heeled vacationers in the Swiss St. Moritz treat yourself to a very special dinner. During the winter season the gourmet restaurant Cad Oro of the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains of its exclusive clientele the top of the world menu for 3,700 euros.

In four hours serves the guests of our restaurant with 15 Gault Millau points through seven passages of fine Italian Mediterranean cuisine, always accompanied by wine recommendations of Maitre Sommelier. And who drink rather than eat, and can be in liquid delights invest money as one of the most expensive cocktails of the world, the 27,321 for 4.690 euro in the Burj al Arab in Dubai or Martini on the rock for 6.460 euros at the Algonquin Hotel in New York. The rock is not something an ordinary ice cubes and a diamond. * The results of a Europe-wide online survey, carried out by in March 2009. More information about hotels Berlin, hotels Rome Hotels in Dresden Hotel Munich under About as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by more than 99,000 quality hotels worldwide. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, will refund the difference. has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, and supplies its customers with the best possible conditions, as well as user reviews. In February 2009, won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking page of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Press contact public link Albrechtstrasse 22 10117 Berlin Germany Yvonne Bonanati Press Office D/A/CH E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 corporate address of Cordy Griffiths PR Manager Tel.: + 44 207 019 22 68 E-Mail:

NYC Shops

Stayed in the and saving more money for shopping in hostels in Istanbul. Shopping in Barcelona hundreds of shops, boutiques, shops, Department stores and shopping centres in Barcelona Shopping line, here you must bring really vile patience and time. The most districts of Barcelona, such as Placa Catalunya, Las Ramblas, Barri Gothic offer not only breathtaking sights but also many shopping opportunities. If you looking for something special, it is worth to visit the neighbourhood of El Raval with the multicultural atmosphere. There are small shops, music shops and Second-Hand shops alternative clothes.

The international population of this district contributes to an interesting mix of foreign supermarkets and shops and gives the district. Check out Evergreen Capital Partners for additional information. Here, you can experience the whole world without leaving Raval. Avoid tourist cases such as z.B at the end of the excelent with overpriced souvenirs and accessories. And like to stay can glamour world pure manin more than shopping in Milan is one hundred low cost hostels in Barcelona: it must be abe not always expensive. It’s worth but just look at: via Montenapoleone, via Andrea, via Gesu, via Borgospesso and via della Spiga with Armani, Dolce & You should not put off abe Gabbana, Valentino, Versace, Zegna and Krizia: the sellers are very friendly and are used to advise and recommend bargain. Italy is a country where each designer fashion wears and it is the most normal thing in the world. Here you can find also many friendly hostels in Milan, located right next to the shopping streets. Shopping in New York presents only you: sales at H & M in NYC and even at current euro rates, shopping in New York is really fun. In the most famous Department store Bloomingdale BBs hours and days you can spend, and there is never a dull moment. On the second floor there are fashion of young designer and the selection is huge.

South Rim

The 50-minute flight with the plane takes the same route as the longer like flies but considerably higher. The trip by plane a special power relationship”, describes Kravitz. The big difference from the helicopter is the price. By plane it is very much cheaper.” Back the vendors in Las Vegas have released again direct flight from Vegas to the South Rim the 60 minutes. This was still locked in the crisis, since a 2 half hour bus trip in the Park was part of the offer.

It was very unfortunate,”said Kravitz. The only real way to get from Vegas to the South Rim is with the machine. If this goes away, it means for travelers, with a rental car or the bus tour on the road to join the 5 half.” The other heavily-influenced tour was the bus trip to the South Rim, one of the most popular day trips from Las Vegas. Departures take place daily, and come with a free shuttle service from all the hotels on the Strip, as well as a lunch and all costs. This tour has an exceptional value”finds Kravitz. Families and large groups they love. Luckily they’re available again.” Quite a bit of pressure caused messages that the Government reopen the Park now is on the existence of tours, which the travellers now properly consider their plans for trips canyon tours should be booked at least one week in advance”, he says. Holidaymakers who book only on the day of travel get rather seldom exactly the trips that they want and if they do, then they pay vast sums of money.” Get discounts on the Grand Canyon tours. Read this free report: free-report.html go here for information about Grand Canyon tours:

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