Steve Alpizar

To defeat our fears we have to do is deal with them, this is achieved through constant and continuous actions, works exactly the same for all processes of learning, when we learned to logically bicycling at the beginning had a fear of losing balance, drop us, crash, etc. But as we were in that training we were able to do good so, I hope that the change of beliefs were that easy, the principle is the same, but breaking a paradigm requires a phenomenal perseverance. The power of our subconscious mind is wonderful, everything that exists is just a projection of ideas in our interior, this principle is valid for everything that exists, is the best way to achieve our goals by changing the data of our hard disk, in the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows us how the power of the mind acts to hinder or promote an idea of change, by reading this book you will understand how many myths have originated inside that prevent him from having a life full of satisfactions, but more importantly, that it is possible to heal the negative beliefs and live according to what desires. Perhaps you’ve noticed that just at the moment that is starting to work on a target begin to emerge a lot of obstacles, that always happens, why? Because our internal fear creates circumstances, but our determination must have one much larger force, although it touches us fall on many occasions, but if we are not willing to accept defeat, the only option is to succeed. The pressure which has to bear before the materialization of an idea is terrible, it is not strange that you want this brand of crazy, stubborn, closed, etc. But that determination is what often makes the difference between success and failure, the world of opportunities is available for those who are willing to sacrifice with everything being in order to get what they want..